Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New House

hey, where's my previous entries for 9th and 10th day of ROS?? haha.. like i have them!! hehe.. i was so f*cking busy on those 2 last days.. hehe.. since it's about a month ago, let's just end that session (ROS-update).. hehe.. i just moved to a new house (rent) in Tg Malim.. hehe.. i'm no longer staying at the hostel.. it's not that i don't want to be there.. it's just that i feel like it's already time for me to be in a new surrounding.. NOT!! haha.. actually it's for English Premier League and European Champion League purposes.. haha.. if i were to stay at the hostel, i don't think i would be able to watch those leagues until late night.. well, it's HOSTEL!! hehe.. that's why my friends and i decided to rent a house.. after all, it's way cheaper than staying at the hostel.. hehe.. and there are no curfews too!! hehe.. i have the opportunity to go out late at night to have supper, playing futsal, badminton, tennis, and etc without any hesitation!! muahahahaha!! in addition, the house that my friends and i are staying at now is so huge that the seven of us (house members) seemed astonished the moment we step into this house last saturday.. hehe.. it's a double-storey with ground-floor type of house.. that makes it a triple-storey house!! hehe.. i've got the opportunity to stay at the master bedroom.. hehe.. it's way bigger that our hostel.. hehe.. and we don't have to race among ourselves to find a parking space.. it's so huge that we can fit 1 big car, 1 small car, and 6 motorcycles and yet, we can walk past through these vehicles easily!! hehe.. that's all about my house.. we'll be keeping in touch again soon!! i've got to prepare today's lunch.. hehe.. oh well, i can cook, ok!! hehe.. till then.. ;)

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