Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the accidental-forgotten-blog of mine version III.. hik hik hik..

hik hik hik.. hey, i DO have a blog!! ahahaha~~ just look at the time frame between this post and the previous post.. ahahahaha~~~ i am so damn busy with all the LAST-MINUTE-ASSIGNMENTS, exams, camping, and etc.. hehe.. and i DO have one very-very-very-reliable excuse regarding why i haven't updated my blog lately.. hehehe.. based from a very reliable (ceh.. same sords again..) source, i was told that my juniors were looking for a blog to be analysed.. hehe.. and a few of them seemed to have found out about my blog.. hehe.. that made me to stop for a while so that they wouldn't be able to analyse the latest post of mine.. hik hik hik.. it's not that i'm being too cocky about this.. it just that i don't think my blog would be nice to be analysed.. hehe.. some of the posts are NOT WORTH to be read.. ahahaha.. 

i've started to 'enjoy' my holiday about 2 weeks ago.. hehe.. guess what? i am on holiday for 4 months!! arrgghh!! what am i supposed to do?? i can't handle a 2-month-holiday, let alone 4 months!! urrgghh.. i've got to find ways to KILL THIS PERIOD OF TIME!! hehe.. first thing first.. i've got to 'fill up' my pocket!! heh heh heh.. i've got to find some works.. hehe.. errr.. A WORK.. hehe.. the thing is, some of my friends are getting married.. and of course, i DO WANT TO ATTEND their wedding ceremony.. i'm afraid that by working (not permanent), i won't have time to attend their big day.. hehe.. so, i've got to plan everything up.. but the thing is, i don't have a single plan regarding what needs to do first.. hehe.. oh well, i should let the time do the talking then.. hehe.. by the way, one of my good buddies told me that she has started to work at nandos!! and the payment is quite high too!! she's paid RM5 per hour!! wahh!! that's better than McD and Pizza Hut!! hehe.. that gives me an idea, INDIRECTLY.. hehehe.. we'll see what happen.. hehe..

hurm, ok then.. i've got to watch the Bangla that my mom hired to cut off the grass.. the Banglas (some of them) nowadays cannot be trusted.. i've locked all main doors.. i'll observe him from inside.. he'll only get his pay AFTER he finished with the grass.. heh heh heh.. till then~~ ;)
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