Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Small World

i just came back from my cousin's wedding.. hoho.. it was superb.. well, they can actually afford to do so.. hehe.. her father, who is also my uncle, is a well-known person.. and he's damn rich too!! that's why they can afford to rent the Shah Alam Club's hall.. hehe.. it comes with an air-conditioner system.. hoho.. and the food was superb too!! hehe.. the beef was well-cooked and juicy.. the same goes with the chicken.. hehe.. and don't ask me why was i so bloated.. haha.. my uncle invited Tan Sri, Dato', and a few well known people.. hoho..

both my cousin and her husband are meant for each other.. they are so perfect together.. i'm so happy for my cousin.. they wore white wedding dress and white baju melayu.. hehe.. i didn't have the time to snap a few photos of them.. oh well, i was too shy to do so.. everybody was using a great multi-fuctional camera while i only brought the normal digital camera.. hehe.. i'll ask the pictures of my cousin's wedding from her later.. hehe..

there was something which gave me a big shock!! haha.. i didn't know that Ceq Nora has always been my neighbour for years!! haha.. and her family is very-very-very close to mine!! haha.. her father and my father were classmates during their school days.. hehe.. and her kampung is just next to mine!! haha.. i used to play with fire-crackers.. i even aimed the thunder clap(type of fire-cracker) straight to her kampung.. haha.. in the end, she is studying at the same place as mine now.. haha.. on top of everything, she had come to my house once!! haha.. and i couldn't remember her.. so did her.. haha.. what a coincidence.. it was indeed a small world.. hehe..

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shah Alam..

at last, i have reached Shah Alam!! i'll be attending my cousin's wedding tomorrow.. the journey to Shah Alam from JB started at about 6.30pm and ended at about 10.30pm.. it may look like my family and i took about 4hours to reach here.. actually, if we didn't stop for dinner, we might get here earlier.. i even drove at the speed of about 110-140km per hour.. hehe.. luckily my mum didn't notice that.. or else, she'll definitely keep on nagging me.. haha.. shh!! she was sleeping for most of the time throughout the journey.. hehe.. that shows how good i am when driving.. haha..

we had our dinner at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh.. while we were having our dinner, we watched the Thomas Cup badminton tournament.. sadly, the moment i started to watch the Malaysian team in action, i was so devastated to see the result.. why can't the Malaysian team be consistent in every match?? and why can't they be professional enough towards others especially to THE FANS?? once you are considered as a professional player, you've got to prepare yourself mentally and psychology.. hurm.. enough of talking about that.. i don't have the heart to talk about that anymore.. hopefully the Malaysian team will bounce back faster.. hurm.. ok then, it's already 12.00am.. i need to get some rest now.. till then.. ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

-Yet To Be Sleepy-

hurm.. it's 11.25pm.. n i'm yet to feel sleepy.. i was thinking of going to bed early just now.. at the same time, i've got to post something on my blog.. hehe.. so, here i am, trying to figure out what needs to be posted.. haha.. earlier this morning, 'SHE' texted me to inform that 'SHE' is on 'HER' way to KL.. like what i had mentioned in the previous post, 'SHE' is going to fetch 'HER' sister together with 'HER' parents.. they left their house at about 7am.. they had to do so because 'HER' sister was alone at her college.. hehe.. what a loving family.. hehe.. i do respect 'HER' family.. i've talked to 'HER' family members.. they are very nice and friendly.. in fact, they treat me like i'm one of their family members.. hehe.. o well, i'll be part of them Insya-Allah.. hehe..

at the afternoon, i went to Plaza Angsana with my mum and my sister.. we went there to buy tudung as well as scarf.. actually, i was only there to assist them.. hehe.. and became the driver.. hehe.. my mum asked me whether i want to buy something for this weekend (it's my cousin's wedding)?? i've prepared everything earlier.. hehe.. i've bought a purple long sleeve t-shirt.. coincidentally, it suits the theme of my cousin's wedding.. hehe.. at least i've saved my mum's money by not buying another t-shirt.. hehe..

at the evening, i sat on the sofa anxiously waiting for 'Adamaya' on tv3.. hehe.. today is the last day for that slot to be shown on television.. it was a happy ending!! hehe.. and i cried for that!! haha.. what a nice drama.. hehe.. i'd love to watch it again on hehe.. o well.. it seems like 'SHE' is online now.. hehe.. i've got to stop now.. hehe.. what else?? dating with 'HER', of course!! hehe.. till then.. ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i just gone back from Segamat, Johor this morning.. the journey was quite exhausting.. oh well, i had to drive my family's car all the way from Segamat to Johor Bahru.. even though Segamat and JB are not that far to one another, it is the distance that tires me a lot!! hoho.. just imagine that i had to drive for almost 3hours just to get to Uitm Segamat.. actually, the main reason for me to be there is because my sister, Nurul, had to sit for MUET test.. it is a required test for every Malaysian future degree candidate (but there are some special cases where the students take this test after they have started their degree program).. i reached JB at about 1.20pm..

about 2hours later, i went to Affin Bank and Maybank to withdraw and transfer some money.. after that, i went to Jusco Bukit Indah.. hehe.. guess what?? i met 'HER' again!! hehe.. 'SHE' was on 'HER' way to Pontian.. 'SHE' will be going to KL tomorrow together with 'HER' family to fetch 'HER' sister.. hehe.. 'SHE' is so close to 'HER' sister that they shared almost everything together.. an as for that, 'SHE' will be on 'MC' for 2 days.. hehe.. we sat, talked, laughed, and joked together.. we sat on the same bench for almost 2hours.. we spent our time together chit-chatting and looking at each other.. hehe.. what a pleasant time!! if only i could stop the time.. hehe.. i walked 'HER' to 'HER' car.. it was a sad moment seeing 'HER' going way from me.. hehe.. i can't wait for my ROS session.. why?? hehe.. i'll tell u later..

just now, i was damn happy seeing Malaysia beat Denmark in the badminton Thomas Cup.. hehe.. it was only a group match.. but i was happy to see that Malaysia has booked the place in the Quarter-Final for this tournament.. i am looking forward for the next match!! go-go Malaysia!! ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Term Break Is Here!!

darn.. i can't believe that i've not updated this blog for the last 2months!! ouch!! there goes my opportunity of being a great blogger.. ouch!! actually, i was damn busy for the previous 2 months.. i had to finish all my assignments, preparing for my final examination, as well as my ROS meeting.. hehe.. and now, i've got a lot of time to do so.. hehe.. if only i could write something everyday.. hehe.. it doesn't need to be too lengthy, does it?? as long as i manage to post something, that's already considered as updating my blog.. hehe..

actually, i've started my term break a week ago.. i can't really recall what i had done during this 1st week of break.. there's nothing to be shared about.. hehe.. but yesterday was the moment that i've been waiting for months to come!! hehe.. i went to the cinema with 'HER'!! hehe.. it may sound normal to some of you.. but as for me, that was a special day!! hehe.. i can't really recall when was the last time we went to the cinema together.. hehe.. that's why i was very happy yesterday!! hehe.. even though we missed a few minutes of watching 'Ip man', we managed to watch 'Furry Vengeance'.. it was a great movie.. hehe.. and funny too!! hehe.. next movie, 'Ip man'!! hehe.. till then.. ;)

-thanks awk.. ;)
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