Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~ P E R F E C T ~

Suddenly, i feel like posting this lyric here.. this lyric always reminds me of 'someone'.. who is really2 important to me..

Kau begitu sempurna
Dimataku kau begitu indah
kau membuat diriku akan slalu memujimu

Disetiap langkahku
Kukan slalu memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa kubayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna.. Sempurna..

Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna.. Sempurna..

- 'You' know who 'you' are..

no literature class today..

hurm.. i woke up quite early this morning.. i think it's because i went to bed early last night.. guess what? i took my bath as early as 6.20am!! haha.. normally, i'll have my bath at around 6.50am.. hehe.. after that, i decided to online for a moment since it is still early.. and my literature class starts at 9am.. at about 8am today, i went to the toilet(my house in KAB) to set up my hair.. hehe.. normally it will take me about 5-10mins to do so.. haha.. 'she' always says that i always take a longer time to set up my hair than she does.. haha.. oh well, perhaps i would like my hair to be perfect.. hehe.. at about 8.15am, when i was about to leave my room, suddenly azhar(my class rep) stood up in front of my room's door.. he said that the literature class is cancel today (again??).. but i still have another class to attend.. but it's at 12pm.. so, there's still plenty of time for me to online.. haha.. so here i am.. in front of my notebook ('she' loves to call it lappy) posting new post.. hehe..

actually, i wanted to post something last night.. since i was too tired to do so, i decided to postpone this activity today.. yesterday morning i had an English for Communication 2 class.. for your information, i am well-known for loving any English classes in UPSI by my colleagues.. hehe.. that's because i'm going to be a future English teacher, InsyaAllah.. hehe.. but that class is not like what i've been expected it to be.. it appears that i've to join with the other courses (it's a must here) who are taking this paper.. and all of my batch have to be separated to one another.. huhu.. initially, i don't mind at all to get separated from my batch since it's only for this class.. but after i entered this class for the first time, suddenly i felt like dropping this subject or even join any other groups who are taking this paper.. huhu.. in this class, i've to join the 'Pengajian Malaysia' students.. and i am the only teslian in this class!! huhu.. the worse part is, all of them can't even speak a simple English as well as writing a simple sentence.. hwaaa!! their level of proficiency is very low even the lecturer in charge has to use 90% BAHASA MALAYSIA!! huhu.. they are also having BIG PROBLEMS in diffrentiating past tense n present tense!! hwaa!!! how am i going to survive in this class.. i don't think this class will help me with my English.. huhu..

if i were to survive in this class, i've to maintain my proffesionalism.. if they were to use BAHASA MALAYSIA in this class, i am going to use FULLY ENGLISH.. that's what mama tell me.. and luckily, i have 'her' by my side.. 'she' knows how to cheer me up when i'm down.. oh well, time does fly.. till then~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i'm injured!! ouch!!

the title of my post speaks for itself.. huhu.. yesterday (18th july), i represented my college (KAB) in a futsal tournament.. this tournament is considered as one of the activities that needs to be held by all the colleges in UPSI.. all colleges including mine, has been given a big amount of money to run any activities.. in fact, they HAVE TO DO SO!! since this big amount of money comes from the students, every college needs to ensure that this money needs to be spent wisely.. or else, UPSI will get them all freely.. as for me, i don't care whether this money is being spent or not as long as i have the opportunity to involved myself in every activity organized by UPSI or any of its colleges.. indirectly, i will be able to get some valuable points for myself.. these points are needed in order for me to stay at this college.. only the first year students will get the opportunity to stay here.. after that (semester 3 & above), they have to be actively participate in any activities run or organized by any colleges so that they can get the points needed..

actually, my college has decided to sponsored a few teams (from this college) to enter this tournament.. each team has to pay RM60 which i dont think many teams will join.. haha.. normally, they will give the same excuses.. the PTPTN is bla.. blaa.. blaa.. so, that's why my college decided to sponsor 8 teams.. indirectly, there will be a bigger chances of my college to win that tournament.. there's a saying, "Quality is better than quantity".. it appears that the chances that all of us had were against us.. hehe.. all the teams that participate in this tournament are damn-great!! hehe.. they do have the quality as well as the skills to become great players.. hehe.. no wonder they entered this tournament.. haha..

even though i enjoyed playing with great players, it comes with a great cost.. i got injured after playing all 3 games which in the end, we lost.. they only pick up the best 2 teams from every group.. i got a cut on my left knee after occasionally slidings and tacklings.. haha.. i was the captain for that games since our captain can't make it to those 3 games.. he had to go somewhere else.. and we were out of attackers.. and i even had to play outside of my real position.. i would like and prefer to play as a midfielder.. but i had to play as a defender.. it turned out that i can play in that position creatively.. but still, i would prefer playing as a midfielder.. our attacker has done pretty well.. it just that my defender-partner seemed to play by himself.. ignoring almost all my instructions!! what was on his mind?? did he think that he can dictate those games?? huh!! even my sister plays better that you!! i am not saying that you are the reason we lost since futsal is all about teamwork.. it just that you don't have what it takes to play as a team.. hope that you've learnt your lesson..

that's all for tonight.. i've class at 8am tomorrow.. i'll better stop now.. am looking forward to add more and more postings.. till then~~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

P E N A T....

adeii.. gile btol laa jadual hari isnin.. slase ngn rabu lk 1 je klas!! huk aloh!! sakit haa pinggang aku seharian smlm.. bayangkn laa 12jam kt kampus.. huhu.. blek2 je hostel, dh nk kne bsiap utk tesl meesting.. perghh.. klo de tukang urut yg best, dh lme aku upah.. adeii.. indirectly, dpt gak laa aku rehat sket slase n rabu.. xlaa aku pnat giller.. dak2 kelas aku cam nk mintak ubah jadual hari jumaat.. nk bg hari jumaat free.. aku ok je.. sbb kelas hari jumaat de 2 je.. 2-2 tuh 1jam je.. tuh yg dak2 nih nk ubah.. xmoh usik hari jumaat kate diorg.. aku no hal... lg laa aku ske.. byk sket mse aku nk rehat2.. n nk study or wt assignment.. haha.. poyo je bunyi nyer.. haha..

hurm.. tbe2 aku cm teringat lk jb.. cm nk blek je skali skale since cuti pon cm agak best klo dpt tukar waktu kelas.. bile study jauh sket nih, baru laa trase sket jarak ngn hometown.. hurm.. lgpon jb meniggalkan kenangan yg macam2.. sbb tuh laa aku ske sgt jb even though it is not my real hometown.. aku dulu lahir kt selangor.. tp parents aku pindah jb.. kne transfer jb.. so, bermulelaa episod jb aku.. tp mmg btol laa.. sejak aku pindah jb, mcm2 yg best jd.. smpi skang.. klo nk ditaip sume bende best2 tuh kt sinih, mmg x muat laa.. hehe.. nak2 lg skang nih.. ye laa.. aku nih pon dah kire adult.. so, dh time umor cmnih, phm2 je laa pe mksd aku kn?? hehe.. bkan gatal tau?? nih naluri laa.. haha..

hurm.. skang nih tgh hujan renyai2.. letih aku smlm tbe2 ilang.. ntah npe time2 syahdu cmnih, membuatkn aku teringt kt seseorg.. seseorg yg sgt2 bermakne buat aku.. lantas aku pon misscall laa 'dia'.. hurm.. ternyate 'dia' pon cmtuh.. sian.. kepenatan settlekn mcm2 hal.. mklumlaa, 'dia' pon dh start master.. kne laa settlekn mcm2 dgn sendiri.. de 1 sms dr 'dia' yg wt aku tbe2 syahdu dgr.. n kesian kt 'dia'.. sgt2.. 'dia' lapar n blom lunch.. n 'dia' tbe2 cm harap klo laa aku de kt sisi 'dia' time tuh.. hurm.. laki mne laa yg xrse cian n syahdu klo gadis idamannye cm memerlukan laki tersebut disisinye time tuh.. hurm.. xpe.. xlme lg cuti.. n klo cuti lmbt lg skali pon, klo dpt je tarikh kelas hari jumaat ditukar, mmg aku akn cube utk jmpa 'dia' InsyaAllah..

hurm.. ok then.. jam pon dah 2.40pm lbey.. aku blom zohor lg nih.. till then.. :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

CuRi2 MaSe Yg tErLuAnG....

hurm.. pnat gak minggu pertame semester baru nih.. kelas itu laa.. kelas inilaa.. tukar kelas laa.. huhu.. assignment pon 1st class lg dh dpt.. gile gaban.. hehe.. xpe2.. name pon nk jd bakal guru bitara kn?? hehe.. nih pon curi2 mse je ol.. klo x, mmg xbpe nk sempat.. pnat sket, tdo.. pnat sket, tdo.. hehe.. tuh je laa kejenyer.. x sabar nk tunggu weekend.. dpt rehat2 sket.. hehe.. jadual sem nih xbpe nk betul.. adeii.. tp ok laa coz xde kelas mlm.. pling lewat pon jam 7pm.. xlaa pnat sgt mlm tuh.. nk rehat awl pon dpt..

baru2 nih dpt tau junior tesl de dlm 55org.. pergh.. bole tahan gak.. ramai tuh.. kalah senior aku haa.. hehe.. ngn batch aku xyah cte laa.. lg laa kalah.. haha.. mklumlaa, batch kami 13org je haa.. 1 fakulti knal btol muke kami.. kih2.. nk2 lg laki 5org nih haa.. hehe.. dak2 junior nih tgh struggle nk wt kajian jurnal.. haha.. rsekan laa cmne kitorg kne dlu.. hehe.. nk notes kitorg dulu?? xdapat laa.. hehe.. klo ktorg btau cmne nk dapatkn tuh, ok laa.. hehe.. sory laa ye, kami nih xmakan nk pujuk2 or ngade2 ngn kami.. hehe.. klo ktorg beralah ngn korg, korg xberusehe lk nnt.. cmne laa nk jd guru yg bitara kn?? hehe.. nk2 lg kite nih kne naekkan name tesl kt cmpus.. hehe.. kne laa tunjukkan kerajinan korg tuh.. klo ktorg bole wt, korg pon musti bole.. hehe..

hurm.. dlm jam 10am lbih td, hati aku cm rse xbpe nk best.. xtau laa pe yg jd.. juz rse xbpe nk best laa.. smpi lunch pon xde mood tau?? huhu.. npe ntah.. lepas je kelas, aku pon blik laa kolej kediaman tghr td.. klas ptg jam 5pm.. so byk mse lg nk rehat2 time 2.. aku pon ol laa time tuh.. cm bese, aku musti x lepaskan pluang utk view page 'dia'.. fb ngn fs skali.. tp skang kami dh gile fb laa.. hehe.. n of coz, aku view gak blog 'dia'.. hehe.. xview satu hari rse x sah.. hehe.. suke sgt bile dpt view.. hehe.. jap pon jd laa.. haha.. skali tgh2 usha fb 'dia', ternmpak laa status 'dia' ltak.. 'dia' cm hot sgt ngn students 'dia'.. pe laa dak2 nih dh wt kt 'dia' kali nih.. pakal je aku bkan cikgu kt sek 'dia' ngajar.. klo x, dh lme dh kne tengking ngn aku dak2 tuh.. haha.. rpe2nye psl nih.. aku rse laa.. sbb lpas dpt tau n lpas 'dia' cte je, bru cm rse ok blek.. mybe gk sbb dpt dgr sore 'dia' kot?? hehe.. gue kangan bangat laa gak sama 'dia'.. hehe.. jgn tny npe.. hehe..

ckp psl 'dia', hri nih agak bertuah bg 'dia'.. akhirnye surat chenta yg aku kirimkn, 'dia' jmpe gak akhirnye.. dulu cm dh kcewa gak laa 'dia' xjmpe.. siap ngadu kt aku lg.. 'dia' nk sgt2 surat tuh.. penting katenyer.. huhu.. terharu laa gak aku dgr 'dia' nk sgt2 dptkn smula surat tuh.. bersejarah laa gak surat tuh.. lpas je 'dia' bce surat tuh, secare tbe2 'dia' ternanges.. menurut 'dia', 'dia' terharu ngn ayt2 yg aku bg.. hehe.. alahai, ye ke?? smpi nanges 'dia'.. hehe.. aku ikhlas tulis sgale isi hati aku dlm tuh.. hopefully 'dia' happy sgt2 dpt jmpe blek.. n aku dh nk start tulis lg kt 'dia'.. hehe.. klo nmpak luahan hti dr segi penulisan sendiri, nmpak lg real sket sebenarnye.. nmpak trus isi hati seolah2nye.. hehe.. pe?? ingt zaman nih xbole ke nk hntar surat chenta?? hehe..

sebenarnye aku start tulis nih dlm area 11.40pm td.. tp skang dh jam 12.10am.. dh terhari jumaat laa plak.. hehe... xpe, consider mlm khamis laa gak.. hehe.. sket je terlajak.. hehe.. tbe2 byk nk type.. hehe.. sok aku kelas jam 10am.. so de laa mse nk rehat sket.. hehe..lgpon sok kelas xberat sgt.. 2-2 kelas 1 jam je stiap satu.. n jauh2.. ok je laa.. hehe.. nmpaknye smpi sini je laa dulu nukilan hati aku.. next time aku selitkan lg cte2 best.. hehe.. InsyaAllah.. hehe.. n buat 'awk', sy ingin ucapkn perkare yg bermakne sperti yg terkandung dlm surat tuh.. thanks gak sbb sudi teman msg time sy sakit perut xdpt tdo bru2 nih.. thanks for everything 'awk'.. slmt mengajar.. ingt GTF, ingt sy, ingt awk.. hehe.. till then.. chow sin chi.. ;)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

L I B R A R Y...

i just finished the last class for today.. i only have 1 class on every Tuesday this semester.. it's my minor class which is the Introduction of English Literature class.. for your information, this class is well-known as the killer class by the seniors.. it appears that IT IS!! my classmates and i need to understand and learn a few short stories and poems.. when i say 'short stories', that doesn't mean that they are SHORT.. huhu.. what's more, we have to actually learn 5-6 short stories this semester!! and we even have to act according to the stories or the chapter!! Oh my goodness!! don't let me start on the poems!! arghh!!! why do i have to take 'literature' as my minor!! huhu.. it appears that starting from my seniors, we HAVE to take literature as our minor.. it's a must!! huhu..

but on the other hand, if i think again, who else will teach english literature if not us, the future english teacher? we cannot expect english literature is being taught by the Bahasa teachers as well as the morale teachers.. huhu.. i can't give up too soon in this battlefield.. i still have a long way to go.. and i still have time to prove myself to everybody.. especially 'HER'.. i need to show everybody that i'm good enough to be the future GREAT-TEACHER-FARID.. if not better, i would love to be as good as 'HER'.. so, this is it.. this is the time.. but first thing first, i need to forget 'the past'.. since 'that person' is accidentally elected to be one of my group members.. huhu..

till then.. toodle loodle guys.. ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

holiday's over!!

akhirnye, tamat laa cuti aku.. cm x caye je cuti 2bulan dh abes.. kejap benar rsenye.. huhu.. dh laa blek2 je kt campus, klas trus start soknyer.. pergh.. xsempat nk dok rehat jap.. maklumlaa kne ngemas brg2.. nk bwk brg2 dr bilik bacaan bwh naek bilik.. huhu... slamat brg2 sume bertande.. klo x, ntah kmane laa aku letak nnt.. huhu.. n slamat laa dh nmpak cm sket walaupon agak berat sbb dh pack2.. haha..

cakap psl angkat brg nih, teringat lak satu kejadian time aku on the way nk blek campus.. huhu.. xpernah aku kne cmni.. mmg btol2 dugaan.. pnat + letih + sakit + sengal + HANGIN SATU BADAN sume de.. adeii.. btol2 menguji kesabaran laa gak.. sumernyer bermule tanggal 04 july 2009, sabtu baru2 nih.. aku dijadualkan blek UPSI pd tarikh tersebut.. coz dh beli tiket bus tarikh tu.. patut laa pg tuh aku rse cm berat je nk hati nk naek bus.. cm ala2 xsdapt hati laa.. tapi aku wt dunno je.. perasaan je laa tuh.. time tuh aku bwk bersame 2beg yg agak berat ngn satu beg laptop yg pnuh nagn brg2 len gak.. all together kirenyer 3beg yg agak berat laa.. bas aku dijadualkan gerak jam 9.30am.. mmg grak tepat mase gak laa.. dh grak tuh cm bese laa, aku msg trus mama, abah, ngn 'dia' skali.. btau yg dh grak.. mintak doakan perjalanan slmt smpi.. aku dapat single seater punye kawasan.. so, slesa laa.. brg2 pon ltak bwh kaki je.. nk dok dlm keadaan cmne pon xkesah..

bas yg aku naek tuh dijadualkan berhenti kt kl dlu.. then shah alam, baru klang.. aku gi klang dulu sbb nk amek kete kesayangan aku tuh haa.. dh lme giller xnaek.. rindu aku ngn kete aku tuh haa.. hehe.. 'dia' aku pon ckp cmtu gak.. 'dia' pon rindu nk naek keta kancil aku tu.. hehe.. maklumlaa, dulu slalu je dating2 ngn kete tuh.. tuh yg aku ngn 'dia' cm rindu ngn keta tuh kot?? haha.. kt klang tuh aku stay kt umah paksu dulu.. tp tuh cte dh sampai.. rewind sket blek peristiwa seblom sampai umah paksu..

lepas je tol bangi, tbe2 bas cam terhenjut2.. aku ingtkan driver lupe maen clutch ngn minyak.. termati2 gak laa enjin.. tp aku wt dunno je laa.. lgpon die lg berpengalaman bwk bas tuh haa.. skali lepas je tol tuh, driver bus tuh trus rapatkan bus kt tepi jln.. skali driver tuh pon kuarkan laa beberape alat2 pertukangan die.. aku pon dh rse x best laa.. mklumlaa, asal bukak je aircond, bus tuh mggigil.. trase gak kegigilan bus tuh.. btol ke ayat aku tuh?? ah, sebat laa.. dewan bahasa dan pustaka x saman aku pon.. keh3.. dan2 tepat time tuh, 'dia' call.. 'dia' btau dh sampai umah 'dia'.. tp ayah n ummi xde kt umah.. gi umah pk long.. so 'dia' call aku.. sejuk hati aku time tuh.. 'dia' cm tau2 je aku tgh de masalah.. hehe.. bgus tol laa instinct 'dia'.. bukan kali nih je, dh byk kali sebenarnye 'dia' dpt sense aku cm tbe2 perlukan 'dia' di sisi.. hehe.. aku pon ngadu laa sket kt 'dia'.. n borak2 laa mcm2.. time tuh bus jap psng aircond, jap x.. tp psang aircond pon, panas bole tahan gak.. huhu.. terik gak laa.. nk kuar, luar lg panas!! perghh.. pe laa nk jd kt Selangor nih.. adeii.. cobaan.. dah sejam lbey cmtuh, driver bus btau kt pnumpang, spe2 nk gi klang or shah alam, bek gih kl dulu.. pstuh pndai2 sendiri.. klo x, tunggu pomen dtg.. aku mule2 cadang tunggu jap laa pomen datang.. aku assume pomen x lme lg sampai laa tuh.. malas aku nk angkat beg2 yg brat giler nih..

tungu punye tungu punye tunggu, adelaa nk dekat 3jam aku dok dlm bas tuh!! cm oven yg de aircond!! xtau nk byang cmne.. pnas bole thn.. skali skale je de aircond.. tp tetap panas.. nak2 lg aku dok kt tingkap!! huhu!! last2 aku dh xbole handle.. xpelaa.. redah je laa.. aku pon naek bas len yg kebetulan dtg time tuh.. tp ke kl laa.. aku assume bus tuh gih pudu.. so aku ok je laa.. kt sane aku ingt nk naek je laa trus train dr pudu.. xkesah laa klo berdiri jap.. janji de aircond!! malang xberbau.. skali bus tuh stop bukan kt pudu!! kt bndar mne ntah!! kt tgh2 kl laa gak!! perghh!! aku nak menjerit je time tuh!! bdan dh start sengal2 n letih dok angkat 3 beg berat!! huhu.. Allah je tau cmne aku rse time tuh.. tp aku kuatkan gak laa semangat.. niat nk cepat sampai.. aku pon tnylaa brader yg de kt situ.. die btau tmpt bas ke klang de.. tp kne menapak gak laa.. jauh laa gak kne jln katenyerk.. nk naek teksi, mmg stok pusing jauh kang.. mau xnyerk.. jln dh laa tgh jamm!! kang ntah bpe aku kne ngn driver teksi tuh kang.. dh jd satu hal lg.. teksi kt KL tuh xbole pcaye sgt.. memasing cm mlas nk gne meter.. skati atuk sedare tiri diorg je nk letak harge.. meter rosak laa.. mmg harge bese laa.. ape2 je laa.. so aku pon amik keputusan jalan je laa 'jap'..

ingtkn kne jln dlm 10-15min cmtuh.. skali nk dekat 45min berjalan!! redah beberape bangunan.. panas terik.. asap kenderaan.. bunyi horn.. perghh!! mcm2 punye pencemaran laa snang ckp.. aku dh laa blom lunch lg.. cume berbekalkan sarapan sekeping roti canai ngn teh tarik je haa.. tuh pon jam 8am!! mmg nk pitam laa snang ckp time tuh!! huhu.. bahu cm dh nk tercabut.. byk kali aku terpkse letak beg2 aku jap.. sakit pinggang beb!! huhu!! lepas dh jln nk dekat 45minit ngn tulang tunjang aku cm trase nk bengkok, aku nmpak bas ke klang.. aku pon lantas gagahkan gak laa diri ke bus tuh.. smpi je kt bus, aku trus tny conductor bus tuh bpe kne bayor.. die mintak rm5.50.. aku pon bg je laa duit.. ckp byk xgne.. hati sudah panas n sgt2 letih!! lepas bayor je, dtg lg dugaan len.. aduhai!! nih pon agak menduga keimanan n kesabaran aku.. huhu.. bayangkan aku kne dok antare mat2 bangla ngn mat2 indon!! byk giler dlm bus tuh.. cm aku nek bus PATI je!! huhu.. bau lg laa xyah ckp.. mmg klo dpt aku gayut kt tangge, aku gayut je haa.. xthn giler bau dlm bus tuh!! huhu.. aircond cm xde gune je haa!! aircond dh bercampor bau tengik tahap cipan mat2 PATI tuh haa!! arghhh!!!

xpe.. aku sabar je laa.. dlm hati cepat laa smpi klang.. skali dlm tgh2 dok bersabor tuh, mat indon seblah aku nih terlentok2 tdo.. dh laa rambut cm rambut Ronald McDonald tuh haa!! tp McDonald tuh org ske.. nih rambut afro indon tuh, yg bau ntah bau longkang mne ntah, terkene bahu aku.. PERGHH!!! GELI SI*L!!!!! nk je aku tumbuk2 kpale mamat tuh!! arghh!! dah laa aku tgh HOT giller time tuh!! dh laa jauh bole thn seblom nk sampai klang!! mmg aku xbole nk dok ngn selesa!! isk!! keji sungguh mamat nih!! arghh!! brambus ko blek negare ko!! arghh!! 'kesengsaraan' aku dlm bus tuh de laa dlm sejam lbih.. last2 smpai laa kt klang.. dlm hati aku, trase best laa gak sbb dh xde mamat PATI hmpeh tuh!! arghh!!! geli btol aku teringat blek!! isk!! blom sempat aku nk usap dada tande lega, dtg lg 1 dugaan.. huhu!! mmg Allah nk uji aku btol2 hari tuh.. dh elok smpi klang, bus tuh gi drop aku kt bus stand lme!! laa.. cmne aku nk ke umah pksu!! pksu n mksu tunggu aku kt bus stand baru!! xkan laa aku nk suro diorg dtg amik aku kt situ!! perghh!! dh laa jamm giler time tuh!! pansa petang jgn cite laa.. baju ntah mcm2 bau dh lekat.. huhu.. aku tny de brother teksi kt situ cmne nk gih bus stand baru?? die kate jauh gak.. nek bus mini laa jawabnye.. naek teksi, cm diorg tak sanggup nk hantar.. mmg susah giler nk gih time tuh.. aku dgr je 'bas mini', aku trus terbayang smule mamat2 PATI td!! arghh!! x sanggup aku!! dh laa aku kepenatan giler3!!! arghh!!! skali agaknye brother teksi tuh cm kesian ngn aku.. ngn keadaan aku lg time tuh.. die pon offer laa diri.. die mintak rm20.. aku pon ok je laa.. drpd aku berhimpit dlm bus mini!! huhu!! xmoh akuh!!

so, aku pon naeklaa teksi brother tuh.. btol katenyerk.. patut laa xde teksi yg nk gih bus stand baru time2 cmtuh.. sesak giler.. n panas giler.. huhu.. diorg risau pape jd kt teksi diorg.. kang radiator rosak, abeslaa matepencarian diorg.. huhu.. aku harap xjd pape laa.. redah punye redah punye redah, ngn kepakaran brother tuh mencilok serta lalu shortcut, akhirnye aku smpi gak kt bus stand kelang yg baru.. time tuh adelaa nk dekat jam 6.10pm!! huhu.. kebetulan paksu pon bru smpai.. huhu.. cte laa ngn paksu n maksu ngn pe yg jd seharian tu.. adeii!! smpi ble2 aku ingt kejadian hr tuh!! arghh!! smpi hari nih trase lg sengal2 bdn nih.. huhu.. smpi je umah pksu, mksu suro aku mndi n solat n bsiap.. time tuh maksu sediekan makanan.. ALHAMDULILLAH!! kne je air hujan dlm shower tuh kt bdn aku, lega giler aku rase!! segar trus bdn!! cm nk stay lme2 je dlm shower tuh haa!! huhu.. siap je aku mndi n bsiap n solat, maksu ajak mkn.. huhu.. akhirnye aku dpt gak mkn!! n ternyate mksu wat lauk sedap hari tuh!! wahh!! siap paksu suro aku mkn byk2 n abeskan sume lauk tuh lk tuh!! mmg aku btol2 abeskan laa.. kenyang n best sgt time lepas tuh.. hehe.. akhirnye.. selesai sgale ujian aku hari tuh.. n mlm tuh pe lg, dok ngadu kt mama n 'dia' laa psl pe yg jd.. hehe.. xpe, dugaan.. harap2 xjd laa lg kejadian cmnih.. isk isk isk.. kne kuat sabar.. slmt laa aku nih kategori org kuat sabor.. walaupon hampir2 gak laa ilang sabor.. hehe.. ok then.. aku rse smpi sini je laa dulu nukilan kali nih.. next time hopefully de cte best2 lg yg bole di'post'kan kt sinih, InsyaAllah.. till then.. ;)

- thanks 'awk' sbb sudi dgr keluhan hati sy mlm tuh.. n sudi bg sy 'semangat'.. ;)

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