Wednesday, June 30, 2010

- 8th day of ROS -

i missed a golden opportunity of joining the school's marching competition.. it was due to a lot of relief classes available.. some of the teachers are busy finalizing their PEKA and PAFA tasks.. they were asked to finish everything by this Friday since Saturday will be the open day for this school.. almost a quarter of all students are yet to finish their PEKA, Oral Test, and PAFA.. most of the language, science and 'Pendidikan Agama Islam' teachers are doing their best to finish everything by this Friday.. it's not easy to be a teacher nowadays.. a teacher may hold more than 5 positions in the school!! darn~~!! no wonder a lot of teachers are complaining about the 'uncountable works' given to them.. hoho.. i am starting to feel the work load of being a teacher.. uhuk!! i was given 7 period of relief classes today!! uhuk!! and as for that, i'm so f*cking-d*mn tired now.. on the other hand, i was so happy today!! guess what?? my name was on every teacher's lips!! haha.. i caught a few students smoking in the toilet red-handed!! those students were from the black-listed students!! hehe.. some of the teachers were afraid of them.. but not me.. i've got my own principal.. when you are a student, YOU ARE a student!! and A STUDENT is required to RESPECT the TEACHERS!! like i said, DON'T TRY TO MESS WITH SIR FARID!! wwaarrggghhh!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

- 7th day of ROS -

it's my 7th working-day here.. i had the opportunity to observe Sir Vincent, the English language teacher a.k.a. the discipline teacher.. he is well known for his size.. he is so tall and 'huge'.. he has a loud voice too!! hehe.. he can easily control any classes.. he has 'the tool' to help him to do so.. hehe.. later on, i met Tuan Syed, one of the Senior Teachers (HEM), to discuss about the school.. i gave him a few ideas of mine on how to enhance the school.. seemed like he was interested in the ideas that i gave him.. hehe.. i was honoured when he acknowledged the ideas that i gave him.. hehe.. Alhamdulillah.. it's for the betterment of everybody.. at about 11.55pm, i was given a relief class.. hehe.. it wasn't the ordinary class.. it was a mixture of 4I and 4J a.k.a the 2-last-classes.. hoho!! they acted like i wasn't there at all!! that really took me to my maximum boiling point!! some of the girls and guys are mixing around like brothers and sisters!! d*mn!! and as for that, they got what they deserved by the new-2-weeks-teacher!! they were given a 'ceramah' by me.. it was a very deep 'ceramah'.. i almost lost my voice for that.. the last time i lost my voice was during my practicum session at SK Seksyen 7 in Shah Alam 2 years ago.. next time, don't try to mess with Sir Farid!! my name starts with F.. F can be 'friend' and F can also be 'FOE'!! gggrrr!!!! hehe.. what a 'nice' introduction of myself to them.. go go Great Teacher Farid!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

- 5th and 6th day of ROS -

yikes!! i forgot about the 5th-day-of-ROS posting.. hehe.. well, it was Friday and i needed to perform my Jumaat prayer.. hehe.. the school's morning session (Friday) ends at 12.10pm.. and i needed to prepare myself for the prayer.. hehe.. here's what happened.. ;)

Friday, 25th June 2010:
there wasn't so much to talk about.. it was raining cats and dogs.. all the teachers were busy filling up and updating their students' marks.. they were hardly had enough time to finish them up.. i sincerely offered myself to help some of them.. they looked like they were reluctant to let me do so.. they said that they were embarrassed by the new comer.. haha.. the fact is, i didn't mind at all.. in fact, it gave me a great pleasure of doing so.. hehe.. after they were in control of their tasks, i went back to my place and started to online.. hehe.. no price for guessing right.. hehe.. i went facebooking.. haha.. but it was only a short while.. after updating my status, i logged on to 1 of my favourite sites to watch free online naruto episodes.. hehe.. ;)

Monday, 28th June 2010:
earlier this morning was the first time i attended this school's assembly.. there were a few classes that were yet to finish their examination last Monday.. so, i couldn't experience the 1st real assembly as a teacher (well, almost.. hehe).. i was astonished with how they conducted the assembly.. it wasn't the same with the ordinary assembly.. they will be having a 'kawalan hormat' marching on every Monday's assembly.. i had the opportunity to see the marching of 'Puteri Islam'.. they were looking great and cute in their pink and white uniform.. i grabbed that great opportunity of being there by snapping a few photos of them.. that will definitely give me something to write about in my folio.. hehe..

later on, i was given a relief class by 'HER'.. hehe.. she had a lot of works to be done.. since i wasn't doing anything, i accepted that class with an open heart.. hehe.. ahaks.. well, it was 'HER'.. haha.. how could i resist that temptation.. haha.. i entered form 5C.. initially, some of the students were out of the class.. i asked one of them to immediately call them back to the class.. after all of them (i hope..) were there, i started to give them a small talk regarding myself, their futures, and their responsibilities.. most of them were interested to listen.. some were asleep.. hehe.. it was not due to the boredom-ness of my 'lecture'.. it was because the class were so focused that drove a few of them to sleep.. hehe.. i was proud of myself just now.. it seemed like my small talk were taken by them deeply.. some of the girls were crying and some of them were thinking of my words (shown by their body language).. i didn't know that i was that good.. i just hope that they take my advice seriously.. after all, it's for their own goodness..

hurm.. i think that's all for now.. i'll be writing more soon, Insya-Allah.. and by the way, 'SHE' looks cute today.. hehe.. till then.. ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

- 4th day of ROS -

I'm wearing a golden brown Baju Batik today.. as a government worker(especially teacher), it is stated in the management book that all teachers are required to wear Baju Batik on every Thursday.. i have always do so since i was in the 1st semester at UPSI.. actually, there's a story behind this Baju Batik.. hehe.. i do have 2 other pairs of Baju Batik.. but both are not the same colour as this school's Baju Batik.. hehe.. about 2 months ago, 'SHE' asked me to buy a pair of Baju Batik which has the same colour as the school's.. so, that is the MAIN reason why i bought this brand new Baju Batik.. hehe.. earlier this morning, i was given 3 relief classes by Cik Diyana (Didi).. those classes were 5D, 5C, and 5A.. but i only managed to enter the 1st class, 5D.. the teacher for the other 2 classes, Cik Niza, was already back at the school by that time.. it was a nice to have a form 5 class as class to be relieved.. i could have a moment of chit-chatting among each other regarding their problems.. they told me everything regarding their studies, teachers, personal problems, as well as their futures.. they seemed lost whenever i touched on 'the future'.. some of them were not clear of what they should be and some of them were afraid of not achieving their dreams.. i was at their age before.. i had faced their problems too.. that's why i want them to be clear of what they should have started to do by now.. even though i'm YET to become a teacher, that doesn't mean i can't drive them to the right path.. after all, it is and it will be my duty for as long as i live, Insya-Allah.. that's all for now.. till then.. ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

- 3rd day of ROS -

it's the 3rd day of my ROS at SMK Kota Masai 2.. i didn't do any photograph sessions today.. i only walked around the school passing from class to class observing the teachers as well as the students.. some of the classes can be easily control.. but some are giving the teachers a hard time.. well, i can't blame the teachers.. i can't say that a teacher should be able to do this and to do that.. a teacher is still a normal human being.. a teacher has the limitation of anger control.. the limitation of sadness.. as well as the limitation of patience.. it is not easy to be a teacher.. a teacher acts like the second parent of the students.. but when the students themselves do not show the respect that the teacher is hoping for, should the teacher be blamed for the poor performance of the students in curricular and co-curricular?? don't let me start on the barakah (bless) part.. no wonder some of the students (of every school) end up to become Mat Rempits, drug addicts, a part of any gangs, and other negative 'jobs'.. i'm so thankful that i've grown up to become a person that all my teachers, GOOD friends, lecturers, and family members have been hoping to be.. well, almost.. since i'm still YET to become a licensed teacher.. it will not be too long, Insya-Allah.. one day, i will have my own students.. my own kids.. and i will definitely instill them with what i have been instilled with, Insya-Allah.. that's all for now.. i've got something else to be done now.. till then..

- i just helped 'HER' just now.. hope 'SHE' is happy for that.. hehe.. ;P

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

- 1st and 2nd day of ROS -

hehe.. damn, i missed my 1st day of ROS-blogging.. hehe.. i was supposed to post something yesterday.. but it appeared that my broadband was not functioning very well.. perhaps it was due to the limited connectivity of celcom communication line.. hampeh!! so, here what happened during my 1st 2 days of ROS..

monday, 21st June 2010:
i reached the school compound at about 7.00am.. the 1st thing that i've got to do is to report myself to the office.. well, it's my 1st day of ROS.. hehe.. the clerks here were so nice to me.. they introduced themselves cheerfully.. i've heard some rumours about them from some of the teachers.. i don't know about them, but they seem very nice and helpful!! hehe.. i met a few teachers that morning.. they were so full of smiles.. they smile at me whenever they bump into me.. hehe.. and so do i!! i spent a few hours of my 1st day by taking a few pictures of the school compound.. then, at about 11.30am, i went to the office to meet one of the clerks.. i requested for the management book.. and i asked a few questions regarding the school.. i was so grateful that the clerk helped me with almost everything!! anything and everything that i needed was given on that moment!! ho yeah!! hehe.. what left is just a few more photos as well as observations of the teaching, which can be done in any days of my ROS!! hehe..

tuesday, 22nd june 2010:
i reached the school compound at about 7.00am, again.. hehe.. this morning, i had the opportunity to observe one of the teachers.. hehe.. actually, i requested for that moment since i hardly have anything else which is important to be done.. well, it's only my 2nd day of ROS.. hehe.. so i decided to observe 'HER'.. haha.. i don't want to just sit around at the staff room doing nothing.. it will definitely encourage me to online.. hehe.. 'SHE' is a teacher who teaches chemistry.. hehe.. and i'm a future teacher who will be teaching English Languange, Insya-Allah.. hehe.. i'll be doing my English-teacher-observation on one of these days.. hehe.. i want to finish everything regarding the written (typing) task as soon as possible.. and then, i can 'mengular' whenever i feel like doing so.. haha.. just kidding.. that's so not like me!! hehe.. after recess, i managed to capture a few more pictures at the laboratory building.. ho yeah!! and as for that, i end my 'journal' for today.. hehehe..

-by the way, i was given the place next to 'HER'!! hehe.. ;P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The time has come!!

i can't believe that the moment that i've been waiting for has finally come!! well, one of the moments actually.. hehe.. tomorrow is going to be my 1st day of ROS at 'HER' school!! hehe.. i'm so damn excited and afraid at the same time.. hehe.. well, it's my 1st time of being a teacher.. hehe.. i'm here to make observations regarding 'HER' school.. the name is SMK KOTA MASAI 2 if i'm not mistaken.. hehe.. some of the teachers there are looking forward to my 1st appearance.. it's not that i'm so damn hot and good looking.. it just that i'm 'with HER' if you get what i mean.. hehe.. i've met some of the teachers there.. for the time being, they are looking nice and friendly.. hehe.. hopefully that i can create and maintain the good rapport between them.. i've started the 1st step by making friends with kamis, faimi, and afzan.. i hope i spell their names correctly.. hehe.. they will be my housemates for the time being.. for this whole 2 weeks of my ROS.. hehe.. my excitement has overcome my world cup fever.. haha.. luckily the teams that i support are not playing tonight.. hehe.. ok then.. i think i've got to stop now.. i need to prepare myself mentally and physically for my 1st day of ROS.. hehe.. till then.. owh, by the way, ROS stands for 'Rancangan Orientasi Sekolah'.. ;)
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