Saturday, September 4, 2010


i just came back from terawikh at my hometown.. there's something that triggers me to create this new post.. hurm.. it's regarding the saf of the prayer.. hurm.. there was this one old man-who-i-shouldn't-mention-his-name.. he was standing next to me during the terawikh just now.. he does look like someone who is knowledgeable (regarding Islamic matter).. but that incident changed my point of view towards him.. hurm.. it's not that i'm trying to say bad thing behind you.. it's for everybody to ponder.. sometimes, our age doesn't represent our knowledge.. sometimes, a young man can be extremely better than the so-called-experienced-old-man.. i was so shocked the moment he asked me to get nearer to the right side of the surau.. what the heck?? we are SUPPOSED to get nearer to the middle side of the saf!! i smiled back at him and told him, "Pak cik, kena rapat ke tengah..".. right after i gave him that smile and that statement, he looked at me as if i'm the bad guy.. as if i'm not supposed to tell him that.. as if he is way-way-way-better than me.. duh.. i went to Sekolah Agama Rakyat and Sekolah Aliran Agama for years!! i've learnt a lot during those years.. hurmm.. Subhanallah.. i don't think it is a bad thing to CORRECT the elderly.. hurm.. oh well, at least i've done what i am supposed to do.. hopefully this picture will help others CLEARER regarding a perfect saf.. till then.. :)
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