Saturday, September 3, 2011

twit eh?? heh heh heh..

i am not going to waste my time creating another not-so-lame excuses regarding why i didn't update my blog like i promised before.. hehe.. to make it simple, i'll try to start all over again even though the tendency of forgetting-to-update the blog is considerably HIGH.. hahahha.. a few weeks ago, someone from the Gooneritas invited me to start using the tweeter.. i've always wanted to try 1.. it just that i don't know how to use it.. hehe.. she simply said, "JUST TRY".. ahahaha.. no wonder she told me that.. it's as easy as texting your buddies using your mobile phone.. heh heh heh.. since then, i'll make sure that i'll log on to tweeter right after facebook.. heh heh heh.. to those who are using tweeter, do you mind following me?? hehehe.. i'm still learning how to search for friends to be followed.. hehe.. currently, i'm following some of the Arsenal players' tweeter.. it's the fastest way to know what they're doing.. oh well, i'm a hard-die-fan of Arsenal FC of course!! heh heh heh.. you guys can simply search for "farid_wilshere" and click "follow".. heh heh heh. hopefully we can connect to each other easier.. heh heh heh.. 

before i forgot, i'd like to wish "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" to all Muslims out there.. we may not know each other, but we are born BROTHERS and SISTERS regardless of our colours and backgrounds!! that's all for the time being.. i'll be keeping on updating this blog soon Insya-Allah.. hehehe.. Assalamualikum wbt..
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