Friday, October 30, 2009

Tiresome Friday Morning

hwarghh!! for the first time of my campus life, i've played 8 sets of volleyball!! haha.. just imagine how my body reacted to those circumstances!! haha.. i'm damn-tired!! not mentioning playing 8 sets without drinking a single drop of water!! haha.. what a good 'preparation' for the incoming final examination!! haha.. like i mentioned in one of my previous posts, i've started to love this sports!! hehe.. i can't recall when was the last time i played futsal, soccer, table-tennis, as well as tennis.. hehe.. it seems like volleyball has been my priority in the standings of sports that i like.. hehe.. and guess what? we (my friends and I) started to play volleyball as early as 7.45am!! hehe.. initially, it was supposed to start at 7am.. but some of us were having trouble in waking up early in the morning!! haha.. what a day!!

- my examination will start on 2nd of November until 18th of November 2009.. and then, let's party!! haha.. actually i'm looking forward to go back to my hometown.. hehe.. i've got unfinished businesses!! hehe.. till then!! chau sin chi!! ;P

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

-=- D A T I N G + T R I P + D A T I N G A G A I N -=-

i was supposed to write this earlier.. hehe.. but it's ok.. i'll just write everything now.. hehe..

(Saturday, 24th October 2009)
It was one of the unforgettable moments of my life.. it was the first time for me going to the 'Zoo Melaka'.. hehe.. but that was not the highlight of that day.. hehe.. you know what?? that was the first time i went for dating (with 'HER' of course!!) outside Johore!! hehe.. normally, we will just date around the town of JB and sometimes in Pontian.. hehe.. but this time, 'SHE' requested to go to the 'Zoo Melaka'.. and i agreed!! hehe.. some couples may find it awkward to date at the zoo.. but not for us.. hehe.. it appears that both of us share the same interest!! hehe..

we started our dating-journey at about 7.45am.. hehe.. quite early huh?? hehe.. it's to make sure that we arrive there before noon.. if we were to arrive there at noon, the weather might be too hot to bear.. hehe.. we arrived there at about 10am.. since it was already 10am, we have expected how the weather will be.. so, we decided to bring along one umbrella.. luckily 'SHE' has one in 'HER' car.. hehe.. i don't think i should describe the animals that i saw there.. use your imagination.. hehe.. the most important thing was, i had such a great time with 'HER'.. hehe..

then, at about 3pm, we went to one of the most entertaining places in Melacca.. it's Melacca's version of 'Eye of Malaysia'.. hehe.. since i haven't been to Taman Tasek Titiwangsa's 'Eye of Malaysia', that was the biggest merry-go-round that i've ever rode.. hehe.. initially, we thought that we have to pay rm20 per ride.. but then, after showing our mycard, the price was reduced 50%!! hehe.. so, we paid only rm10!! hehe.. and you know what?? we had 5 rounds of that merry-go-round!! haha.. it's like rm2 for a single loop!! hehe.. adding icing to the cake, i rode that merry-go-round thing with 'HER'!! hehe..

after that, we went to one of Melacca's well-developed place which i fotgot its name.. hehe.. but i can describe that place as a one-storey-shopping complex.. hehe.. we went for a walk before we headed to the nearest McD.. we had our 'lunch'.. hehe.. before that, we only had a few sandwiches.. hehe.. at about 6.15pm, we decided to head back to JB.. i really-really-really had a great time there with 'HER'.. what a day!! ;)

(Sunday, 25th October 2009)
Guess what?? i met 'HER' again.. hehe.. this time, i helped 'HER' to look for a house to be rented.. 'SHE' is being posted to one of the schools situated in Pasir Gudang.. it's a new school.. 'SHE' can be considered as one of the premier teachers there.. hehe.. i'm happy and proud of 'HER'.. i would love to be like 'HER' one day.. and i'm on the perfect route now.. Alhamdulillah.. then, after almost 2hours of searching for rent-house, we got tired.. 'SHE' asked whether i'd like to watch movie with 'HER'.. of couse i would!! hehe.. so, we went to Jusco Tebrau City.. a few hours later, we went to Bestmart to have ABC.. hehe.. actually, 'SHE' craved for that ABC on the day before.. hehe.. since 'SHE' has asked earlier, i planned to have it together with her today.. hehe.. i love to see 'HER' smiles.. hehe.. that's why i'm willing to do anything just to ensure that 'SHE' is happy.. hehe..

- today is the first day of 'HER' as a full-time teacher.. am really proud of 'HER'!! hehe.. i would love to see 'HER' again.. hehe.. even though i spent 2 days in a row with 'HER', it seems that i've already started to miss 'HER'.. hehe.. especially 'HER' voice and smile.. hehe.. and to whom it may concern, i just wanted to tell you that I REALLY LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, MY BELOVED NOR SHAFIZA.. till then..

Friday, October 16, 2009

- Credit to my dear -

~ Falling for You ~

I don’t know but
I think I maybe
Fallin’ for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should
Keep this to myself
Waiting ’til I
Know you better

I am trying
Not to tell you
But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling

But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
and now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

As I’m standing here
And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you
And we start to dance
All around us
I see nobody
Here in silence
It’s just you and me

Oh I just can’t take it
My heart is racing
The emotions keep spinning out

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
and now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

I can’t stop thinking about it
I want you all around me
And now I just can’t hide it
I think I’m fallin’ for you

p/s: action speaks louder than words..

~Job Done!!~

wehee!! at last!! i've completed all assignments for this semester!! haha.. which means, i don't have to do anything that is related to TYPING + PRINTING + BINDING!! haha.. fuh~ just look at the length of days since the last time i posted something.. haha.. actually, i wanted to post something at least once every 2-3days.. but then, it seemed like the time didn't permit me to do so.. hehe.. what else?? ASSIGNMENTS dude!! i hardly had enough sleep.. just for the sake of finishing my assignments before the dateline.. hehe.. all assignments are needed to be handed-in by today!! hehe.. just imagine that i have to finish 4 assignments this week itself!! hehe.. served me right!! why did i keep on doing things on the last minute?? hehe.. like the saying, "old habit dies hard.."!! hehe..

there are loads of things to be said here.. but 1st thing 1st.. i've got to rewind my mind recorder 1st.. hehe.. on 5th October 2009, i had to say buh-bye to my previous hairstyle.. hehe.. after weeks and months of thinking and making decision, i've decided to cut my hair short.. very-very short.. hehe.. just look at the picture that i've uploaded above.. hehe.. it maybe temporary and it maybe forever.. hehe.. only the time will tell.. hehe..

lately, i began to love the volleyball.. but that doesn't mean that i am no longer in-love with football, futsal, and tennis.. it is just an addition to the sports that i love.. hehe.. i'll play this type of sports almost everyday in the evening!! i will NOT play this sports ONLY if i have a class to attend to or when it is raining.. hehe..

a few weeks from now, my final examination for this semester will start.. and i have to prepare myself mentally and physically since it is still early (being a professional teacher).. i've got plenty of times to be ready!! but i am not going to waste a single time of mine.. like i used to say, i need to prove to many people.. especially to my parents, former teachers, lecturers, and not forgetting, 'her'.. i'm a man of my words.. when i say i want to do it, i'll do it!! InsyaAllah..

hurm, talking about 'her', 'she' has just gotten the opportunity to teach in Johor.. Alhamdulillah.. at least, i don't have to save a lot of money just to buy ticket to visit 'her' in Sabah or Sarawak (if 'she' were to be posted there).. hehe.. right now, 'she' has to wait until the 26th October 2009 to know the exact place for 'her' to teach.. hopefully 'she' will get either in JB or pontian.. hehe.. that will make it easier for me to visit 'her'.. hehe.. Amin... hurm.. so much for today.. i'll be posting some other things later.. till then...

p/s: i'm kind of missing everybody.. EVERYBODY.. ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


i was supposed to write this on the 1st day of Hari Raya.. but it seemed that time didn't permit me to do so.. so here it is.. Alhamdulillah.. the moment that all Muslims are craving and waiting for is here!! it's the month of Syawal.. each and every Muslim (especially Malaysian) has his or her own way of viewing the Syawal eve.. the younger ones will definitely be thinking of the 'duit raya'.. hehe.. and some older ones too.. haha.. but as for me, Syawal is about meeting all the love ones.. when i say all, i mean ALL.. hehe..

That morning (1st syawal), i went to the nearest mosque to perform the 'Solat Sunat Aidilfitri' along with my other family members.. with other BIG FAMILY MEMBERS.. hehe.. then we had breakfast together.. about 2 hours later, all of us assembled at the main hall of my house.. it was the time for everybody to ask the forgiveness from the elderly.. as for my family, our 'Toksu' is considered as the most eldest family member present.. we have lost our most respected 'MAK' and 'AYAH'.. they were my grandmother and grandfather.. all my siblings as well as my cousin entitled them with 'AYAH' and 'MAK' even though they were our late grandmother and grandfather.. all of us hugged and kissed Toksu.. and we can feel that she's crying.. hurm.. i guess that was the first time for her to be treated like that.. after all, she's the youngest grandmother that we have.. it's a very long story..

the following 2 days later, i went out with 'HER'.. we went to the cinema in Jusco Tebrau.. hehe.. actually, i have requested many times to watch any movie with 'HER'.. hehe.. i guessed that time 'SHE' agreed at last to do so.. hehe.. we watch 'The Ugly Truth'.. it was such a nice movie!! i like it very much.. the genre for that movie is Love+Humour.. even though there were a little bit of not-so-nice-scenes, it's still viewable by people of any ages.. hehe.. that evening, we went to Danga Bay to enjoy the sight seeing.. we ate Dunkin Doughnuts together.. it was a very memorable day for us..

a few days later, my family and i went to shah alam n klang to visit other BIG FAMILY members.. we went there for 3days.. we visited Mamak, Opah, Cik-Gi (abah's brother), and Pak Lang (abah's brother).. then we went back to JB on that Saturday morning.. Alhamdulillah the highway was indeed CLEAR!! haha.. i can even drive 150km/h without mama noticing!! haha.. no wonder we reached JB within 3 hours from Shah Alam.. haha.. shh!!! don't tell mama.. hehe.. then i went to 'HER' house to visit 'HER' family.. they were very nice to me.. no wonder i respect them so much!! hehe.. after all, they are 'HER' parent.. hehe.. on top of everything, there was one incident that caught my mind as well as my sight.. it was 'HER'.. 'SHE' was very gorgeous and stunning!! i haven't seen 'HER' dressed-up like that before.. i will never ever forget that moment.. even though i didn't manage to get 'HER' picture, i will remember that moment forever.. one day, i'll get the opportunity to experience that moment again and again.. hehe.. if u get what i mean.. hehe..

and now, here i am in UPSI finishing a lot of assignments given by the lecturers.. haha.. but it's ok.. i can manage to finish them on time.. hehe.. i can call it as a pay-back time!! haha.. u gave us a lot of tasks, right?? haha.. and now, u have to mark them!! haha.. it's a win-win situation then.. but i guess the pressure is with the lecturers.. haha.. they have to submit everything to the dean and upload the marks.. haha.. now see who's laughing.. haha.. that's all for now.. till then.. ;)

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