Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the accidental-forgotten-blog of mine.. hik hik hik..

huarghh!! morning guys!! hehe.. well, wel, well... seems like i've got a lot of explanations to be done here.. hehe.. the same question that i should question myself.. hehe.. "Do you realize that you've got a blog to BE UPDATED??" I asked myself... wakakakaka.. looks like the other me is starting to question my commitment in doing this blogging thing.. ok2.. to make it simple, almost 2 months ago, i've got to study for my final examination.. and my mother asked me to do so.. she asked me to focus MORE on my study.. as for that, i had to limit myself when going online.. hehe.. i was only able to check my email, facebook, reading online news, and watching online football.. in other hand, i was only able to go online for about 3-4hours per day during that period.. hehe.. so, dearest-the-other-me, is it acceptable?? ekekeke.. oh well, you should be.. haha.. or else, i might not want to update you, again.. ekekeke..

i'd like to share something with you guys here.. it might not be important enough for you guys to ponder.. but then again, it keeps bugging my life lately.. err, make it for the last 10 days.. hehe.. ehem2.. err, instead of pronoun 'it', i think i should use 'they'.. hehe.. what?? you guys don't get it?? ceh~~ ok, straight to the point(s).. i am still waiting for the damn result to be out!! uhuk!! in less than 2 weeks, i'll be starting my campus life back.. uhuk!! why can't the examination department just tell us the result earlier?? at least we don't have to get nervous when online.. for almost everyday, the moment i go online, the term 'RESULT' keeps appearing to my mind set.. ceh!!

and the other thing.. which is the most-hated-thing-in-the-universe!! the stupid MAN U fans.. they are not just stupid, but they are so idiot that they only know how to condemn others.. that goes the same with my MAN-URE friends, MAN-URE cousins, MAN-URE blood-related-family, and whoever thinks MAN-URE is great.. great my ASS!! do you guys realize that your club is in a great danger of money-crisis?? no, you don't!! because you are TOO STUPID to realize that.. do i have to tell why?? just google yourself to find the answers to that question!! cit!! just because you've won against us, it made you a champion!! champion my ASS!! it was only an accidental goal, you idiot!! baagaa!! and you were lucky that we were without our key players accept for samir nasri.. grrr~~ just wait!! grr~~

eheh.. hurm.. i normally don't write anything regarding football here.. but hey, why not?? it's not that i can't do so!! haha.. especially when it comes to verbally-attack the stupid MAN-URE fans.. wakakakaka.. on the otehr hand, that will give me the reason to update this blog more frequently that ever.. wakakakakaka!! that's all for now.. till then~~ :)
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