Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the accidental-forgotten-blog of mine.. hik hik hik..

huarghh!! morning guys!! hehe.. well, wel, well... seems like i've got a lot of explanations to be done here.. hehe.. the same question that i should question myself.. hehe.. "Do you realize that you've got a blog to BE UPDATED??" I asked myself... wakakakaka.. looks like the other me is starting to question my commitment in doing this blogging thing.. ok2.. to make it simple, almost 2 months ago, i've got to study for my final examination.. and my mother asked me to do so.. she asked me to focus MORE on my study.. as for that, i had to limit myself when going online.. hehe.. i was only able to check my email, facebook, reading online news, and watching online football.. in other hand, i was only able to go online for about 3-4hours per day during that period.. hehe.. so, dearest-the-other-me, is it acceptable?? ekekeke.. oh well, you should be.. haha.. or else, i might not want to update you, again.. ekekeke..

i'd like to share something with you guys here.. it might not be important enough for you guys to ponder.. but then again, it keeps bugging my life lately.. err, make it for the last 10 days.. hehe.. ehem2.. err, instead of pronoun 'it', i think i should use 'they'.. hehe.. what?? you guys don't get it?? ceh~~ ok, straight to the point(s).. i am still waiting for the damn result to be out!! uhuk!! in less than 2 weeks, i'll be starting my campus life back.. uhuk!! why can't the examination department just tell us the result earlier?? at least we don't have to get nervous when online.. for almost everyday, the moment i go online, the term 'RESULT' keeps appearing to my mind set.. ceh!!

and the other thing.. which is the most-hated-thing-in-the-universe!! the stupid MAN U fans.. they are not just stupid, but they are so idiot that they only know how to condemn others.. that goes the same with my MAN-URE friends, MAN-URE cousins, MAN-URE blood-related-family, and whoever thinks MAN-URE is great.. great my ASS!! do you guys realize that your club is in a great danger of money-crisis?? no, you don't!! because you are TOO STUPID to realize that.. do i have to tell why?? just google yourself to find the answers to that question!! cit!! just because you've won against us, it made you a champion!! champion my ASS!! it was only an accidental goal, you idiot!! baagaa!! and you were lucky that we were without our key players accept for samir nasri.. grrr~~ just wait!! grr~~

eheh.. hurm.. i normally don't write anything regarding football here.. but hey, why not?? it's not that i can't do so!! haha.. especially when it comes to verbally-attack the stupid MAN-URE fans.. wakakakaka.. on the otehr hand, that will give me the reason to update this blog more frequently that ever.. wakakakakaka!! that's all for now.. till then~~ :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hohoho.. what a nice date today.. we may not be able to experience this date again.. it will definitely never come back again.. uhuk.. suddenly i started this blog in a serious tone.. hohoho.. that's so not me.. hehe.. now this is more like it.. hehe.. the addition of giggling elements will always be the way of me posting something.. it goes the same during online chit-chatting, SMSing, as well as while communicating to my friends.. hehe.. and of course, it's in an informal way.. do you expect me to talk like this while talking to my lecturers?? haha.. err, there are some lecturers that i will eventually do so.. outside of the class, of course!! hehe.. err.. but come to think of it again, i tend to giggle all the time regardless of being at the class or outside of the class.. hehe.. like i say, that's my way of communicating.. i will always go for informal rather than formal.. hehe.. that's why i don't like to be in a meeting where i should act formal all the time!! hehe.. unless if i have to.. everybody knows that i'm a person who doesn't act seriously all the time.. that doesn't mean that i take thing for granted.. or i don't take thing seriously.. it's only my personality.. i'm a person who likes to enjoy everything all the time.. even though i might need to be 'serious', i will eventually end up of not being so.. hehe.. just ask everybody who knows me well.. some of the people who only see me from the outside might have a thought of me that i'm a person who might be difficult to work with.. but hey!! if you were to ask my close friends, they will definitely kill each other just to be working with me!! haha.. that's just an expression.. hehe.. by the way, do you realize something?? normally i will have something or theme that triggers me to update this blog.. but then, this post seems like doesn't have any coherence.. haha.. i don't know why.. it just that i feel like typing something.. hehe.. and on the same time, i am waiting for my roommate to finish bathing.. he has been using the toilet for the past 30minutes!! i wonder what is he doing right now.. hahaha.. ahaa.. the sound of the shower has stopped.. i think he 'heard' what i 'mentioned' here.. haha.. hopefully he doen't know that i was mentioning about himself.. wakakaka.. ok then.. it's time for me to use the toilet!! i also need to perform the Maghrib prayer.. hehe.. that's all for now.. ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

to go, or not to go.. hurm..

To go, or not to go.. that's the question that has been bothering me since early this morning.. hurm.. what is it all about?? err.. nothing much really.. hehe.. it's only regarding the class that i need to attend today.. hehe.. there'll be no P&P today for sure.. only the presentations by students will take place.. hurm.. i wonder.. what should i do if i were to attend this class?? yesterday, the class representative said that we might have to take another additional hour in order to finish all presentation.. or else, we might need to do another extra class.. hurm.. i don't have any other classes for today except for this particular class.. hehe.. well, i used to have another class (the same day as today, TUESDAY laa!!).. but the lecturer has given every task that needs to be done by us.. more over, he has taught us everything regarding this subject.. hehe.. so soon eh?? hehe.. at least that will give me more time to study.. cewah!! that's so ABNORMAL for me to do so!! haha.. old habit dies hard.. hehe.. the only time that i'll spend to do so is during the last 1 or 2 days before the examination starts.. hehehe.. hey, don't get me wrong.. normally, i will only have the tendency to think critically and focus more during that period of time.. hehe.. it's not that i procrastinate my study.. it's just that that is how my brain will work to its fullest.. hehehe.. i know myself better than everyone else does, ok?? hehe.. so, coming back to the question.. hehe.. err.. (stops typing for 3 mins).. i'll decide later.. hehe.. ok then, it's time to attend my frontierville.. haha.. my crops are there waiting to be harvested.. hehe.. and in about 30 minutes from now, i'll be skyping with 'HER'.. hehe.. so, that's all for now.. till then.. ;)

p/s: at least i've got something to trigger myself to update my blog.. wakakaka!! ;P

Thursday, October 7, 2010

fresh air.. for the time being.. hehe..

heh heh heh.. at last, i can breath freely.. the assignment that has been bugging me all these while is no longer here.. ekekeke.. actually, i was mentioning about this one particular assignment (IT was given BEFORE mid-term break.. hehe..) which i've got to analysis 2 poems in not more than 5000 words.. just imagine on your own.. how on earth are you going to do so?? unless you are a literature-analyst-cum-criticizer.. ekekeke.. well, i'm not.. that was why i din't think (initially) i can do so.. hihi.. and guess what?? i just finished doing it few days ago.. within 1 day.. yup!! you heard it right!! within 1 day!! hahaha.. that is so-not-me!! hehe.. don't ask me what i've analyzed.. hehe.. i don't want to talk about it anymore.. and now, it's time to focus on my blog analysis (so many analyzing-tasks to be done.. cit..) which is supposed to be presented today.. but it appears that Dr Raja has a meeting/conference to be attended.. so, she postpones the presentation to the next class, which is on NEXT THURSDAY.. ekeke.. and what does that mean?? hahaha.. i'll be focusing back on the selected blog NEXT WEEK.. haha.. oh well, it goes with the saying, "Old habit dies hard".. i can't help but to do every assignment on the very last minute.. err, make it a 1-2days before the dateline.. hehe.. so, what should i do now?? hurm.. i'll think about that later when i'm asleep.. hehe.. (i think you should know by now what am i going to do.. haha..) ok then.. that's all for now.. ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010


morning guys.. huarghh~~ i'm so d*mn lazy updating my blog lately.. hehe.. this time around, i can't think of the best reason for not doing so.. hihi.. but come to think of it again, suddenly i've got 1 brilliant reason for not doing so.. ekekeke.. hopefully it'll not backfire me when i say so.. hehe.. actually, a few weeks back then, one of our favourite lecturers (if only she could read this.. haha), Dr Raja Nor Safinas, had given us a task whereby my classmates and i are required to analyse any blog regardless who the writer is.. hehe.. don't make me start on what type of blog that we need to analyse.. hehe.. it'll take more than just a few minutes of mine to do so.. after all, this will apply to my classmates and i ONLY.. hik hik hik.. so, don't bother to ask me what it is all about.. lalalala.. coming back to what i just mentioned earlier, the reason for me of not doing so is because i'm afraid that some of my friends might use my blog to be analysed.. hehe.. it's not that i don't want them to do so.. it'll be a great pleasure for me for others to choose my blog to be analysed.. especially to those who know me better.. the way i write is pretty much the same with the way i act.. hihi.. and if u realised something, i WON'T FORGET to laugh (hehe, haha, hik hik hik, ekekeke, hoho, and etc..) in almost every post that i write.. hehe (see what i mean?).. except for the lyric-posting that i posted.. ahakss.. that's all for the time being.. hopefully i'll be given strength to keep on updating this blog.. hik hik hik..

p/s: i'm supposed to be in Prof Lim's class.. but for a-not-to-be-told-reason, Prof cancelled the class.. whatever it is, get well soon, Prof.. there's no other Shakespeare's-work-lover that i know except u, Prof..

Saturday, September 4, 2010


i just came back from terawikh at my hometown.. there's something that triggers me to create this new post.. hurm.. it's regarding the saf of the prayer.. hurm.. there was this one old man-who-i-shouldn't-mention-his-name.. he was standing next to me during the terawikh just now.. he does look like someone who is knowledgeable (regarding Islamic matter).. but that incident changed my point of view towards him.. hurm.. it's not that i'm trying to say bad thing behind you.. it's for everybody to ponder.. sometimes, our age doesn't represent our knowledge.. sometimes, a young man can be extremely better than the so-called-experienced-old-man.. i was so shocked the moment he asked me to get nearer to the right side of the surau.. what the heck?? we are SUPPOSED to get nearer to the middle side of the saf!! i smiled back at him and told him, "Pak cik, kena rapat ke tengah..".. right after i gave him that smile and that statement, he looked at me as if i'm the bad guy.. as if i'm not supposed to tell him that.. as if he is way-way-way-better than me.. duh.. i went to Sekolah Agama Rakyat and Sekolah Aliran Agama for years!! i've learnt a lot during those years.. hurmm.. Subhanallah.. i don't think it is a bad thing to CORRECT the elderly.. hurm.. oh well, at least i've done what i am supposed to do.. hopefully this picture will help others CLEARER regarding a perfect saf.. till then.. :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


If I had to live my life without you near me
The days would all be empty
The nights would seem so long
With you I see forever oh so clearly
I might have been in love before
But it never felt this strong

Our dreams are young
And we both know they'll take us
Where we want to go

Hold me now
Touch me now
I don't want to live without you

Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love

Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought know by now how much I love you
The world may change my whole life through
But nothing's gonna change my love for you

If the road ahead is not so easy,
Our love will lead the way for us
Like a guiding star
I'll be there for you if you should need me
You don't have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are
So come with me and share the view
I'll help you see forever too

p/s: awak, i've said it before.. and i'll never stop saying it until the last breath of mine..


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Generation Gap?? haha.. nice 1!!

Yet again, i missed a lot of opportunities to update my blog.. hehe.. just let the time frame between the last post and this post does the talking.. haha.. excuses?? hehe.. let me see.. for the time being, the only excuse that i can think of is the limitation of internet connection that i get.. hehe.. i think that is INDEED, good enough!! hehe.. but hey, it's true!! even though i have the advantage of using the broadband anywhere that i feel like doing so, i DO forgot about the LIMITATION of using them!! hehe.. just imagine that i've used the 5GB quota of connecting to the internet in just 2 weeks!! hehehe.. that shows the number of time that i went online!! hehehe.. as for that, the connection for this month needs to be limited.. not by me, but by the celcom management.. hehe.. initially, i didn't know what was the course of the limitation connection of the broadband.. after i read the message given by the celcom broadband management, i realized that i've used to much internet.. hehe.. oh well, i'm born in this technology era.. so, internet WILL DEFINITELY be part of my life whether i like it or not.. hehe.. the world has changed.. so am i.. do i have to stick at the same point again and again?? hehe..

suddenly, the moment i mentioned technology era, the word 'Generation Gap' comes into my mind.. actually, this word was uttered by Dr Raja Syafinas earlier this morning at class.. she was mentioning about the discourse of the blog, advertisements, and so on.. she asked us (my classmates and i) regarding which type of blog is easier for us to be understood.. is it formally or informally?? most of us spontaneously answered "FORMALLY".. she was in a state of shock and giggled a little.. she said that she prefers the blog which is in a formal type since the message conveyed will be straight-forward rather than reading between the lines.. and she was also mentioning about how we nowadays type a message on the hand-phone.. she said that she will type the message in a formal way and 'gramatized' type of message.. hehe.. what can we expect from a Dr?? hehe.. and then, she uttered, "i think it is due to the Generation Gap between us".. haha.. that gives me the idea of what i should post today.. hehe.. hey, at least i still have the guts to update my blog rather than letting it to be rotten on its own.. hehe..

oh well, that's all for now.. i'll try to be more optimistic in updating my blog.. hehe.. Insya-Allah.. and b y the way, i can't wait for this weekend to come.. hehe.. why?? hehe.. that's for me to know, and for you to find out!! hehe.. of course it has got to do with 'HER'!! or else, i wouldn't be this interested!! hehehe.. i miss Nor Shafiza bt Supardi very33333333 much!!! hehe.. XOXOxoxo..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New House

hey, where's my previous entries for 9th and 10th day of ROS?? haha.. like i have them!! hehe.. i was so f*cking busy on those 2 last days.. hehe.. since it's about a month ago, let's just end that session (ROS-update).. hehe.. i just moved to a new house (rent) in Tg Malim.. hehe.. i'm no longer staying at the hostel.. it's not that i don't want to be there.. it's just that i feel like it's already time for me to be in a new surrounding.. NOT!! haha.. actually it's for English Premier League and European Champion League purposes.. haha.. if i were to stay at the hostel, i don't think i would be able to watch those leagues until late night.. well, it's HOSTEL!! hehe.. that's why my friends and i decided to rent a house.. after all, it's way cheaper than staying at the hostel.. hehe.. and there are no curfews too!! hehe.. i have the opportunity to go out late at night to have supper, playing futsal, badminton, tennis, and etc without any hesitation!! muahahahaha!! in addition, the house that my friends and i are staying at now is so huge that the seven of us (house members) seemed astonished the moment we step into this house last saturday.. hehe.. it's a double-storey with ground-floor type of house.. that makes it a triple-storey house!! hehe.. i've got the opportunity to stay at the master bedroom.. hehe.. it's way bigger that our hostel.. hehe.. and we don't have to race among ourselves to find a parking space.. it's so huge that we can fit 1 big car, 1 small car, and 6 motorcycles and yet, we can walk past through these vehicles easily!! hehe.. that's all about my house.. we'll be keeping in touch again soon!! i've got to prepare today's lunch.. hehe.. oh well, i can cook, ok!! hehe.. till then.. ;)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

- 8th day of ROS -

i missed a golden opportunity of joining the school's marching competition.. it was due to a lot of relief classes available.. some of the teachers are busy finalizing their PEKA and PAFA tasks.. they were asked to finish everything by this Friday since Saturday will be the open day for this school.. almost a quarter of all students are yet to finish their PEKA, Oral Test, and PAFA.. most of the language, science and 'Pendidikan Agama Islam' teachers are doing their best to finish everything by this Friday.. it's not easy to be a teacher nowadays.. a teacher may hold more than 5 positions in the school!! darn~~!! no wonder a lot of teachers are complaining about the 'uncountable works' given to them.. hoho.. i am starting to feel the work load of being a teacher.. uhuk!! i was given 7 period of relief classes today!! uhuk!! and as for that, i'm so f*cking-d*mn tired now.. on the other hand, i was so happy today!! guess what?? my name was on every teacher's lips!! haha.. i caught a few students smoking in the toilet red-handed!! those students were from the black-listed students!! hehe.. some of the teachers were afraid of them.. but not me.. i've got my own principal.. when you are a student, YOU ARE a student!! and A STUDENT is required to RESPECT the TEACHERS!! like i said, DON'T TRY TO MESS WITH SIR FARID!! wwaarrggghhh!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

- 7th day of ROS -

it's my 7th working-day here.. i had the opportunity to observe Sir Vincent, the English language teacher a.k.a. the discipline teacher.. he is well known for his size.. he is so tall and 'huge'.. he has a loud voice too!! hehe.. he can easily control any classes.. he has 'the tool' to help him to do so.. hehe.. later on, i met Tuan Syed, one of the Senior Teachers (HEM), to discuss about the school.. i gave him a few ideas of mine on how to enhance the school.. seemed like he was interested in the ideas that i gave him.. hehe.. i was honoured when he acknowledged the ideas that i gave him.. hehe.. Alhamdulillah.. it's for the betterment of everybody.. at about 11.55pm, i was given a relief class.. hehe.. it wasn't the ordinary class.. it was a mixture of 4I and 4J a.k.a the 2-last-classes.. hoho!! they acted like i wasn't there at all!! that really took me to my maximum boiling point!! some of the girls and guys are mixing around like brothers and sisters!! d*mn!! and as for that, they got what they deserved by the new-2-weeks-teacher!! they were given a 'ceramah' by me.. it was a very deep 'ceramah'.. i almost lost my voice for that.. the last time i lost my voice was during my practicum session at SK Seksyen 7 in Shah Alam 2 years ago.. next time, don't try to mess with Sir Farid!! my name starts with F.. F can be 'friend' and F can also be 'FOE'!! gggrrr!!!! hehe.. what a 'nice' introduction of myself to them.. go go Great Teacher Farid!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

- 5th and 6th day of ROS -

yikes!! i forgot about the 5th-day-of-ROS posting.. hehe.. well, it was Friday and i needed to perform my Jumaat prayer.. hehe.. the school's morning session (Friday) ends at 12.10pm.. and i needed to prepare myself for the prayer.. hehe.. here's what happened.. ;)

Friday, 25th June 2010:
there wasn't so much to talk about.. it was raining cats and dogs.. all the teachers were busy filling up and updating their students' marks.. they were hardly had enough time to finish them up.. i sincerely offered myself to help some of them.. they looked like they were reluctant to let me do so.. they said that they were embarrassed by the new comer.. haha.. the fact is, i didn't mind at all.. in fact, it gave me a great pleasure of doing so.. hehe.. after they were in control of their tasks, i went back to my place and started to online.. hehe.. no price for guessing right.. hehe.. i went facebooking.. haha.. but it was only a short while.. after updating my status, i logged on to 1 of my favourite sites to watch free online naruto episodes.. hehe.. ;)

Monday, 28th June 2010:
earlier this morning was the first time i attended this school's assembly.. there were a few classes that were yet to finish their examination last Monday.. so, i couldn't experience the 1st real assembly as a teacher (well, almost.. hehe).. i was astonished with how they conducted the assembly.. it wasn't the same with the ordinary assembly.. they will be having a 'kawalan hormat' marching on every Monday's assembly.. i had the opportunity to see the marching of 'Puteri Islam'.. they were looking great and cute in their pink and white uniform.. i grabbed that great opportunity of being there by snapping a few photos of them.. that will definitely give me something to write about in my folio.. hehe..

later on, i was given a relief class by 'HER'.. hehe.. she had a lot of works to be done.. since i wasn't doing anything, i accepted that class with an open heart.. hehe.. ahaks.. well, it was 'HER'.. haha.. how could i resist that temptation.. haha.. i entered form 5C.. initially, some of the students were out of the class.. i asked one of them to immediately call them back to the class.. after all of them (i hope..) were there, i started to give them a small talk regarding myself, their futures, and their responsibilities.. most of them were interested to listen.. some were asleep.. hehe.. it was not due to the boredom-ness of my 'lecture'.. it was because the class were so focused that drove a few of them to sleep.. hehe.. i was proud of myself just now.. it seemed like my small talk were taken by them deeply.. some of the girls were crying and some of them were thinking of my words (shown by their body language).. i didn't know that i was that good.. i just hope that they take my advice seriously.. after all, it's for their own goodness..

hurm.. i think that's all for now.. i'll be writing more soon, Insya-Allah.. and by the way, 'SHE' looks cute today.. hehe.. till then.. ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

- 4th day of ROS -

I'm wearing a golden brown Baju Batik today.. as a government worker(especially teacher), it is stated in the management book that all teachers are required to wear Baju Batik on every Thursday.. i have always do so since i was in the 1st semester at UPSI.. actually, there's a story behind this Baju Batik.. hehe.. i do have 2 other pairs of Baju Batik.. but both are not the same colour as this school's Baju Batik.. hehe.. about 2 months ago, 'SHE' asked me to buy a pair of Baju Batik which has the same colour as the school's.. so, that is the MAIN reason why i bought this brand new Baju Batik.. hehe.. earlier this morning, i was given 3 relief classes by Cik Diyana (Didi).. those classes were 5D, 5C, and 5A.. but i only managed to enter the 1st class, 5D.. the teacher for the other 2 classes, Cik Niza, was already back at the school by that time.. it was a nice to have a form 5 class as class to be relieved.. i could have a moment of chit-chatting among each other regarding their problems.. they told me everything regarding their studies, teachers, personal problems, as well as their futures.. they seemed lost whenever i touched on 'the future'.. some of them were not clear of what they should be and some of them were afraid of not achieving their dreams.. i was at their age before.. i had faced their problems too.. that's why i want them to be clear of what they should have started to do by now.. even though i'm YET to become a teacher, that doesn't mean i can't drive them to the right path.. after all, it is and it will be my duty for as long as i live, Insya-Allah.. that's all for now.. till then.. ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

- 3rd day of ROS -

it's the 3rd day of my ROS at SMK Kota Masai 2.. i didn't do any photograph sessions today.. i only walked around the school passing from class to class observing the teachers as well as the students.. some of the classes can be easily control.. but some are giving the teachers a hard time.. well, i can't blame the teachers.. i can't say that a teacher should be able to do this and to do that.. a teacher is still a normal human being.. a teacher has the limitation of anger control.. the limitation of sadness.. as well as the limitation of patience.. it is not easy to be a teacher.. a teacher acts like the second parent of the students.. but when the students themselves do not show the respect that the teacher is hoping for, should the teacher be blamed for the poor performance of the students in curricular and co-curricular?? don't let me start on the barakah (bless) part.. no wonder some of the students (of every school) end up to become Mat Rempits, drug addicts, a part of any gangs, and other negative 'jobs'.. i'm so thankful that i've grown up to become a person that all my teachers, GOOD friends, lecturers, and family members have been hoping to be.. well, almost.. since i'm still YET to become a licensed teacher.. it will not be too long, Insya-Allah.. one day, i will have my own students.. my own kids.. and i will definitely instill them with what i have been instilled with, Insya-Allah.. that's all for now.. i've got something else to be done now.. till then..

- i just helped 'HER' just now.. hope 'SHE' is happy for that.. hehe.. ;P

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

- 1st and 2nd day of ROS -

hehe.. damn, i missed my 1st day of ROS-blogging.. hehe.. i was supposed to post something yesterday.. but it appeared that my broadband was not functioning very well.. perhaps it was due to the limited connectivity of celcom communication line.. hampeh!! so, here what happened during my 1st 2 days of ROS..

monday, 21st June 2010:
i reached the school compound at about 7.00am.. the 1st thing that i've got to do is to report myself to the office.. well, it's my 1st day of ROS.. hehe.. the clerks here were so nice to me.. they introduced themselves cheerfully.. i've heard some rumours about them from some of the teachers.. i don't know about them, but they seem very nice and helpful!! hehe.. i met a few teachers that morning.. they were so full of smiles.. they smile at me whenever they bump into me.. hehe.. and so do i!! i spent a few hours of my 1st day by taking a few pictures of the school compound.. then, at about 11.30am, i went to the office to meet one of the clerks.. i requested for the management book.. and i asked a few questions regarding the school.. i was so grateful that the clerk helped me with almost everything!! anything and everything that i needed was given on that moment!! ho yeah!! hehe.. what left is just a few more photos as well as observations of the teaching, which can be done in any days of my ROS!! hehe..

tuesday, 22nd june 2010:
i reached the school compound at about 7.00am, again.. hehe.. this morning, i had the opportunity to observe one of the teachers.. hehe.. actually, i requested for that moment since i hardly have anything else which is important to be done.. well, it's only my 2nd day of ROS.. hehe.. so i decided to observe 'HER'.. haha.. i don't want to just sit around at the staff room doing nothing.. it will definitely encourage me to online.. hehe.. 'SHE' is a teacher who teaches chemistry.. hehe.. and i'm a future teacher who will be teaching English Languange, Insya-Allah.. hehe.. i'll be doing my English-teacher-observation on one of these days.. hehe.. i want to finish everything regarding the written (typing) task as soon as possible.. and then, i can 'mengular' whenever i feel like doing so.. haha.. just kidding.. that's so not like me!! hehe.. after recess, i managed to capture a few more pictures at the laboratory building.. ho yeah!! and as for that, i end my 'journal' for today.. hehehe..

-by the way, i was given the place next to 'HER'!! hehe.. ;P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The time has come!!

i can't believe that the moment that i've been waiting for has finally come!! well, one of the moments actually.. hehe.. tomorrow is going to be my 1st day of ROS at 'HER' school!! hehe.. i'm so damn excited and afraid at the same time.. hehe.. well, it's my 1st time of being a teacher.. hehe.. i'm here to make observations regarding 'HER' school.. the name is SMK KOTA MASAI 2 if i'm not mistaken.. hehe.. some of the teachers there are looking forward to my 1st appearance.. it's not that i'm so damn hot and good looking.. it just that i'm 'with HER' if you get what i mean.. hehe.. i've met some of the teachers there.. for the time being, they are looking nice and friendly.. hehe.. hopefully that i can create and maintain the good rapport between them.. i've started the 1st step by making friends with kamis, faimi, and afzan.. i hope i spell their names correctly.. hehe.. they will be my housemates for the time being.. for this whole 2 weeks of my ROS.. hehe.. my excitement has overcome my world cup fever.. haha.. luckily the teams that i support are not playing tonight.. hehe.. ok then.. i think i've got to stop now.. i need to prepare myself mentally and physically for my 1st day of ROS.. hehe.. till then.. owh, by the way, ROS stands for 'Rancangan Orientasi Sekolah'.. ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Small World

i just came back from my cousin's wedding.. hoho.. it was superb.. well, they can actually afford to do so.. hehe.. her father, who is also my uncle, is a well-known person.. and he's damn rich too!! that's why they can afford to rent the Shah Alam Club's hall.. hehe.. it comes with an air-conditioner system.. hoho.. and the food was superb too!! hehe.. the beef was well-cooked and juicy.. the same goes with the chicken.. hehe.. and don't ask me why was i so bloated.. haha.. my uncle invited Tan Sri, Dato', and a few well known people.. hoho..

both my cousin and her husband are meant for each other.. they are so perfect together.. i'm so happy for my cousin.. they wore white wedding dress and white baju melayu.. hehe.. i didn't have the time to snap a few photos of them.. oh well, i was too shy to do so.. everybody was using a great multi-fuctional camera while i only brought the normal digital camera.. hehe.. i'll ask the pictures of my cousin's wedding from her later.. hehe..

there was something which gave me a big shock!! haha.. i didn't know that Ceq Nora has always been my neighbour for years!! haha.. and her family is very-very-very close to mine!! haha.. her father and my father were classmates during their school days.. hehe.. and her kampung is just next to mine!! haha.. i used to play with fire-crackers.. i even aimed the thunder clap(type of fire-cracker) straight to her kampung.. haha.. in the end, she is studying at the same place as mine now.. haha.. on top of everything, she had come to my house once!! haha.. and i couldn't remember her.. so did her.. haha.. what a coincidence.. it was indeed a small world.. hehe..

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shah Alam..

at last, i have reached Shah Alam!! i'll be attending my cousin's wedding tomorrow.. the journey to Shah Alam from JB started at about 6.30pm and ended at about 10.30pm.. it may look like my family and i took about 4hours to reach here.. actually, if we didn't stop for dinner, we might get here earlier.. i even drove at the speed of about 110-140km per hour.. hehe.. luckily my mum didn't notice that.. or else, she'll definitely keep on nagging me.. haha.. shh!! she was sleeping for most of the time throughout the journey.. hehe.. that shows how good i am when driving.. haha..

we had our dinner at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh.. while we were having our dinner, we watched the Thomas Cup badminton tournament.. sadly, the moment i started to watch the Malaysian team in action, i was so devastated to see the result.. why can't the Malaysian team be consistent in every match?? and why can't they be professional enough towards others especially to THE FANS?? once you are considered as a professional player, you've got to prepare yourself mentally and psychology.. hurm.. enough of talking about that.. i don't have the heart to talk about that anymore.. hopefully the Malaysian team will bounce back faster.. hurm.. ok then, it's already 12.00am.. i need to get some rest now.. till then.. ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

-Yet To Be Sleepy-

hurm.. it's 11.25pm.. n i'm yet to feel sleepy.. i was thinking of going to bed early just now.. at the same time, i've got to post something on my blog.. hehe.. so, here i am, trying to figure out what needs to be posted.. haha.. earlier this morning, 'SHE' texted me to inform that 'SHE' is on 'HER' way to KL.. like what i had mentioned in the previous post, 'SHE' is going to fetch 'HER' sister together with 'HER' parents.. they left their house at about 7am.. they had to do so because 'HER' sister was alone at her college.. hehe.. what a loving family.. hehe.. i do respect 'HER' family.. i've talked to 'HER' family members.. they are very nice and friendly.. in fact, they treat me like i'm one of their family members.. hehe.. o well, i'll be part of them Insya-Allah.. hehe..

at the afternoon, i went to Plaza Angsana with my mum and my sister.. we went there to buy tudung as well as scarf.. actually, i was only there to assist them.. hehe.. and became the driver.. hehe.. my mum asked me whether i want to buy something for this weekend (it's my cousin's wedding)?? i've prepared everything earlier.. hehe.. i've bought a purple long sleeve t-shirt.. coincidentally, it suits the theme of my cousin's wedding.. hehe.. at least i've saved my mum's money by not buying another t-shirt.. hehe..

at the evening, i sat on the sofa anxiously waiting for 'Adamaya' on tv3.. hehe.. today is the last day for that slot to be shown on television.. it was a happy ending!! hehe.. and i cried for that!! haha.. what a nice drama.. hehe.. i'd love to watch it again on tv3.com.my.. hehe.. o well.. it seems like 'SHE' is online now.. hehe.. i've got to stop now.. hehe.. what else?? dating with 'HER', of course!! hehe.. till then.. ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i just gone back from Segamat, Johor this morning.. the journey was quite exhausting.. oh well, i had to drive my family's car all the way from Segamat to Johor Bahru.. even though Segamat and JB are not that far to one another, it is the distance that tires me a lot!! hoho.. just imagine that i had to drive for almost 3hours just to get to Uitm Segamat.. actually, the main reason for me to be there is because my sister, Nurul, had to sit for MUET test.. it is a required test for every Malaysian future degree candidate (but there are some special cases where the students take this test after they have started their degree program).. i reached JB at about 1.20pm..

about 2hours later, i went to Affin Bank and Maybank to withdraw and transfer some money.. after that, i went to Jusco Bukit Indah.. hehe.. guess what?? i met 'HER' again!! hehe.. 'SHE' was on 'HER' way to Pontian.. 'SHE' will be going to KL tomorrow together with 'HER' family to fetch 'HER' sister.. hehe.. 'SHE' is so close to 'HER' sister that they shared almost everything together.. an as for that, 'SHE' will be on 'MC' for 2 days.. hehe.. we sat, talked, laughed, and joked together.. we sat on the same bench for almost 2hours.. we spent our time together chit-chatting and looking at each other.. hehe.. what a pleasant time!! if only i could stop the time.. hehe.. i walked 'HER' to 'HER' car.. it was a sad moment seeing 'HER' going way from me.. hehe.. i can't wait for my ROS session.. why?? hehe.. i'll tell u later..

just now, i was damn happy seeing Malaysia beat Denmark in the badminton Thomas Cup.. hehe.. it was only a group match.. but i was happy to see that Malaysia has booked the place in the Quarter-Final for this tournament.. i am looking forward for the next match!! go-go Malaysia!! ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Term Break Is Here!!

darn.. i can't believe that i've not updated this blog for the last 2months!! ouch!! there goes my opportunity of being a great blogger.. ouch!! actually, i was damn busy for the previous 2 months.. i had to finish all my assignments, preparing for my final examination, as well as my ROS meeting.. hehe.. and now, i've got a lot of time to do so.. hehe.. if only i could write something everyday.. hehe.. it doesn't need to be too lengthy, does it?? as long as i manage to post something, that's already considered as updating my blog.. hehe..

actually, i've started my term break a week ago.. i can't really recall what i had done during this 1st week of break.. there's nothing to be shared about.. hehe.. but yesterday was the moment that i've been waiting for months to come!! hehe.. i went to the cinema with 'HER'!! hehe.. it may sound normal to some of you.. but as for me, that was a special day!! hehe.. i can't really recall when was the last time we went to the cinema together.. hehe.. that's why i was very happy yesterday!! hehe.. even though we missed a few minutes of watching 'Ip man', we managed to watch 'Furry Vengeance'.. it was a great movie.. hehe.. and funny too!! hehe.. next movie, 'Ip man'!! hehe.. till then.. ;)

-thanks awk.. ;)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

~E x E r C i S i N g ~

i can't hardly recall when was the last time i jog.. hehe.. if i'm not mistaken, it was about 2-3years back.. hehe.. i'm not referring to a short-distance-jog ok?? i'm referring to a long-distance-jog.. hehe.. earlier this morning, 1 of my classmates-cum-housemates, Faridz aka kecik and 1 have planned to play tennis together.. we went off from our college at 8am.. we reached the main campus (the only place that we can actually play tennis for free) at about 8.15am.. unluckily, all tennis courts have been used by someone else!! duhh!! as for that, we couldn't play tennis this morning!! if we were to wait for our turn, that might take about 2 hours!! by that time, the sun has already shined brightly.. darn!!

so, we turned to plan B (created on the spot!!).. we were thinking of waking up everybody (our close buddies) so that we can play volleyball at our college.. we dialed each and every number that we have.. unfortunately, none of them answered.. accept for Praveen.. he said that everybody has not gotten up yet.. arghh!! darn!! what were they doing last night?? it's already 8.30am!! darn!!

lastly, we turned to plan C (coincidentally created).. we opted to go for a jog.. we headed to the Proton City's lake.. after about a few minutes of stretching, we started our jogging session.. the route is so long.. hehe.. actually, it is not that long.. but it exceeds more than 1km.. and it is not a straight route!! it has ups and downs all the way to reach the end.. hehe.. that gave me quite a hard time in finishing 1 lap.. but eventually, i managed to do so.. then, i went on for the second round.. this time.. i couldn't maintain the timing of my jogging.. i mixed both jogging and walking while trying to finish the second lap.. and again, i succeeded in doing so.. then kecik requested for another round.. that's ok with me since i wanted to get back to my full fitness badly.. so, we went for the third round.. and this time, it is for warming down my self especially for my tendons.. i walked and maintained the timing of my walking so that my tendons will get back to their initial state nicely..

sadly, i think i'll need to buy a new pair of jogging shoes to replace the one that i have now.. hehe.. let these pictures speak by themselves.. hehe.. i was thinking of mending it.. on the other hand this is an opportunity for me to buy a new pair of shoes!! haha.. what a waste.. hehe.. hey2, it is not a waste actually.. this pair of shoes is quite cheap!! and proudly say, i bought it at Giant.. hehe.. and i've used it for almost 2 semesters!! hehe..

ok then.. time to have my breakfast!! tiger biscuits, here i come!! hehe.. till then.. ;)

Friday, March 19, 2010

~Just For You~

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

I'll watch the night turn light-blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
'Cause cold nostalgia
Chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in thought because
When I think of you I don't feel so alone

I don't feel so alone, I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you
Oh, if my voice could reach
Back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here

p/s: I won't stop loving you..

assignment/task -free invironment!! hehe.. ;)

huarghh... at last.. i can finally enjoy my weekend without having to get scared of not having the time to finish off my assignments!! hehe.. i've finished all of them!! i've submitted all of them!! hehe.. that was the main reason behind my 'activeness' of updating this blog.. hehe.. the faculty wants all marks and assignments to be submitted by the end of this week.. hehe.. that's what most of my lecturers said.. but then, some of other lecturers from other faculties are willing to accept the assignments by week 12!! hoho.. that is so unfair!! hehe.. but on the other hand, i don't need to crack my head anymore.. hehe.. oh well, forget about the assignments.. hehe..

i've also finished my worse-ever-presentation!! hehe.. it is not that i'm bad in presentation.. it's just that whenever i step into this class, my mind will definitely be at somewhere else.. hehe.. it's clear that i don't have the heart to be in this class.. haha.. after all, i have to see this lecturer 6 hours per week!! haha.. at least i don't have to see her next semester (hopefully!!!).. hehe..

last night, i received a phone call from ustaz firdaus.. he asked me whether i want to be in charge of refereeing this evening's friendly football match between my college and UTM.. it's an honour for me to do so.. hehe.. if i were to referee this match, than it will be the biggest match that i've ever refereed before.. hehe.. about 10 years ago, i was appointed to referee the inter-dorm football match at Aspura JB.. hehe.. this is going to be a big opportunity for me to test my skills and knowledge in refereeing.. hehe.. and i dont mind at all to be the linesman.. or even the 2nd choice referee.. hehe..

hurm.. speaking of UTM.. hurm.. till then..

Friday, March 5, 2010

ROS application

hehe.. i've applied for my ROS application.. and it has been keyed-in on the student portal.. hehe.. hopefully it will be approved.. hehe.. according to Mr Sidek, the percentage of being accepted is high.. unless the school that i choose is not listed in the KPM's list of government school.. hehe.. can you make a wild guess which school that i chose?? hehe.. yerp.. you've guessed it correctly!! hehe.. it's 'HER' school!! hehe.. it's a new school actually.. i was looking for the picture of that school.. it appears that there were no pictures of that school yet on the net.. hehe.. but hey, just wait until i go there.. hehe.. i'll definitely take a lot of pictures of that school.. hehe.. looking forward for this coming mid term break!! hehe.. i'll be doing my ROS during that break, InsyaAllah.. do pray for me!! ;)

p/s: i'll have the opportunity to kill 2 birds with a single stone.. hehe.. ahaks~~

~Feels Like Posting~

i just performed my jumaat prayer.. what a good feeling after facing The Al-Mighty.. this is not a matter of piousness.. it's a matter of what we, as a Muslim, SHOULD DO.. too sad that some of the Muslim friends of mine are not like what they should be.. hurm.. perhaps they don't have the feelings of deep respect for Allah SWT.. hurm.. at least i've changed.. Alhamdulillah, i'm no longer like what i used to be.. praise be to Allah.. He'll give 'the light' to whom that He wants to.. and He'll take 'the light' from whom that He wants to.. hopefully i'll always get that 'light' until the rest of my life, InsyaAllah..

i'm not really sure what should i post here.. it appears that this is the only free time that i have to update my blog.. hurm.. i just feel like posting something.. hurm.. actually, i was looking at someone's blog earlier this morning.. this person keeps on saying something religiously.. don't get me wrong.. it's not that i don't like that person to do so.. it just that the manner of this person which makes me feels very bad about this person's self.. hurm.. does this person realize that this person is actually making our religion looks bad?? hurm.. pathetic.. you keeps on praising Him.. but you, yourself, don't resemble a true and pure Muslim..

is it that hard for you to COVER YOURSELF?? is it that important for you to keep on saying good things about PUTERI UMNO?? Subhanallah.. will the PUTERI UMNO promise you the 'Jannah'?? can you PLEASE correct yourself before trying to correct others?? wallahualam..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Do I Look That NERD?? Duh~

uhuk!! for the 1st time in UPSI, after almost 2 years of studying here, i've been labeled as a NERDY!! uhuk!! do i look that nerd?? uhuk!! no way, Jose!! this picture shows the hair style that i'll definitely stick to.. a few years back then, i used to comb my hair by dividing them exactly from the middle (belah tengah).. back then, i look quite good with that kind of hairstyle.. ekekeke.. but after i've started to concern about my hairstyle, i began to change them drastically.. hehe.. and after about an hour of styling my hair (while taking my bath.. ekekeke), i've come out with the best hairstyle that i can find.. hehe.. which also suits myself.. hehe.. PERFECTLY!! hehe.. so, there you are.. hehe.. juz look at the picture above.. hehe..

back to the nerdy-styled hair that i was mentioning just now, i don't think i'll ever style my hair that way, AGAIN.. hehe.. come to think of it, i did look like a nerdy just now!! haha.. my lecturer was fast to notice my little transformation.. ekekeke.. the worse part is, she said that on the spot during the class!! yes!! in front of my friends!! uhuk!! they laughed at me!! uhuk!! hehe.. suddenly she said that the previous style is better.. and i look great that way.. haha.. and the whole class agreed with that statement.. haha.. i was high-flying for a moment.. ekekeke.. from now on, i'll stick to this kind(picture above) of hairstyle.. hehe..

-i am missing someone right now.. 'YOU' know who 'YOU' are.. :-*

Friday, February 19, 2010

Malaysia, Truly Asia

heh heh heh.. at last.. the moment that i've been waiting for!! hehe.. i had the opportunity to visit SABAH!! hehe.. that was the only state in Malaysia that i'm crazed to go to!! hihi.. and it was also the only state in Malaysia that i've never been to before.. hihi.. here are some of the tentative programs that my family and i had throughout the 4-day-visit to SABAH.. hehe..

14th February 2010, Sunday:
i was supposed to be back in JB.. but the plan changed.. i was asked to wait for my family at my uncle's house, in Klang.. my family arrived there at about 9pm the day before (Saturday).. and by the way, we even hired 1 special tourist guide from Kudat, Nernny Kansuh.. haha.. she's a friend of mine, actually.. we used to be classmates at MSU.. hehe.. but now, we are no longer the MSU family.. hehe.. we are heading our own path now.. hihi..

my father had planned this vacation last year.. he had booked the flight tickets earlier.. it's cheaper by doing so.. hehe.. that morning (Sunday), at about 7.45am, we headed to the KLIA.. after we had checked-in and gave our luggage to be sent into the plane, we waited at one of the platforms.. about 5 minutes later, we were called to enter the plane.. i was f*cking excited that time!! hihi.. it's not that i haven't been in a plane before, it just that i was to happy to visit Sabah.. hehe.. i've mentioned the reason earlier.. hehe..

i was given the seat beside the window.. hihi.. i can see the scenery outside clearly.. hihi.. before i switched off my phone, i SMSed 'HER' telling that i was already inside the plane.. hehe.. i asked 'HER' to pray for our safe journey.. hehe.. and then, the plane took off.. i can't actually describe how the journey was.. hehe.. oh well, what do we expect when we're above the cloud.. hehe.. why don't we use our own imagination.. hehe..

we arrived KKIA at about 12.15pm (if i'm not mistaken).. i was so d*mn happy to be in SABAH!! hihi.. the moment i stepped my feet on its ground, i made a joke with my family.. i took off my sandal and used my bare feet to step on the Sabah's ground.. haha.. silly me.. after that, we went to take our luggage and headed to the taxi counter.. we were lucky to have someone like Nernny.. she has the advantages of speaking the Sabah's accent and understanding the roads there.. hihi.. she even took care of everything regarding the transportation as well as the places that we want to go.. hihi.. after we had booked a taxi, we went to the hotel that my father had booked a few months back then.. hihi.. i quickly SMSed 'HER' telling that i had arrived Sabah safely.. hehe..

we stayed at Borneo Backpackers.. even though it is a budget hotel, the services that we got were SUPERB!! the people there were great!! no wonder there are a lot of White-men coming there to stay each and every day.. hehe.. after we had checked-in and put our belongings inside the room, we headed to the nearest mall, Wawasan, to have our lunch.. hehe.. Nernny had booked us a rent-car.. we took the car at that mall.. after we had our lunch, my father, my mother, as well as my sister headed straight to the hotel.. i followed both Nernny and Joe (the car's agent) to have a close look at the roads there..

after about 1-hour-trip throughout the main roads in Kota Kinabalu, 1 of my friends from MSU came to KK.. it was a surprised to Nernny and i.. haha.. what a coincidence.. we had a little chit-chat before all of us headed to our own destination..

that night, our tourist guide showed us the city of KK after the twilight.. hehe.. the city looked like Tanjong Malim at night.. hehe.. the 'city life' had transformed to become the 'market life'.. hehe.. we went to the Philippine's Night Market to enjoy the scrumptious and mouth-watering seafood!! hehe.. if only i remembered to take a photo of that moment.. hehe.. and after that, we headed back to the hotel to have a good rest..

15th February 2010, Monday:
we went to a few malls that i couldn't recall their names.. hehe.. after a few hours of window-shop, we went to visit the Muzium of Sabah.. i could see a lot of things and photos regarding the Sabah's culture and living.. there were a lot of races and families.. we were not allowed to bring any means of cameras.. even though we have our own camera-phones, we respected the rules and regulations there.. we were shocked for a moment when we entered the muzium.. we saw a humanga-danga (aka huge) skeleton of a whale!! wah!! it's bigger and longer than a long bus!! it's about the length of a sticking of two long buses!! it was the biggest whale that came to Malaysia!! it was the first time for me to experience that moment!!

after that, we went to see the replicas of houses in Sabah.. most of the houses there are long houses.. the names and how they are done and how they look like differentiate one another.. at about 4pm, we head back to the hotel.. to them, it was like 6pm already.. and we were tired too!! hehe.. oh well, what do you expect after a about 8 hours of going here and there non-stop?? hehe.. that night, we had our dinner at the mamak stall situated behind our hotel.. and after that, we went by the sea-side to experience the blowing wind of the sea.. i was indeed enjoyable!! but the excitement of being there were harassed by a few uneducated 'city-boys-wannabe'.. huh!! u guys don't look cool, ok?? u're too far to be considered as cool.. yux!! even the Indons there were better than u guys are!! cit!! and after that, we headed back to the hotel to end our journey that day..

16th February 2010, Tuesday:
Nernny's family came from Kudat to visit my family.. as a token of gratitude, my father invited them to join us for lunch at Secret Recipe... hehe.. i was hoping to eat there actually.. hehe.. i think that Allah had listened to my prayer.. hehe.. i enjoyed the appetizing Lamb Stew!! ahh~~ hehe.. after that, Nernny's family took us to the Tuaran Crocodile Farm.. hehe.. and again, i was so d*mn happy!! haha.. my mother always says that i was born to love the animals.. haha.. i love to go to the zoo or any other places which has a lot of animals as their main attractions.. hehe.. i could see a various kind and species of crocodiles.. and they were in all sizes!! ALL SIZES!! hehe..

after about 2hours of 'visiting' the crocodiles, we went to the Handcrafts Market.. we bought a lot of handcrafts to be given to others.. hehe.. it shows that we remember others too!! hihi.. from families, friends, and 'ehem2'.. hihi.. after that, we went back to the hotel at about 3.30pm..

that night, we had our dinner at the nearest stalls.. my father love the honey chicken wings that are being sold there.. hehe.. so do i!! hehe..

17th February 2010, Wednesday:
this time, we went to the Islamic Muzium of Sabah.. there were a lot of information regarding how Islam emerges in Sabah.. and again, we were not allowed to bring in any kinds of camera.. after that, we went to look for a few bookshops to look for books that my sister and i needed.. too bad, she couldn't find any.. at least i managed to find 2 out of 3 books.. then, we headed back to the Handcrafts Market.. my mother needed to buy a few more handcrafts to be given to my aunt..

we went back to the hotel at about 5.00pm.. we need to take a rest and prepare everything before we went back to our hometown.. hehe.. at about 6.00pm, Joe came to the hotel to take back the car since we have agreed to rent the car until Wednesday.. hehe.. that night, we went to bed early since we needed to be at the airport by 6.00am on the next day (Thursday)..

18th February 2010, Thursday:
we arrived at the airport at about 6.00am.. after we had checked-in ourselves as well as our luggage, we waited at the waiting area.. about 20 minutes later, we were asked to stepped in the plane.. and again, before the plane took off to Senai Airport, i SMSed 'HER' telling that i was about to took off.. hehe..

- and now, here i am sitting in front of my new lappy.. hehe.. don't ask me anything regarding 'the new lappy'.. hehe.. till then.. ;)

Friday, February 5, 2010


it's friday again.. and that makes it 7 days in a row, again, for not updating my blog.. hehe.. oh well.. at least i still have the guts to do so now.. hehe.. well, it's not that i don't want to update this blog.. i can even simply post something short like what i've done today, or even a few hours back.. hihi.. i just that i was f*cking busy focussing on my assignments and presentation.. startting thhis sem, the department wants all students' assignments to be taken before week 10!! perghh.. n i still have 4 more weeks to go after that to finish my semester.. a month without assignments?? it does sound like heaven.. but, i'm used to finishing all assignments during those final weeks.. hehe.. what will i do then?? hehe.. study?? haha.. that's so not me!! haha.. i've mentioned before that "old habit dies hard".. and i'm still using that habit of last-minute-studying!! haha..

actually, i had quite a terrible day yesterday.. it was my presentation day.. i had to present in 'that class'.. in that old witch's class.. huhu.. i couldn't present very well yesterday!! hwaa~~ this is all because of YOU!! hwaa~~ i've prepared 100% last week.. it was supposed to be my turn.. but YOU kept talking about this crap and that crap.. which in the end, YOU wasted my f*cking precious time!! IDIOT!! arghh!!! and YOU still have the guts to say why i couldn't present very well.. stupid old lady!! arghh!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


can't YOU see that we are not supposed to be that way?? do YOU realize that others MAY FIND IT unacceptable?? do YOU notice that YOU are dragging me into the f*cking-stupid life of yours?? arghh!! YOU are not supposed to do that!! the reason i've been very nice to YOU is because YOU are my lecturer!! after all, i've been very-very-very nice to everybody!! it seems like YOU have misinterpreted my goodness!! for YOUR information, i don't even like YOUR approaches of teaching me!! YOU are always wasting my precious time!! YOU are always wasting YOUR precious time!! YOU have always been assuming that YOU are teaching me the MAJOR SUBJECT!! it's not that i hate the subject of YOURS.. it just that i'm not so into this subject.. i was hoping that YOU can actually prove me wrong by thinking so!! but in the end, YOU have made it WORSE!! can YOU please leave me and my life alone?? i don't need YOUR attention.. i've got enough attention from the people i love as well as my friends.. i don't need YOU!! in fact, it will make my day if YOU are not around!! YOU are not YOUNG anymore!! YOU are an OLD HAG!! YOU are always blaming on others when things are not meant to be.. have YOU seen YOURSELF in front of the mirror?? MIRROR YOURSELF!! PORTRAY YOURSELF!! i have my own life.. I HAVE MY OWN PERSONAL LIFE!! so, just move YOUR BIG ASS OFF my life!! do YOUR JOB properly.. YOU are being paid to teach everybody.. not to do SOME OTHER STUPID BUSINESS!! arghh!!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank You So Much!!

i really had a wonderful weekend.. some people might find it normal.. but as for me, it was an unforgetable moment of my life!! hehe.. i'm so eager to create this posting since yesterday!! hehe.. it just that i was too tired to do so yesterday.. and i had to look forward to the-class-that-i-don't-feel-like-going-there.. hehe.. i'm not going to say why.. hehe.. i dont want to give that person a free pahala.. hehe.. back to what i am going to post.. hehe.. actually, one of the most important person in my life came to see me in Tanjong Malim!! hehe.. i guess you have already know who the person is.. hehe.. yup!! you are right!! it's 'HER'!! hehe.. 'SHE' came all the way from Pasir Gudang just to see me!! hehe.. and not forgetting seeing 'HER' sister.. hehe.. we (i and HER of course!!) spent most of out time together.. hehe.. we went from Tanjong Malim to Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam.. hehe.. even though it was quite tiresome, we still managed to enjoy ourselves!! together!! hehe.. if only 'SHE' were here a little bit longer!! hehe.. i would have brought 'HER' to all nearby waterfalls and rivers!! hehe.. i love to go to that place.. and the same goes with 'HER'.. hehe.. actually, 'SHE' would like to see how does the Proton City Lake look like.. hehe.. but in the end, it seemed like the time didn't permit us to do so.. hehe.. we have to catch up the 8.30am bus.. hehe.. oh well, 'SHE' has to go back to Pasir Gudang.. hehe.. and you know what?? hehe.. i was too sad to see 'HER' going back!! so, i decided to accompany 'HER' all the way to JB!! haha.. well.. i don't care if i might be too tired as long as i can see 'HER' until the last minute!! hehe.. luckily i have class at 2pm on Monday.. haha.. i still have some time to rest.. hehe.. unlike 'HER', 'SHE' has to teach on Monday morning.. hehe.. that's why 'SHE' decided to go back as early as 10am.. hehe.. initially it was 9am.. but i dont think we can manage to be at the bus station by that time.. hehe.. oh well.. that's all for now.. till then..

- thanks for everything, syg.. i enjoy each and every second of my time being by your side!! i'm lookig forward to meet you again, syg.. i will always 'HEART' you forever and ever..

Friday, January 8, 2010

12 more weeks to go!!

hurm.. what a hectic week!! all of my classmates have already been given with a lot of assignments as well as tasks to be completed!! arghh!! but that's normal for university students.. especially for those who are going to be future teachers.. we have to prepare a lot of things!! from the microteaching preparations to the macroteaching.. not mentioning some stupid university subjects.. why on earth we, as future English Language teachers, need to take some subjects which are not related with our program at all!! duh!! no wonder a few IPTA and IPTS said that UPSI's Tesl uses BM in preparing their future teachers.. even though all major and minor subjects are being taught in a-100%-English, i still can't take it when i've got to take some university's subject in BM.. it's not that i don't like BM (it's my mother tongue, ok!!).. it just that the subjects that i've got to take are not related to my field AT ALL!! huhu.. and not only that.. it will eventually make some jokers-who-shouldn't-take-this-course-in-the-1st-place getting worse (in terms of their language, abilities, teaching skills, class-control, etc..)!!

i don't want to talk bout that for the time being.. hurm.. by the way.. suddenly i've got a new hobby!! hehe.. i don't know what others may call.. but as for me, it gives me pleasure day-by-day.. hehe.. and this new hobby of mine makes me happy too!! hehe.. it's "calling 'HER' every evening(if possible)!!".. hehe.. not only it gives me the anxiety of listening to 'HER' voice, it also gives me the opportunity to make 'HER' happy too!! hehe.. they said that "a single phone call can brighten-up somebody's day".. hehe.. and that's what i'm going to do, InsyaAllah.. hehe.. (i also call my parents, ok!!).. sadly that i've got to use my roomate's laptop in order for me to update this blog.. or else, i might have dozens of dozens of dozens postings.. hehe..

talking about 'HER'.. 'SHE' made something on 'HER' blog.. hehe.. like i mentioned in one of my previous postings, 'SHE' has 'HER' own way on how to express 'HER' feelings, tenderness, and afections to me.. hehe.. thanks for all the things that you do, syg.. i like them very much!! they make me cheer and smile all day long!! if only i were to have my laptop with me now, i will definitely do the same to you, syg!! hehe.. i HEART you so much, my strawberry shake!! hehe..

till then.. ;)

Friday, January 1, 2010

- 2010 -

The new year has come.. Alhamdulillah.. which means, i should have new resolutions.. think of it again, suddenly this question comes into my mind.. "have i achieved my previous years's goals??".. i've achived some of them.. and i'm yet to fulfill a few of them.. it's not that i'm not allowed to do so.. it's only me who prohibits myself from doing so.. this year, i would like to achive all my-yet-to-be-achieved goals, InsyaAllah..

the new semester has already started earlier this week.. it had been quite a while since the last time i met my classmates.. before the final examination for the last semester, we hardly met each other.. we were focussing on the examination.. Alhamdulillah, the hard work has been paid off.. i manage to score with a flying colour.. on the other hand, i'm quite astonished with one of my classmates.. he managed to get SLIGHTLY better than me.. it's not that i'm jealous with what he gets.. it's just that the manner of him getting that grade ANNOYS me the most!! franckly, he is not deserved to be in my course.. i'm not looking down on him.. it's a FACT that he is NOT SUPPOSED to take this major.. hurm.. getting back to my point, he acted like he's the best.. he should remember that he has got 6 more semesters to go.. and from semester to semester, it will be tougher and tougher.. hurm, enough about him.. i don't want to ruin my 1st day of new year..

i cannot exactly recalled when was the last time i posted something here.. 'SHE' even asked me why did i stop posting.. hehe.. this is the reason why.. a few weeks ago, i had a problem with my laptop.. it appeared that the laptop can only be lasted for about 5-10 minutes while using the charger!! after that, it will shut itself down.. after a few restarts, suddenly it went off.. and that was the last day of my laptop's life.. hwaa!!! it doesn't even reached 2 years!! hwaa!! poor lappy.. and that was why i didn't post anything.. huhu.. i was very-very-very devastated.. huhu.. but it's ok.. it goes with the saying, "great victory comes with great sacrifies!!".. i hope that this is going to be one of the sacrifies that i've to face in order to achieved VICTORY.. and now, thanks to my great roomate, he gives me the opportunity to give colour to this blog of mine.. he allows me to use his laptop as long as i use it wisely.. hehe.. thanks pal..

i can't wait to meet 'HER' again.. hehe.. i'm kind of missing 'HER' so sudden.. haha.. before i went back to UPSI, i managed to date 'HER' 3times in a week!! and the last date was on the day that i went back to UPSI.. hehe.. we went out as early as 10am until 6pm.. hehe.. and i still think that it was not enough.. haha.. the time does fly.. hehe.. i'm looking forward to meet 'HER' again.. hehe.. about 3days ago.. 'SHE' sent me a message that i don't think i'll delete it.. hehe.. 'SHE' said something which i'm dying to listen to!! in this context, to be read.. hehe.. it made me smile for no reason.. my heart palpitated wildly!! hehe.. thanks for your word, my dear.. 'YOU' do know how to make my day.. i HEART you since the first moment i saw 'YOU'.. and i'm lucky that in the end, 'YOU' realized my presence.. thanks again, Nor Shafiza bt Supardi..

hehe.. that's all for now.. i'll post something again later.. hehe.. till then.. ;)

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