Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hohoho.. what a nice date today.. we may not be able to experience this date again.. it will definitely never come back again.. uhuk.. suddenly i started this blog in a serious tone.. hohoho.. that's so not me.. hehe.. now this is more like it.. hehe.. the addition of giggling elements will always be the way of me posting something.. it goes the same during online chit-chatting, SMSing, as well as while communicating to my friends.. hehe.. and of course, it's in an informal way.. do you expect me to talk like this while talking to my lecturers?? haha.. err, there are some lecturers that i will eventually do so.. outside of the class, of course!! hehe.. err.. but come to think of it again, i tend to giggle all the time regardless of being at the class or outside of the class.. hehe.. like i say, that's my way of communicating.. i will always go for informal rather than formal.. hehe.. that's why i don't like to be in a meeting where i should act formal all the time!! hehe.. unless if i have to.. everybody knows that i'm a person who doesn't act seriously all the time.. that doesn't mean that i take thing for granted.. or i don't take thing seriously.. it's only my personality.. i'm a person who likes to enjoy everything all the time.. even though i might need to be 'serious', i will eventually end up of not being so.. hehe.. just ask everybody who knows me well.. some of the people who only see me from the outside might have a thought of me that i'm a person who might be difficult to work with.. but hey!! if you were to ask my close friends, they will definitely kill each other just to be working with me!! haha.. that's just an expression.. hehe.. by the way, do you realize something?? normally i will have something or theme that triggers me to update this blog.. but then, this post seems like doesn't have any coherence.. haha.. i don't know why.. it just that i feel like typing something.. hehe.. and on the same time, i am waiting for my roommate to finish bathing.. he has been using the toilet for the past 30minutes!! i wonder what is he doing right now.. hahaha.. ahaa.. the sound of the shower has stopped.. i think he 'heard' what i 'mentioned' here.. haha.. hopefully he doen't know that i was mentioning about himself.. wakakaka.. ok then.. it's time for me to use the toilet!! i also need to perform the Maghrib prayer.. hehe.. that's all for now.. ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

to go, or not to go.. hurm..

To go, or not to go.. that's the question that has been bothering me since early this morning.. hurm.. what is it all about?? err.. nothing much really.. hehe.. it's only regarding the class that i need to attend today.. hehe.. there'll be no P&P today for sure.. only the presentations by students will take place.. hurm.. i wonder.. what should i do if i were to attend this class?? yesterday, the class representative said that we might have to take another additional hour in order to finish all presentation.. or else, we might need to do another extra class.. hurm.. i don't have any other classes for today except for this particular class.. hehe.. well, i used to have another class (the same day as today, TUESDAY laa!!).. but the lecturer has given every task that needs to be done by us.. more over, he has taught us everything regarding this subject.. hehe.. so soon eh?? hehe.. at least that will give me more time to study.. cewah!! that's so ABNORMAL for me to do so!! haha.. old habit dies hard.. hehe.. the only time that i'll spend to do so is during the last 1 or 2 days before the examination starts.. hehehe.. hey, don't get me wrong.. normally, i will only have the tendency to think critically and focus more during that period of time.. hehe.. it's not that i procrastinate my study.. it's just that that is how my brain will work to its fullest.. hehehe.. i know myself better than everyone else does, ok?? hehe.. so, coming back to the question.. hehe.. err.. (stops typing for 3 mins).. i'll decide later.. hehe.. ok then, it's time to attend my frontierville.. haha.. my crops are there waiting to be harvested.. hehe.. and in about 30 minutes from now, i'll be skyping with 'HER'.. hehe.. so, that's all for now.. till then.. ;)

p/s: at least i've got something to trigger myself to update my blog.. wakakaka!! ;P

Thursday, October 7, 2010

fresh air.. for the time being.. hehe..

heh heh heh.. at last, i can breath freely.. the assignment that has been bugging me all these while is no longer here.. ekekeke.. actually, i was mentioning about this one particular assignment (IT was given BEFORE mid-term break.. hehe..) which i've got to analysis 2 poems in not more than 5000 words.. just imagine on your own.. how on earth are you going to do so?? unless you are a literature-analyst-cum-criticizer.. ekekeke.. well, i'm not.. that was why i din't think (initially) i can do so.. hihi.. and guess what?? i just finished doing it few days ago.. within 1 day.. yup!! you heard it right!! within 1 day!! hahaha.. that is so-not-me!! hehe.. don't ask me what i've analyzed.. hehe.. i don't want to talk about it anymore.. and now, it's time to focus on my blog analysis (so many analyzing-tasks to be done.. cit..) which is supposed to be presented today.. but it appears that Dr Raja has a meeting/conference to be attended.. so, she postpones the presentation to the next class, which is on NEXT THURSDAY.. ekeke.. and what does that mean?? hahaha.. i'll be focusing back on the selected blog NEXT WEEK.. haha.. oh well, it goes with the saying, "Old habit dies hard".. i can't help but to do every assignment on the very last minute.. err, make it a 1-2days before the dateline.. hehe.. so, what should i do now?? hurm.. i'll think about that later when i'm asleep.. hehe.. (i think you should know by now what am i going to do.. haha..) ok then.. that's all for now.. ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010


morning guys.. huarghh~~ i'm so d*mn lazy updating my blog lately.. hehe.. this time around, i can't think of the best reason for not doing so.. hihi.. but come to think of it again, suddenly i've got 1 brilliant reason for not doing so.. ekekeke.. hopefully it'll not backfire me when i say so.. hehe.. actually, a few weeks back then, one of our favourite lecturers (if only she could read this.. haha), Dr Raja Nor Safinas, had given us a task whereby my classmates and i are required to analyse any blog regardless who the writer is.. hehe.. don't make me start on what type of blog that we need to analyse.. hehe.. it'll take more than just a few minutes of mine to do so.. after all, this will apply to my classmates and i ONLY.. hik hik hik.. so, don't bother to ask me what it is all about.. lalalala.. coming back to what i just mentioned earlier, the reason for me of not doing so is because i'm afraid that some of my friends might use my blog to be analysed.. hehe.. it's not that i don't want them to do so.. it'll be a great pleasure for me for others to choose my blog to be analysed.. especially to those who know me better.. the way i write is pretty much the same with the way i act.. hihi.. and if u realised something, i WON'T FORGET to laugh (hehe, haha, hik hik hik, ekekeke, hoho, and etc..) in almost every post that i write.. hehe (see what i mean?).. except for the lyric-posting that i posted.. ahakss.. that's all for the time being.. hopefully i'll be given strength to keep on updating this blog.. hik hik hik..

p/s: i'm supposed to be in Prof Lim's class.. but for a-not-to-be-told-reason, Prof cancelled the class.. whatever it is, get well soon, Prof.. there's no other Shakespeare's-work-lover that i know except u, Prof..
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