Saturday, August 22, 2009

Her convocation.. ;)

17th August 2009 was the unforgettable moment for a sweet young lady named Nor Shafiza Bt Supardi.. it was her graduation day.. everything that she had sacrificed and fight for, is paid.. her smile and happiness speak for herself.. she's now a soon-to-be-teacher.. she's now waiting for the day where she's being posted.. hopefully she will be posted to the place where she has been hoping to be at.. i just hope that she is not going to be posted to the areas where i couldn't reach her InsyaAllah.. that will be pretty hard for her tho.. after all, she loves her family very much.. and she loves to be with them for most of the time.. especially with her sister, angah.. they are just like best-best-best-friends ever.. even though they are sisters, that doesn't mean that they can't be best friends.. i really admired how they interact with one another.. their bonding are great!! that's how sisters should be..

but there's something which make me depressed a lot.. i couldn't attend her big day!! thanks to this d*mn H1N1.. my holiday was pulled earlier.. initially, my mid-term break was on the same day as her convocation.. suddenly, it's being held earlier!! huhu.. i felt like escaping from monday's and tuesday's classes.. huhu.. i really2 wanted to be at her convocation badly!! hwaa!! i'd love to take photos with her!! i really2 wanted to by her side that day!! i wanted to see her happiness and excitement!! even though she has sent me some photos of her on that day, i still couldn't take it!! huhuhu!! everytime i see her convocations pictures, i will definitely be happy as well as depressed!! huhu.. on top of everything, i'm very3 proud of her success.. not only she has graduated, she even graduated as a dean's list student!! and she's a chemist teacher!!

now she's doing her master.. and hopefully, i will be able to attend her bigger convocation.. hopefully that day is not going to be on the day where i'll be having important occasions.. if let say i'll be having class on that day, i'll definitely escape from that class!! haha.. i don't care and i won't care!! hehe.. what i want to do is, i want to be by her side on that day.. i want to share every feeling and emotion of hers.. together.. till then..

- i'm very proud of u, my dearest Nor Shafiza Bt Supardi.. aishiteruyo~~

Sunday, August 16, 2009

aku, 'dia', dan perodua kancil...

Dh lme giller xtulis kt sinih.. agak busy laa sebenarnyer.. nk ol pon jap2 je haa.. klo de mase pon, digunekan utk berehat2 or top-up blek tido yg terabai.. hehe.. dipendekkan cite.. 3hari lepas (13th August 2009), merupekan hari yg xbpe nk best buat aku.. huhu.. kete kancil kesayangan aku tuh tibe2 xdapat nk idupkan enjin!! huhu.. xtau laa npe.. lngsung x menyala lmpu kt ignition tuh.. huhu.. giller glabah akuh.. bukak lampu pon xdapat.. trus aku rase cm xbest.. huhu.. aku pon try laa wat jump-start kt kete member.. xdapat gak.. hwaa!! pe yg telah berlaku!! giller aku time tuh.. ilang trus mood aku!! padahal sok nye ade kelas pengurusan ko-kurikulum.. huhu.. soknye, pg2 jumaat(14th August) tuh aku pon dok cari laa pomen serate tg malim tuh.. kebanyakan tmpt tutup.. last2, terjumpe satu pomen india nih.. xkesah laa.. janji bole idopkn kete aku.. aku gih sane tumpang moto classmate.. kebetulan die xde gih mane.. dh smpi je kt pomen tuh, aku pon cite laa itu ini sumer psl pe yg jd.. last2, die stuju nk dtg kt hostel akuh.. die nk try wt jump-start.. smpi je kt kete aku, aku pon try laa wt jump-start tuh.. skali menjadi!! dgn happy nye aku pon tekan laa paddle minyak tuh 3-4 kali.. wah!! dgr je bunyi enjin tuh, tersenyum akuh!! hehe.. aku pon trus laa dok panaskan enjin pusing2 hostel jap.. lepas solat jumaat tuh lk, aku pon gih jln2 lg.. this time aku gih pusing2 luar hostel lak.. sje try jln jauh sket cmne.. motif sebenar aku nk cas batt kete tuh.. so, kne laa bg enjin tuh bergerak sket..

tp disebalik kejadian 13th august tuh, de kejadian yg agak manis buat diri akuh.. beselaa, klo aku tgh down giler, musti aku mau cite ngn 'dia'.. aku pon btau laa 'dia' itu ini.. ngadu laa kirenyer.. hehe.. nk mnje2 laa gak.. wakaka.. dh lme xjmpe laa.. hehe.. skali, rupenye2 'dia' de menyediekan kejutan buat akuh.. sungguh aku xsangke, 'dia' sudi edit2 pic2 aku.. pstuh post dlm blog 'dia'.. huhu.. terharu giler aku.. bukan mudah utk 'dia' seolah2 expose kn aku kt public.. giler terharu laa gk aku time tuh.. xtau aku nk kate pe time tuh.. cntik tuh toksah cite laa.. mmg berseni giller tgn 'dia'.. mmg abes tersenyum aku time tuh.. senyum terharu, beb!! huhu.. sungguh x sangke.. sebab tuh laa byk kali aku mention yg 'dia' sgt2 istimewa pd aku.. 'dia' ade je cara n jalan utk bg aku happy2 n ceria.. 'dia' slalu ckp yg 'dia' xde wat pape pon.. 'dia' act bese2 je.. tp 'dia' punya bese2 tuh laa yg mnjadi luar bese.. bayangkn laa cm contoh, aku tgh down cmne skali pon, bad mood cmne skali pon, marah n hangin satu bdn cmne skali pon, nmpak je muka 'dia', senyuman 'dia', sore 'dia', gelak tawa 'dia' tuh sumer dh bole wat aku ilang sumer unsur2 tuh dlm diri aku.. cmtuh je lk tuh!! cm 'dia' seolah2 tolong curah air sejuk kt api yg membarak dlm diri aku.. aku sgt2 bertuah dpt bersame dgn 'dia'.. dpt memiliki hati 'dia'.. dpt membuka hati 'dia'.. xdpt aku nk gambarkan ngn kate2 sebenarnye.. pendek kate, 'dia' sgt2 istimewa wt aku.. x akan aku sia2kan kehidupan 'dia' walau sedetik..

klo aku nk cite psl 'dia', satu page nih x cukup.. xdapat aku nk stop jari nih dari trus menaip.. mandangkan azan zohor baru jer berkumandang, aku pon kne laa utamekn yg wajib dulu.. baru diberkati kehidupan aku.. n hopefully, kehidupan aku dan 'dia'.. till then..

p/s: awk, juz nk awk tau yg sy hargai sgt2 awk.. hargai sgt2 kehidupan awk.. hrgai sgt2 pengorbanan awk.. hrgai sgt2 kehadiran awk dlm diri sy..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Q U A R A N T I N E D ! ! !

hello guys.. it seems like almost a week since i last posted something on here.. actually, it appears that i have a lot of assignments as well as presentations that need to be done by the end of this week (supposedly!).. the time frame given (or LEFT) is d*mn not enough!! hehe.. serves me right!! tend to do everything on the last minute!! hehe.. there's a saying, "old habits die hard".. so, that 'saying' has spoken for itself and MYSELF!! hehe.. actually, there are a lot of things that need to be finished earlier.. all these things are important!! i can hardly get a good night sleep a few days back.. with the tesl night, presentation for that night, counting money, keeping the club's money (i'm the treasurer!!), settling the 'pengurusan ko-Q' matter, assignments, projects, essays, my kancil's sticker, and many more!! arghh!! i even asked Allah The Al-Mighty to make the lecturers postponing all assignments' due dates.. huhu..

but you know what? i think that my prayers were answered.. but it comes with a great sacrifice!! it appears that UPSI has eventually being quarantined.. it seems that the H1N1 virus has spread to UPSI.. and it has infected 4 students!! and they are POSITIVE-ly infected by that virus.. humanga-danga!! and there are also a lot of other students in danger of getting that virus.. even though all of them showed a little symptoms of that virus, it can still be DEADLY since we cannot say whether it is a normal fever or not.. it cannot be detected easily.. the vaksin is still yet to be found.. oh my goodness.. indirectly, this can be one of the signs that The Al-Mighty is trying to show His anger.. wallahualam..

as for that, all of us are being quarantined for a week with mutual consent starting last wednesday.. and this quarantine will last until next saturday or sunday.. i should have enough time preparing myself for the presentations as well as finishing all assignments, InsyaAllah.. and here i am, sitting in front of my laptop, online at my house, inside my lovely bedroom.. i'm in JB now.. Alhamdulillah.. at least i can have a lot of time to relax and finish everything, hopefully!! hehe.. since i'm already in JB, i will have to go to the UTM's library in order to borrow a few refferences.. i know that i can only use those refferences there.. so, i'll definitely need to go there a couple of times.. hehe.. and i can even do something there.. haha.. let just keep that for myself.. hehe.. ok then, Asar is already here.. till then~~

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