Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Generation Gap?? haha.. nice 1!!

Yet again, i missed a lot of opportunities to update my blog.. hehe.. just let the time frame between the last post and this post does the talking.. haha.. excuses?? hehe.. let me see.. for the time being, the only excuse that i can think of is the limitation of internet connection that i get.. hehe.. i think that is INDEED, good enough!! hehe.. but hey, it's true!! even though i have the advantage of using the broadband anywhere that i feel like doing so, i DO forgot about the LIMITATION of using them!! hehe.. just imagine that i've used the 5GB quota of connecting to the internet in just 2 weeks!! hehehe.. that shows the number of time that i went online!! hehehe.. as for that, the connection for this month needs to be limited.. not by me, but by the celcom management.. hehe.. initially, i didn't know what was the course of the limitation connection of the broadband.. after i read the message given by the celcom broadband management, i realized that i've used to much internet.. hehe.. oh well, i'm born in this technology era.. so, internet WILL DEFINITELY be part of my life whether i like it or not.. hehe.. the world has changed.. so am i.. do i have to stick at the same point again and again?? hehe..

suddenly, the moment i mentioned technology era, the word 'Generation Gap' comes into my mind.. actually, this word was uttered by Dr Raja Syafinas earlier this morning at class.. she was mentioning about the discourse of the blog, advertisements, and so on.. she asked us (my classmates and i) regarding which type of blog is easier for us to be understood.. is it formally or informally?? most of us spontaneously answered "FORMALLY".. she was in a state of shock and giggled a little.. she said that she prefers the blog which is in a formal type since the message conveyed will be straight-forward rather than reading between the lines.. and she was also mentioning about how we nowadays type a message on the hand-phone.. she said that she will type the message in a formal way and 'gramatized' type of message.. hehe.. what can we expect from a Dr?? hehe.. and then, she uttered, "i think it is due to the Generation Gap between us".. haha.. that gives me the idea of what i should post today.. hehe.. hey, at least i still have the guts to update my blog rather than letting it to be rotten on its own.. hehe..

oh well, that's all for now.. i'll try to be more optimistic in updating my blog.. hehe.. Insya-Allah.. and b y the way, i can't wait for this weekend to come.. hehe.. why?? hehe.. that's for me to know, and for you to find out!! hehe.. of course it has got to do with 'HER'!! or else, i wouldn't be this interested!! hehehe.. i miss Nor Shafiza bt Supardi very33333333 much!!! hehe.. XOXOxoxo..


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