Thursday, February 24, 2011

the accidental-forgotten-blog of mine version II..

uurrgghh~~~!!! am i allowed to curse for a few times?? duh~~ like i care.. after all, it's my blog!! hehe.. it's not that i write something regarding racism or politics.. i only write what i want to.. err, can this be considered as monologue?? hehe.. oh, well.. i've got to ask Mr Sidik for this.. hehe.. oopss.. i 'accidentally' typed someone's name.. hehe.. i don't think this thing will back-fire me.. i do like Mr Sidik.. i do like his style of teaching.. he's a person who can easily make his students understand whatever he's teaching.. just ask my other classmates (juniors & seniors).. they'll definitely like him (if only Mr Sidik could see this.. haha.. will i get some bonus mark for this?? ahahaha~~).. hehe.. unlike that one and only particular person.. ahahaha.. if u guys are from the upsi tesl department, u'll definitely know who the hell i'm referring to.. hehehehe.. ttuuuuuttt!!! i didn't point out any human being.. so, it's YOUR OWN interpretation.. ahahaha.. i'm not going to be lost in a court for this matter.. wakakakaka..

hurm.. by the way, i'm so damn bored right now.. i think this is why i feel like updating something on my blog.. hehehe.. sorry dear pal, i almost-almost-almost forgotten about u.. hehe.. i'm out of excuses for the time being.. so, to make it short, i forgot that i have u!! hehehe.. i'm enjoying my 2-days of the unintended holiday.. hehe.. it appears that all the tesl lecturers are having a-must-go-2-days-course at UPSI.. it's regarding the PJJ that they HAVE to conduct on next month.. hehe.. i don't mind at all if they were to have a lot of courses.. hehe.. as long as i'm taught what need to be taught, i'm more than happy enough.. hehe.. what do u expect?? i've been studied for years!! primary school, secondary school, UNITEN, MSU, UPSI.. uhuk~~ so, do u guys get it why i've had enough of LEARNING?? hehe.. most of my peers of the same age have already started to work.. and some even have gotten married!! darn~~ not mentioning some of them have babies too!! uurrgghh!!! if only i could finish my study ASAP!! hehe.. it will be, Insya-Allah..

looking on the bright side, at least i'll be achieving SOMETHING in a few months.. hehehe.. and Insya-Allah less than a year.. hehe.. what do i mean by that?? ahahaha~~ seeing is believing.. u wont believe me if i were to tell u.. but then, i'm so looking forward to THOSE particular moments.. hehe.. like i said, seeing is believing.. so, just wait and see.. hehe.. that's all for the time being.. i've got to read the latest update of NARUTO and ONE PIECE manga.. hehe.. and oh, before that, congratulation to the GREAT ARSENAL for kicking the BARCA's ASS even though it was only the first leg.. hopefully there's something to be TAUGHT in the second leg.. hehe.. and congratulation again for tailing the stupid MAN-URE with 1 point!! hehe.. hopefully we'll topple them in the near future.. hehe.. that's all for now.. till then.. ~peace upon u~ ;)


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