Saturday, August 22, 2009

Her convocation.. ;)

17th August 2009 was the unforgettable moment for a sweet young lady named Nor Shafiza Bt Supardi.. it was her graduation day.. everything that she had sacrificed and fight for, is paid.. her smile and happiness speak for herself.. she's now a soon-to-be-teacher.. she's now waiting for the day where she's being posted.. hopefully she will be posted to the place where she has been hoping to be at.. i just hope that she is not going to be posted to the areas where i couldn't reach her InsyaAllah.. that will be pretty hard for her tho.. after all, she loves her family very much.. and she loves to be with them for most of the time.. especially with her sister, angah.. they are just like best-best-best-friends ever.. even though they are sisters, that doesn't mean that they can't be best friends.. i really admired how they interact with one another.. their bonding are great!! that's how sisters should be..

but there's something which make me depressed a lot.. i couldn't attend her big day!! thanks to this d*mn H1N1.. my holiday was pulled earlier.. initially, my mid-term break was on the same day as her convocation.. suddenly, it's being held earlier!! huhu.. i felt like escaping from monday's and tuesday's classes.. huhu.. i really2 wanted to be at her convocation badly!! hwaa!! i'd love to take photos with her!! i really2 wanted to by her side that day!! i wanted to see her happiness and excitement!! even though she has sent me some photos of her on that day, i still couldn't take it!! huhuhu!! everytime i see her convocations pictures, i will definitely be happy as well as depressed!! huhu.. on top of everything, i'm very3 proud of her success.. not only she has graduated, she even graduated as a dean's list student!! and she's a chemist teacher!!

now she's doing her master.. and hopefully, i will be able to attend her bigger convocation.. hopefully that day is not going to be on the day where i'll be having important occasions.. if let say i'll be having class on that day, i'll definitely escape from that class!! haha.. i don't care and i won't care!! hehe.. what i want to do is, i want to be by her side on that day.. i want to share every feeling and emotion of hers.. together.. till then..

- i'm very proud of u, my dearest Nor Shafiza Bt Supardi.. aishiteruyo~~


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