Friday, November 13, 2009

1 more paper to go!!

at last.. i've got the free time that i've been craving for weeks!! hehe.. i had to answer 3 killer-papers in a row a few days ago!! and i hardly had enough sleep!! hehe.. served me, right!! who asked me to do study on the last minute!! hehe.. oh well, it goes with the saying, "old habits die hard".. ah, i dun care about that anymore.. i've got to prepare myself for the incoming paper!! it will be my last paper for this semester.. hehe.. can't wait to face the new chapter of my UPSI life.. hehe..

mentioning about 'next semester', i just had a chit chat with one of my seniors.. she said that almost all papers that she and her classmates take this semester are KILLING them!! gosh!! that really gives me a first-degree-heart-attack!! darn!! how on earth am i going to graduate with cgpa above 3.7?? i do like this program very much.. but then, i didn't expect it to be this hard!! dush2!! i just hope that i can face this 'torment' with ease!! haha.. ok then, i've got to perform my Maghrib prayer.. till then~~ =)


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