Friday, January 1, 2010

- 2010 -

The new year has come.. Alhamdulillah.. which means, i should have new resolutions.. think of it again, suddenly this question comes into my mind.. "have i achieved my previous years's goals??".. i've achived some of them.. and i'm yet to fulfill a few of them.. it's not that i'm not allowed to do so.. it's only me who prohibits myself from doing so.. this year, i would like to achive all my-yet-to-be-achieved goals, InsyaAllah..

the new semester has already started earlier this week.. it had been quite a while since the last time i met my classmates.. before the final examination for the last semester, we hardly met each other.. we were focussing on the examination.. Alhamdulillah, the hard work has been paid off.. i manage to score with a flying colour.. on the other hand, i'm quite astonished with one of my classmates.. he managed to get SLIGHTLY better than me.. it's not that i'm jealous with what he gets.. it's just that the manner of him getting that grade ANNOYS me the most!! franckly, he is not deserved to be in my course.. i'm not looking down on him.. it's a FACT that he is NOT SUPPOSED to take this major.. hurm.. getting back to my point, he acted like he's the best.. he should remember that he has got 6 more semesters to go.. and from semester to semester, it will be tougher and tougher.. hurm, enough about him.. i don't want to ruin my 1st day of new year..

i cannot exactly recalled when was the last time i posted something here.. 'SHE' even asked me why did i stop posting.. hehe.. this is the reason why.. a few weeks ago, i had a problem with my laptop.. it appeared that the laptop can only be lasted for about 5-10 minutes while using the charger!! after that, it will shut itself down.. after a few restarts, suddenly it went off.. and that was the last day of my laptop's life.. hwaa!!! it doesn't even reached 2 years!! hwaa!! poor lappy.. and that was why i didn't post anything.. huhu.. i was very-very-very devastated.. huhu.. but it's ok.. it goes with the saying, "great victory comes with great sacrifies!!".. i hope that this is going to be one of the sacrifies that i've to face in order to achieved VICTORY.. and now, thanks to my great roomate, he gives me the opportunity to give colour to this blog of mine.. he allows me to use his laptop as long as i use it wisely.. hehe.. thanks pal..

i can't wait to meet 'HER' again.. hehe.. i'm kind of missing 'HER' so sudden.. haha.. before i went back to UPSI, i managed to date 'HER' 3times in a week!! and the last date was on the day that i went back to UPSI.. hehe.. we went out as early as 10am until 6pm.. hehe.. and i still think that it was not enough.. haha.. the time does fly.. hehe.. i'm looking forward to meet 'HER' again.. hehe.. about 3days ago.. 'SHE' sent me a message that i don't think i'll delete it.. hehe.. 'SHE' said something which i'm dying to listen to!! in this context, to be read.. hehe.. it made me smile for no reason.. my heart palpitated wildly!! hehe.. thanks for your word, my dear.. 'YOU' do know how to make my day.. i HEART you since the first moment i saw 'YOU'.. and i'm lucky that in the end, 'YOU' realized my presence.. thanks again, Nor Shafiza bt Supardi..

hehe.. that's all for now.. i'll post something again later.. hehe.. till then.. ;)

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