Friday, October 16, 2009

~Job Done!!~

wehee!! at last!! i've completed all assignments for this semester!! haha.. which means, i don't have to do anything that is related to TYPING + PRINTING + BINDING!! haha.. fuh~ just look at the length of days since the last time i posted something.. haha.. actually, i wanted to post something at least once every 2-3days.. but then, it seemed like the time didn't permit me to do so.. hehe.. what else?? ASSIGNMENTS dude!! i hardly had enough sleep.. just for the sake of finishing my assignments before the dateline.. hehe.. all assignments are needed to be handed-in by today!! hehe.. just imagine that i have to finish 4 assignments this week itself!! hehe.. served me right!! why did i keep on doing things on the last minute?? hehe.. like the saying, "old habit dies hard.."!! hehe..

there are loads of things to be said here.. but 1st thing 1st.. i've got to rewind my mind recorder 1st.. hehe.. on 5th October 2009, i had to say buh-bye to my previous hairstyle.. hehe.. after weeks and months of thinking and making decision, i've decided to cut my hair short.. very-very short.. hehe.. just look at the picture that i've uploaded above.. hehe.. it maybe temporary and it maybe forever.. hehe.. only the time will tell.. hehe..

lately, i began to love the volleyball.. but that doesn't mean that i am no longer in-love with football, futsal, and tennis.. it is just an addition to the sports that i love.. hehe.. i'll play this type of sports almost everyday in the evening!! i will NOT play this sports ONLY if i have a class to attend to or when it is raining.. hehe..

a few weeks from now, my final examination for this semester will start.. and i have to prepare myself mentally and physically since it is still early (being a professional teacher).. i've got plenty of times to be ready!! but i am not going to waste a single time of mine.. like i used to say, i need to prove to many people.. especially to my parents, former teachers, lecturers, and not forgetting, 'her'.. i'm a man of my words.. when i say i want to do it, i'll do it!! InsyaAllah..

hurm, talking about 'her', 'she' has just gotten the opportunity to teach in Johor.. Alhamdulillah.. at least, i don't have to save a lot of money just to buy ticket to visit 'her' in Sabah or Sarawak (if 'she' were to be posted there).. hehe.. right now, 'she' has to wait until the 26th October 2009 to know the exact place for 'her' to teach.. hopefully 'she' will get either in JB or pontian.. hehe.. that will make it easier for me to visit 'her'.. hehe.. Amin... hurm.. so much for today.. i'll be posting some other things later.. till then...

p/s: i'm kind of missing everybody.. EVERYBODY.. ;)


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