Sunday, October 4, 2009


i was supposed to write this on the 1st day of Hari Raya.. but it seemed that time didn't permit me to do so.. so here it is.. Alhamdulillah.. the moment that all Muslims are craving and waiting for is here!! it's the month of Syawal.. each and every Muslim (especially Malaysian) has his or her own way of viewing the Syawal eve.. the younger ones will definitely be thinking of the 'duit raya'.. hehe.. and some older ones too.. haha.. but as for me, Syawal is about meeting all the love ones.. when i say all, i mean ALL.. hehe..

That morning (1st syawal), i went to the nearest mosque to perform the 'Solat Sunat Aidilfitri' along with my other family members.. with other BIG FAMILY MEMBERS.. hehe.. then we had breakfast together.. about 2 hours later, all of us assembled at the main hall of my house.. it was the time for everybody to ask the forgiveness from the elderly.. as for my family, our 'Toksu' is considered as the most eldest family member present.. we have lost our most respected 'MAK' and 'AYAH'.. they were my grandmother and grandfather.. all my siblings as well as my cousin entitled them with 'AYAH' and 'MAK' even though they were our late grandmother and grandfather.. all of us hugged and kissed Toksu.. and we can feel that she's crying.. hurm.. i guess that was the first time for her to be treated like that.. after all, she's the youngest grandmother that we have.. it's a very long story..

the following 2 days later, i went out with 'HER'.. we went to the cinema in Jusco Tebrau.. hehe.. actually, i have requested many times to watch any movie with 'HER'.. hehe.. i guessed that time 'SHE' agreed at last to do so.. hehe.. we watch 'The Ugly Truth'.. it was such a nice movie!! i like it very much.. the genre for that movie is Love+Humour.. even though there were a little bit of not-so-nice-scenes, it's still viewable by people of any ages.. hehe.. that evening, we went to Danga Bay to enjoy the sight seeing.. we ate Dunkin Doughnuts together.. it was a very memorable day for us..

a few days later, my family and i went to shah alam n klang to visit other BIG FAMILY members.. we went there for 3days.. we visited Mamak, Opah, Cik-Gi (abah's brother), and Pak Lang (abah's brother).. then we went back to JB on that Saturday morning.. Alhamdulillah the highway was indeed CLEAR!! haha.. i can even drive 150km/h without mama noticing!! haha.. no wonder we reached JB within 3 hours from Shah Alam.. haha.. shh!!! don't tell mama.. hehe.. then i went to 'HER' house to visit 'HER' family.. they were very nice to me.. no wonder i respect them so much!! hehe.. after all, they are 'HER' parent.. hehe.. on top of everything, there was one incident that caught my mind as well as my sight.. it was 'HER'.. 'SHE' was very gorgeous and stunning!! i haven't seen 'HER' dressed-up like that before.. i will never ever forget that moment.. even though i didn't manage to get 'HER' picture, i will remember that moment forever.. one day, i'll get the opportunity to experience that moment again and again.. hehe.. if u get what i mean.. hehe..

and now, here i am in UPSI finishing a lot of assignments given by the lecturers.. haha.. but it's ok.. i can manage to finish them on time.. hehe.. i can call it as a pay-back time!! haha.. u gave us a lot of tasks, right?? haha.. and now, u have to mark them!! haha.. it's a win-win situation then.. but i guess the pressure is with the lecturers.. haha.. they have to submit everything to the dean and upload the marks.. haha.. now see who's laughing.. haha.. that's all for now.. till then.. ;)


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