Friday, October 30, 2009

Tiresome Friday Morning

hwarghh!! for the first time of my campus life, i've played 8 sets of volleyball!! haha.. just imagine how my body reacted to those circumstances!! haha.. i'm damn-tired!! not mentioning playing 8 sets without drinking a single drop of water!! haha.. what a good 'preparation' for the incoming final examination!! haha.. like i mentioned in one of my previous posts, i've started to love this sports!! hehe.. i can't recall when was the last time i played futsal, soccer, table-tennis, as well as tennis.. hehe.. it seems like volleyball has been my priority in the standings of sports that i like.. hehe.. and guess what? we (my friends and I) started to play volleyball as early as 7.45am!! hehe.. initially, it was supposed to start at 7am.. but some of us were having trouble in waking up early in the morning!! haha.. what a day!!

- my examination will start on 2nd of November until 18th of November 2009.. and then, let's party!! haha.. actually i'm looking forward to go back to my hometown.. hehe.. i've got unfinished businesses!! hehe.. till then!! chau sin chi!! ;P


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