Friday, February 5, 2010


it's friday again.. and that makes it 7 days in a row, again, for not updating my blog.. hehe.. oh well.. at least i still have the guts to do so now.. hehe.. well, it's not that i don't want to update this blog.. i can even simply post something short like what i've done today, or even a few hours back.. hihi.. i just that i was f*cking busy focussing on my assignments and presentation.. startting thhis sem, the department wants all students' assignments to be taken before week 10!! perghh.. n i still have 4 more weeks to go after that to finish my semester.. a month without assignments?? it does sound like heaven.. but, i'm used to finishing all assignments during those final weeks.. hehe.. what will i do then?? hehe.. study?? haha.. that's so not me!! haha.. i've mentioned before that "old habit dies hard".. and i'm still using that habit of last-minute-studying!! haha..

actually, i had quite a terrible day yesterday.. it was my presentation day.. i had to present in 'that class'.. in that old witch's class.. huhu.. i couldn't present very well yesterday!! hwaa~~ this is all because of YOU!! hwaa~~ i've prepared 100% last week.. it was supposed to be my turn.. but YOU kept talking about this crap and that crap.. which in the end, YOU wasted my f*cking precious time!! IDIOT!! arghh!!! and YOU still have the guts to say why i couldn't present very well.. stupid old lady!! arghh!!


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