Friday, January 29, 2010


can't YOU see that we are not supposed to be that way?? do YOU realize that others MAY FIND IT unacceptable?? do YOU notice that YOU are dragging me into the f*cking-stupid life of yours?? arghh!! YOU are not supposed to do that!! the reason i've been very nice to YOU is because YOU are my lecturer!! after all, i've been very-very-very nice to everybody!! it seems like YOU have misinterpreted my goodness!! for YOUR information, i don't even like YOUR approaches of teaching me!! YOU are always wasting my precious time!! YOU are always wasting YOUR precious time!! YOU have always been assuming that YOU are teaching me the MAJOR SUBJECT!! it's not that i hate the subject of YOURS.. it just that i'm not so into this subject.. i was hoping that YOU can actually prove me wrong by thinking so!! but in the end, YOU have made it WORSE!! can YOU please leave me and my life alone?? i don't need YOUR attention.. i've got enough attention from the people i love as well as my friends.. i don't need YOU!! in fact, it will make my day if YOU are not around!! YOU are not YOUNG anymore!! YOU are an OLD HAG!! YOU are always blaming on others when things are not meant to be.. have YOU seen YOURSELF in front of the mirror?? MIRROR YOURSELF!! PORTRAY YOURSELF!! i have my own life.. I HAVE MY OWN PERSONAL LIFE!! so, just move YOUR BIG ASS OFF my life!! do YOUR JOB properly.. YOU are being paid to teach everybody.. not to do SOME OTHER STUPID BUSINESS!! arghh!!!!



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