Friday, February 19, 2010

Malaysia, Truly Asia

heh heh heh.. at last.. the moment that i've been waiting for!! hehe.. i had the opportunity to visit SABAH!! hehe.. that was the only state in Malaysia that i'm crazed to go to!! hihi.. and it was also the only state in Malaysia that i've never been to before.. hihi.. here are some of the tentative programs that my family and i had throughout the 4-day-visit to SABAH.. hehe..

14th February 2010, Sunday:
i was supposed to be back in JB.. but the plan changed.. i was asked to wait for my family at my uncle's house, in Klang.. my family arrived there at about 9pm the day before (Saturday).. and by the way, we even hired 1 special tourist guide from Kudat, Nernny Kansuh.. haha.. she's a friend of mine, actually.. we used to be classmates at MSU.. hehe.. but now, we are no longer the MSU family.. hehe.. we are heading our own path now.. hihi..

my father had planned this vacation last year.. he had booked the flight tickets earlier.. it's cheaper by doing so.. hehe.. that morning (Sunday), at about 7.45am, we headed to the KLIA.. after we had checked-in and gave our luggage to be sent into the plane, we waited at one of the platforms.. about 5 minutes later, we were called to enter the plane.. i was f*cking excited that time!! hihi.. it's not that i haven't been in a plane before, it just that i was to happy to visit Sabah.. hehe.. i've mentioned the reason earlier.. hehe..

i was given the seat beside the window.. hihi.. i can see the scenery outside clearly.. hihi.. before i switched off my phone, i SMSed 'HER' telling that i was already inside the plane.. hehe.. i asked 'HER' to pray for our safe journey.. hehe.. and then, the plane took off.. i can't actually describe how the journey was.. hehe.. oh well, what do we expect when we're above the cloud.. hehe.. why don't we use our own imagination.. hehe..

we arrived KKIA at about 12.15pm (if i'm not mistaken).. i was so d*mn happy to be in SABAH!! hihi.. the moment i stepped my feet on its ground, i made a joke with my family.. i took off my sandal and used my bare feet to step on the Sabah's ground.. haha.. silly me.. after that, we went to take our luggage and headed to the taxi counter.. we were lucky to have someone like Nernny.. she has the advantages of speaking the Sabah's accent and understanding the roads there.. hihi.. she even took care of everything regarding the transportation as well as the places that we want to go.. hihi.. after we had booked a taxi, we went to the hotel that my father had booked a few months back then.. hihi.. i quickly SMSed 'HER' telling that i had arrived Sabah safely.. hehe..

we stayed at Borneo Backpackers.. even though it is a budget hotel, the services that we got were SUPERB!! the people there were great!! no wonder there are a lot of White-men coming there to stay each and every day.. hehe.. after we had checked-in and put our belongings inside the room, we headed to the nearest mall, Wawasan, to have our lunch.. hehe.. Nernny had booked us a rent-car.. we took the car at that mall.. after we had our lunch, my father, my mother, as well as my sister headed straight to the hotel.. i followed both Nernny and Joe (the car's agent) to have a close look at the roads there..

after about 1-hour-trip throughout the main roads in Kota Kinabalu, 1 of my friends from MSU came to KK.. it was a surprised to Nernny and i.. haha.. what a coincidence.. we had a little chit-chat before all of us headed to our own destination..

that night, our tourist guide showed us the city of KK after the twilight.. hehe.. the city looked like Tanjong Malim at night.. hehe.. the 'city life' had transformed to become the 'market life'.. hehe.. we went to the Philippine's Night Market to enjoy the scrumptious and mouth-watering seafood!! hehe.. if only i remembered to take a photo of that moment.. hehe.. and after that, we headed back to the hotel to have a good rest..

15th February 2010, Monday:
we went to a few malls that i couldn't recall their names.. hehe.. after a few hours of window-shop, we went to visit the Muzium of Sabah.. i could see a lot of things and photos regarding the Sabah's culture and living.. there were a lot of races and families.. we were not allowed to bring any means of cameras.. even though we have our own camera-phones, we respected the rules and regulations there.. we were shocked for a moment when we entered the muzium.. we saw a humanga-danga (aka huge) skeleton of a whale!! wah!! it's bigger and longer than a long bus!! it's about the length of a sticking of two long buses!! it was the biggest whale that came to Malaysia!! it was the first time for me to experience that moment!!

after that, we went to see the replicas of houses in Sabah.. most of the houses there are long houses.. the names and how they are done and how they look like differentiate one another.. at about 4pm, we head back to the hotel.. to them, it was like 6pm already.. and we were tired too!! hehe.. oh well, what do you expect after a about 8 hours of going here and there non-stop?? hehe.. that night, we had our dinner at the mamak stall situated behind our hotel.. and after that, we went by the sea-side to experience the blowing wind of the sea.. i was indeed enjoyable!! but the excitement of being there were harassed by a few uneducated 'city-boys-wannabe'.. huh!! u guys don't look cool, ok?? u're too far to be considered as cool.. yux!! even the Indons there were better than u guys are!! cit!! and after that, we headed back to the hotel to end our journey that day..

16th February 2010, Tuesday:
Nernny's family came from Kudat to visit my family.. as a token of gratitude, my father invited them to join us for lunch at Secret Recipe... hehe.. i was hoping to eat there actually.. hehe.. i think that Allah had listened to my prayer.. hehe.. i enjoyed the appetizing Lamb Stew!! ahh~~ hehe.. after that, Nernny's family took us to the Tuaran Crocodile Farm.. hehe.. and again, i was so d*mn happy!! haha.. my mother always says that i was born to love the animals.. haha.. i love to go to the zoo or any other places which has a lot of animals as their main attractions.. hehe.. i could see a various kind and species of crocodiles.. and they were in all sizes!! ALL SIZES!! hehe..

after about 2hours of 'visiting' the crocodiles, we went to the Handcrafts Market.. we bought a lot of handcrafts to be given to others.. hehe.. it shows that we remember others too!! hihi.. from families, friends, and 'ehem2'.. hihi.. after that, we went back to the hotel at about 3.30pm..

that night, we had our dinner at the nearest stalls.. my father love the honey chicken wings that are being sold there.. hehe.. so do i!! hehe..

17th February 2010, Wednesday:
this time, we went to the Islamic Muzium of Sabah.. there were a lot of information regarding how Islam emerges in Sabah.. and again, we were not allowed to bring in any kinds of camera.. after that, we went to look for a few bookshops to look for books that my sister and i needed.. too bad, she couldn't find any.. at least i managed to find 2 out of 3 books.. then, we headed back to the Handcrafts Market.. my mother needed to buy a few more handcrafts to be given to my aunt..

we went back to the hotel at about 5.00pm.. we need to take a rest and prepare everything before we went back to our hometown.. hehe.. at about 6.00pm, Joe came to the hotel to take back the car since we have agreed to rent the car until Wednesday.. hehe.. that night, we went to bed early since we needed to be at the airport by 6.00am on the next day (Thursday)..

18th February 2010, Thursday:
we arrived at the airport at about 6.00am.. after we had checked-in ourselves as well as our luggage, we waited at the waiting area.. about 20 minutes later, we were asked to stepped in the plane.. and again, before the plane took off to Senai Airport, i SMSed 'HER' telling that i was about to took off.. hehe..

- and now, here i am sitting in front of my new lappy.. hehe.. don't ask me anything regarding 'the new lappy'.. hehe.. till then.. ;)


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