Monday, March 1, 2010

Do I Look That NERD?? Duh~

uhuk!! for the 1st time in UPSI, after almost 2 years of studying here, i've been labeled as a NERDY!! uhuk!! do i look that nerd?? uhuk!! no way, Jose!! this picture shows the hair style that i'll definitely stick to.. a few years back then, i used to comb my hair by dividing them exactly from the middle (belah tengah).. back then, i look quite good with that kind of hairstyle.. ekekeke.. but after i've started to concern about my hairstyle, i began to change them drastically.. hehe.. and after about an hour of styling my hair (while taking my bath.. ekekeke), i've come out with the best hairstyle that i can find.. hehe.. which also suits myself.. hehe.. PERFECTLY!! hehe.. so, there you are.. hehe.. juz look at the picture above.. hehe..

back to the nerdy-styled hair that i was mentioning just now, i don't think i'll ever style my hair that way, AGAIN.. hehe.. come to think of it, i did look like a nerdy just now!! haha.. my lecturer was fast to notice my little transformation.. ekekeke.. the worse part is, she said that on the spot during the class!! yes!! in front of my friends!! uhuk!! they laughed at me!! uhuk!! hehe.. suddenly she said that the previous style is better.. and i look great that way.. haha.. and the whole class agreed with that statement.. haha.. i was high-flying for a moment.. ekekeke.. from now on, i'll stick to this kind(picture above) of hairstyle.. hehe..

-i am missing someone right now.. 'YOU' know who 'YOU' are.. :-*


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