Friday, January 8, 2010

12 more weeks to go!!

hurm.. what a hectic week!! all of my classmates have already been given with a lot of assignments as well as tasks to be completed!! arghh!! but that's normal for university students.. especially for those who are going to be future teachers.. we have to prepare a lot of things!! from the microteaching preparations to the macroteaching.. not mentioning some stupid university subjects.. why on earth we, as future English Language teachers, need to take some subjects which are not related with our program at all!! duh!! no wonder a few IPTA and IPTS said that UPSI's Tesl uses BM in preparing their future teachers.. even though all major and minor subjects are being taught in a-100%-English, i still can't take it when i've got to take some university's subject in BM.. it's not that i don't like BM (it's my mother tongue, ok!!).. it just that the subjects that i've got to take are not related to my field AT ALL!! huhu.. and not only that.. it will eventually make some jokers-who-shouldn't-take-this-course-in-the-1st-place getting worse (in terms of their language, abilities, teaching skills, class-control, etc..)!!

i don't want to talk bout that for the time being.. hurm.. by the way.. suddenly i've got a new hobby!! hehe.. i don't know what others may call.. but as for me, it gives me pleasure day-by-day.. hehe.. and this new hobby of mine makes me happy too!! hehe.. it's "calling 'HER' every evening(if possible)!!".. hehe.. not only it gives me the anxiety of listening to 'HER' voice, it also gives me the opportunity to make 'HER' happy too!! hehe.. they said that "a single phone call can brighten-up somebody's day".. hehe.. and that's what i'm going to do, InsyaAllah.. hehe.. (i also call my parents, ok!!).. sadly that i've got to use my roomate's laptop in order for me to update this blog.. or else, i might have dozens of dozens of dozens postings.. hehe..

talking about 'HER'.. 'SHE' made something on 'HER' blog.. hehe.. like i mentioned in one of my previous postings, 'SHE' has 'HER' own way on how to express 'HER' feelings, tenderness, and afections to me.. hehe.. thanks for all the things that you do, syg.. i like them very much!! they make me cheer and smile all day long!! if only i were to have my laptop with me now, i will definitely do the same to you, syg!! hehe.. i HEART you so much, my strawberry shake!! hehe..

till then.. ;)


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