Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank You So Much!!

i really had a wonderful weekend.. some people might find it normal.. but as for me, it was an unforgetable moment of my life!! hehe.. i'm so eager to create this posting since yesterday!! hehe.. it just that i was too tired to do so yesterday.. and i had to look forward to the-class-that-i-don't-feel-like-going-there.. hehe.. i'm not going to say why.. hehe.. i dont want to give that person a free pahala.. hehe.. back to what i am going to post.. hehe.. actually, one of the most important person in my life came to see me in Tanjong Malim!! hehe.. i guess you have already know who the person is.. hehe.. yup!! you are right!! it's 'HER'!! hehe.. 'SHE' came all the way from Pasir Gudang just to see me!! hehe.. and not forgetting seeing 'HER' sister.. hehe.. we (i and HER of course!!) spent most of out time together.. hehe.. we went from Tanjong Malim to Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam.. hehe.. even though it was quite tiresome, we still managed to enjoy ourselves!! together!! hehe.. if only 'SHE' were here a little bit longer!! hehe.. i would have brought 'HER' to all nearby waterfalls and rivers!! hehe.. i love to go to that place.. and the same goes with 'HER'.. hehe.. actually, 'SHE' would like to see how does the Proton City Lake look like.. hehe.. but in the end, it seemed like the time didn't permit us to do so.. hehe.. we have to catch up the 8.30am bus.. hehe.. oh well, 'SHE' has to go back to Pasir Gudang.. hehe.. and you know what?? hehe.. i was too sad to see 'HER' going back!! so, i decided to accompany 'HER' all the way to JB!! haha.. well.. i don't care if i might be too tired as long as i can see 'HER' until the last minute!! hehe.. luckily i have class at 2pm on Monday.. haha.. i still have some time to rest.. hehe.. unlike 'HER', 'SHE' has to teach on Monday morning.. hehe.. that's why 'SHE' decided to go back as early as 10am.. hehe.. initially it was 9am.. but i dont think we can manage to be at the bus station by that time.. hehe.. oh well.. that's all for now.. till then..

- thanks for everything, syg.. i enjoy each and every second of my time being by your side!! i'm lookig forward to meet you again, syg.. i will always 'HEART' you forever and ever..


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