Thursday, October 7, 2010

fresh air.. for the time being.. hehe..

heh heh heh.. at last, i can breath freely.. the assignment that has been bugging me all these while is no longer here.. ekekeke.. actually, i was mentioning about this one particular assignment (IT was given BEFORE mid-term break.. hehe..) which i've got to analysis 2 poems in not more than 5000 words.. just imagine on your own.. how on earth are you going to do so?? unless you are a literature-analyst-cum-criticizer.. ekekeke.. well, i'm not.. that was why i din't think (initially) i can do so.. hihi.. and guess what?? i just finished doing it few days ago.. within 1 day.. yup!! you heard it right!! within 1 day!! hahaha.. that is so-not-me!! hehe.. don't ask me what i've analyzed.. hehe.. i don't want to talk about it anymore.. and now, it's time to focus on my blog analysis (so many analyzing-tasks to be done.. cit..) which is supposed to be presented today.. but it appears that Dr Raja has a meeting/conference to be attended.. so, she postpones the presentation to the next class, which is on NEXT THURSDAY.. ekeke.. and what does that mean?? hahaha.. i'll be focusing back on the selected blog NEXT WEEK.. haha.. oh well, it goes with the saying, "Old habit dies hard".. i can't help but to do every assignment on the very last minute.. err, make it a 1-2days before the dateline.. hehe.. so, what should i do now?? hurm.. i'll think about that later when i'm asleep.. hehe.. (i think you should know by now what am i going to do.. haha..) ok then.. that's all for now.. ;)


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