Friday, October 1, 2010


morning guys.. huarghh~~ i'm so d*mn lazy updating my blog lately.. hehe.. this time around, i can't think of the best reason for not doing so.. hihi.. but come to think of it again, suddenly i've got 1 brilliant reason for not doing so.. ekekeke.. hopefully it'll not backfire me when i say so.. hehe.. actually, a few weeks back then, one of our favourite lecturers (if only she could read this.. haha), Dr Raja Nor Safinas, had given us a task whereby my classmates and i are required to analyse any blog regardless who the writer is.. hehe.. don't make me start on what type of blog that we need to analyse.. hehe.. it'll take more than just a few minutes of mine to do so.. after all, this will apply to my classmates and i ONLY.. hik hik hik.. so, don't bother to ask me what it is all about.. lalalala.. coming back to what i just mentioned earlier, the reason for me of not doing so is because i'm afraid that some of my friends might use my blog to be analysed.. hehe.. it's not that i don't want them to do so.. it'll be a great pleasure for me for others to choose my blog to be analysed.. especially to those who know me better.. the way i write is pretty much the same with the way i act.. hihi.. and if u realised something, i WON'T FORGET to laugh (hehe, haha, hik hik hik, ekekeke, hoho, and etc..) in almost every post that i write.. hehe (see what i mean?).. except for the lyric-posting that i posted.. ahakss.. that's all for the time being.. hopefully i'll be given strength to keep on updating this blog.. hik hik hik..

p/s: i'm supposed to be in Prof Lim's class.. but for a-not-to-be-told-reason, Prof cancelled the class.. whatever it is, get well soon, Prof.. there's no other Shakespeare's-work-lover that i know except u, Prof..


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