Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hohoho.. what a nice date today.. we may not be able to experience this date again.. it will definitely never come back again.. uhuk.. suddenly i started this blog in a serious tone.. hohoho.. that's so not me.. hehe.. now this is more like it.. hehe.. the addition of giggling elements will always be the way of me posting something.. it goes the same during online chit-chatting, SMSing, as well as while communicating to my friends.. hehe.. and of course, it's in an informal way.. do you expect me to talk like this while talking to my lecturers?? haha.. err, there are some lecturers that i will eventually do so.. outside of the class, of course!! hehe.. err.. but come to think of it again, i tend to giggle all the time regardless of being at the class or outside of the class.. hehe.. like i say, that's my way of communicating.. i will always go for informal rather than formal.. hehe.. that's why i don't like to be in a meeting where i should act formal all the time!! hehe.. unless if i have to.. everybody knows that i'm a person who doesn't act seriously all the time.. that doesn't mean that i take thing for granted.. or i don't take thing seriously.. it's only my personality.. i'm a person who likes to enjoy everything all the time.. even though i might need to be 'serious', i will eventually end up of not being so.. hehe.. just ask everybody who knows me well.. some of the people who only see me from the outside might have a thought of me that i'm a person who might be difficult to work with.. but hey!! if you were to ask my close friends, they will definitely kill each other just to be working with me!! haha.. that's just an expression.. hehe.. by the way, do you realize something?? normally i will have something or theme that triggers me to update this blog.. but then, this post seems like doesn't have any coherence.. haha.. i don't know why.. it just that i feel like typing something.. hehe.. and on the same time, i am waiting for my roommate to finish bathing.. he has been using the toilet for the past 30minutes!! i wonder what is he doing right now.. hahaha.. ahaa.. the sound of the shower has stopped.. i think he 'heard' what i 'mentioned' here.. haha.. hopefully he doen't know that i was mentioning about himself.. wakakaka.. ok then.. it's time for me to use the toilet!! i also need to perform the Maghrib prayer.. hehe.. that's all for now.. ;)


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