Tuesday, October 19, 2010

to go, or not to go.. hurm..

To go, or not to go.. that's the question that has been bothering me since early this morning.. hurm.. what is it all about?? err.. nothing much really.. hehe.. it's only regarding the class that i need to attend today.. hehe.. there'll be no P&P today for sure.. only the presentations by students will take place.. hurm.. i wonder.. what should i do if i were to attend this class?? yesterday, the class representative said that we might have to take another additional hour in order to finish all presentation.. or else, we might need to do another extra class.. hurm.. i don't have any other classes for today except for this particular class.. hehe.. well, i used to have another class (the same day as today, TUESDAY laa!!).. but the lecturer has given every task that needs to be done by us.. more over, he has taught us everything regarding this subject.. hehe.. so soon eh?? hehe.. at least that will give me more time to study.. cewah!! that's so ABNORMAL for me to do so!! haha.. old habit dies hard.. hehe.. the only time that i'll spend to do so is during the last 1 or 2 days before the examination starts.. hehehe.. hey, don't get me wrong.. normally, i will only have the tendency to think critically and focus more during that period of time.. hehe.. it's not that i procrastinate my study.. it's just that that is how my brain will work to its fullest.. hehehe.. i know myself better than everyone else does, ok?? hehe.. so, coming back to the question.. hehe.. err.. (stops typing for 3 mins).. i'll decide later.. hehe.. ok then, it's time to attend my frontierville.. haha.. my crops are there waiting to be harvested.. hehe.. and in about 30 minutes from now, i'll be skyping with 'HER'.. hehe.. so, that's all for now.. till then.. ;)

p/s: at least i've got something to trigger myself to update my blog.. wakakaka!! ;P


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