Tuesday, July 7, 2009

L I B R A R Y...

i just finished the last class for today.. i only have 1 class on every Tuesday this semester.. it's my minor class which is the Introduction of English Literature class.. for your information, this class is well-known as the killer class by the seniors.. it appears that IT IS!! my classmates and i need to understand and learn a few short stories and poems.. when i say 'short stories', that doesn't mean that they are SHORT.. huhu.. what's more, we have to actually learn 5-6 short stories this semester!! and we even have to act according to the stories or the chapter!! Oh my goodness!! don't let me start on the poems!! arghh!!! why do i have to take 'literature' as my minor!! huhu.. it appears that starting from my seniors, we HAVE to take literature as our minor.. it's a must!! huhu..

but on the other hand, if i think again, who else will teach english literature if not us, the future english teacher? we cannot expect english literature is being taught by the Bahasa teachers as well as the morale teachers.. huhu.. i can't give up too soon in this battlefield.. i still have a long way to go.. and i still have time to prove myself to everybody.. especially 'HER'.. i need to show everybody that i'm good enough to be the future GREAT-TEACHER-FARID.. if not better, i would love to be as good as 'HER'.. so, this is it.. this is the time.. but first thing first, i need to forget 'the past'.. since 'that person' is accidentally elected to be one of my group members.. huhu..

till then.. toodle loodle guys.. ;)


  1. btol33..xkn ckgu sci@chem nk ajor
    literature kn?? rosak la bdk2 cmtu..
    u must prove urself to 'her'??
    perlu ke??..

  2. yup3.. tau xpe.. mau x mau, sy kne gak blaja literature nih.. hehe..erm.. sy mau buktikan pd 'HER' yg sy bole wt gak.. n mau 'HER' bangge same kebolehan n kejayaan sy.. ;)


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