Sunday, July 19, 2009

i'm injured!! ouch!!

the title of my post speaks for itself.. huhu.. yesterday (18th july), i represented my college (KAB) in a futsal tournament.. this tournament is considered as one of the activities that needs to be held by all the colleges in UPSI.. all colleges including mine, has been given a big amount of money to run any activities.. in fact, they HAVE TO DO SO!! since this big amount of money comes from the students, every college needs to ensure that this money needs to be spent wisely.. or else, UPSI will get them all freely.. as for me, i don't care whether this money is being spent or not as long as i have the opportunity to involved myself in every activity organized by UPSI or any of its colleges.. indirectly, i will be able to get some valuable points for myself.. these points are needed in order for me to stay at this college.. only the first year students will get the opportunity to stay here.. after that (semester 3 & above), they have to be actively participate in any activities run or organized by any colleges so that they can get the points needed..

actually, my college has decided to sponsored a few teams (from this college) to enter this tournament.. each team has to pay RM60 which i dont think many teams will join.. haha.. normally, they will give the same excuses.. the PTPTN is bla.. blaa.. blaa.. so, that's why my college decided to sponsor 8 teams.. indirectly, there will be a bigger chances of my college to win that tournament.. there's a saying, "Quality is better than quantity".. it appears that the chances that all of us had were against us.. hehe.. all the teams that participate in this tournament are damn-great!! hehe.. they do have the quality as well as the skills to become great players.. hehe.. no wonder they entered this tournament.. haha..

even though i enjoyed playing with great players, it comes with a great cost.. i got injured after playing all 3 games which in the end, we lost.. they only pick up the best 2 teams from every group.. i got a cut on my left knee after occasionally slidings and tacklings.. haha.. i was the captain for that games since our captain can't make it to those 3 games.. he had to go somewhere else.. and we were out of attackers.. and i even had to play outside of my real position.. i would like and prefer to play as a midfielder.. but i had to play as a defender.. it turned out that i can play in that position creatively.. but still, i would prefer playing as a midfielder.. our attacker has done pretty well.. it just that my defender-partner seemed to play by himself.. ignoring almost all my instructions!! what was on his mind?? did he think that he can dictate those games?? huh!! even my sister plays better that you!! i am not saying that you are the reason we lost since futsal is all about teamwork.. it just that you don't have what it takes to play as a team.. hope that you've learnt your lesson..

that's all for tonight.. i've class at 8am tomorrow.. i'll better stop now.. am looking forward to add more and more postings.. till then~~


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