Tuesday, July 21, 2009

no literature class today..

hurm.. i woke up quite early this morning.. i think it's because i went to bed early last night.. guess what? i took my bath as early as 6.20am!! haha.. normally, i'll have my bath at around 6.50am.. hehe.. after that, i decided to online for a moment since it is still early.. and my literature class starts at 9am.. at about 8am today, i went to the toilet(my house in KAB) to set up my hair.. hehe.. normally it will take me about 5-10mins to do so.. haha.. 'she' always says that i always take a longer time to set up my hair than she does.. haha.. oh well, perhaps i would like my hair to be perfect.. hehe.. at about 8.15am, when i was about to leave my room, suddenly azhar(my class rep) stood up in front of my room's door.. he said that the literature class is cancel today (again??).. but i still have another class to attend.. but it's at 12pm.. so, there's still plenty of time for me to online.. haha.. so here i am.. in front of my notebook ('she' loves to call it lappy) posting new post.. hehe..

actually, i wanted to post something last night.. since i was too tired to do so, i decided to postpone this activity today.. yesterday morning i had an English for Communication 2 class.. for your information, i am well-known for loving any English classes in UPSI by my colleagues.. hehe.. that's because i'm going to be a future English teacher, InsyaAllah.. hehe.. but that class is not like what i've been expected it to be.. it appears that i've to join with the other courses (it's a must here) who are taking this paper.. and all of my batch have to be separated to one another.. huhu.. initially, i don't mind at all to get separated from my batch since it's only for this class.. but after i entered this class for the first time, suddenly i felt like dropping this subject or even join any other groups who are taking this paper.. huhu.. in this class, i've to join the 'Pengajian Malaysia' students.. and i am the only teslian in this class!! huhu.. the worse part is, all of them can't even speak a simple English as well as writing a simple sentence.. hwaaa!! their level of proficiency is very low even the lecturer in charge has to use 90% BAHASA MALAYSIA!! huhu.. they are also having BIG PROBLEMS in diffrentiating past tense n present tense!! hwaa!!! how am i going to survive in this class.. i don't think this class will help me with my English.. huhu..

if i were to survive in this class, i've to maintain my proffesionalism.. if they were to use BAHASA MALAYSIA in this class, i am going to use FULLY ENGLISH.. that's what mama tell me.. and luckily, i have 'her' by my side.. 'she' knows how to cheer me up when i'm down.. oh well, time does fly.. till then~


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