Friday, March 19, 2010

assignment/task -free invironment!! hehe.. ;)

huarghh... at last.. i can finally enjoy my weekend without having to get scared of not having the time to finish off my assignments!! hehe.. i've finished all of them!! i've submitted all of them!! hehe.. that was the main reason behind my 'activeness' of updating this blog.. hehe.. the faculty wants all marks and assignments to be submitted by the end of this week.. hehe.. that's what most of my lecturers said.. but then, some of other lecturers from other faculties are willing to accept the assignments by week 12!! hoho.. that is so unfair!! hehe.. but on the other hand, i don't need to crack my head anymore.. hehe.. oh well, forget about the assignments.. hehe..

i've also finished my worse-ever-presentation!! hehe.. it is not that i'm bad in presentation.. it's just that whenever i step into this class, my mind will definitely be at somewhere else.. hehe.. it's clear that i don't have the heart to be in this class.. haha.. after all, i have to see this lecturer 6 hours per week!! haha.. at least i don't have to see her next semester (hopefully!!!).. hehe..

last night, i received a phone call from ustaz firdaus.. he asked me whether i want to be in charge of refereeing this evening's friendly football match between my college and UTM.. it's an honour for me to do so.. hehe.. if i were to referee this match, than it will be the biggest match that i've ever refereed before.. hehe.. about 10 years ago, i was appointed to referee the inter-dorm football match at Aspura JB.. hehe.. this is going to be a big opportunity for me to test my skills and knowledge in refereeing.. hehe.. and i dont mind at all to be the linesman.. or even the 2nd choice referee.. hehe..

hurm.. speaking of UTM.. hurm.. till then..


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