Saturday, March 20, 2010

~E x E r C i S i N g ~

i can't hardly recall when was the last time i jog.. hehe.. if i'm not mistaken, it was about 2-3years back.. hehe.. i'm not referring to a short-distance-jog ok?? i'm referring to a long-distance-jog.. hehe.. earlier this morning, 1 of my classmates-cum-housemates, Faridz aka kecik and 1 have planned to play tennis together.. we went off from our college at 8am.. we reached the main campus (the only place that we can actually play tennis for free) at about 8.15am.. unluckily, all tennis courts have been used by someone else!! duhh!! as for that, we couldn't play tennis this morning!! if we were to wait for our turn, that might take about 2 hours!! by that time, the sun has already shined brightly.. darn!!

so, we turned to plan B (created on the spot!!).. we were thinking of waking up everybody (our close buddies) so that we can play volleyball at our college.. we dialed each and every number that we have.. unfortunately, none of them answered.. accept for Praveen.. he said that everybody has not gotten up yet.. arghh!! darn!! what were they doing last night?? it's already 8.30am!! darn!!

lastly, we turned to plan C (coincidentally created).. we opted to go for a jog.. we headed to the Proton City's lake.. after about a few minutes of stretching, we started our jogging session.. the route is so long.. hehe.. actually, it is not that long.. but it exceeds more than 1km.. and it is not a straight route!! it has ups and downs all the way to reach the end.. hehe.. that gave me quite a hard time in finishing 1 lap.. but eventually, i managed to do so.. then, i went on for the second round.. this time.. i couldn't maintain the timing of my jogging.. i mixed both jogging and walking while trying to finish the second lap.. and again, i succeeded in doing so.. then kecik requested for another round.. that's ok with me since i wanted to get back to my full fitness badly.. so, we went for the third round.. and this time, it is for warming down my self especially for my tendons.. i walked and maintained the timing of my walking so that my tendons will get back to their initial state nicely..

sadly, i think i'll need to buy a new pair of jogging shoes to replace the one that i have now.. hehe.. let these pictures speak by themselves.. hehe.. i was thinking of mending it.. on the other hand this is an opportunity for me to buy a new pair of shoes!! haha.. what a waste.. hehe.. hey2, it is not a waste actually.. this pair of shoes is quite cheap!! and proudly say, i bought it at Giant.. hehe.. and i've used it for almost 2 semesters!! hehe..

ok then.. time to have my breakfast!! tiger biscuits, here i come!! hehe.. till then.. ;)


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