Friday, March 5, 2010

~Feels Like Posting~

i just performed my jumaat prayer.. what a good feeling after facing The Al-Mighty.. this is not a matter of piousness.. it's a matter of what we, as a Muslim, SHOULD DO.. too sad that some of the Muslim friends of mine are not like what they should be.. hurm.. perhaps they don't have the feelings of deep respect for Allah SWT.. hurm.. at least i've changed.. Alhamdulillah, i'm no longer like what i used to be.. praise be to Allah.. He'll give 'the light' to whom that He wants to.. and He'll take 'the light' from whom that He wants to.. hopefully i'll always get that 'light' until the rest of my life, InsyaAllah..

i'm not really sure what should i post here.. it appears that this is the only free time that i have to update my blog.. hurm.. i just feel like posting something.. hurm.. actually, i was looking at someone's blog earlier this morning.. this person keeps on saying something religiously.. don't get me wrong.. it's not that i don't like that person to do so.. it just that the manner of this person which makes me feels very bad about this person's self.. hurm.. does this person realize that this person is actually making our religion looks bad?? hurm.. pathetic.. you keeps on praising Him.. but you, yourself, don't resemble a true and pure Muslim..

is it that hard for you to COVER YOURSELF?? is it that important for you to keep on saying good things about PUTERI UMNO?? Subhanallah.. will the PUTERI UMNO promise you the 'Jannah'?? can you PLEASE correct yourself before trying to correct others?? wallahualam..


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