Friday, March 5, 2010

ROS application

hehe.. i've applied for my ROS application.. and it has been keyed-in on the student portal.. hehe.. hopefully it will be approved.. hehe.. according to Mr Sidek, the percentage of being accepted is high.. unless the school that i choose is not listed in the KPM's list of government school.. hehe.. can you make a wild guess which school that i chose?? hehe.. yerp.. you've guessed it correctly!! hehe.. it's 'HER' school!! hehe.. it's a new school actually.. i was looking for the picture of that school.. it appears that there were no pictures of that school yet on the net.. hehe.. but hey, just wait until i go there.. hehe.. i'll definitely take a lot of pictures of that school.. hehe.. looking forward for this coming mid term break!! hehe.. i'll be doing my ROS during that break, InsyaAllah.. do pray for me!! ;)

p/s: i'll have the opportunity to kill 2 birds with a single stone.. hehe.. ahaks~~

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