Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i just gone back from Segamat, Johor this morning.. the journey was quite exhausting.. oh well, i had to drive my family's car all the way from Segamat to Johor Bahru.. even though Segamat and JB are not that far to one another, it is the distance that tires me a lot!! hoho.. just imagine that i had to drive for almost 3hours just to get to Uitm Segamat.. actually, the main reason for me to be there is because my sister, Nurul, had to sit for MUET test.. it is a required test for every Malaysian future degree candidate (but there are some special cases where the students take this test after they have started their degree program).. i reached JB at about 1.20pm..

about 2hours later, i went to Affin Bank and Maybank to withdraw and transfer some money.. after that, i went to Jusco Bukit Indah.. hehe.. guess what?? i met 'HER' again!! hehe.. 'SHE' was on 'HER' way to Pontian.. 'SHE' will be going to KL tomorrow together with 'HER' family to fetch 'HER' sister.. hehe.. 'SHE' is so close to 'HER' sister that they shared almost everything together.. an as for that, 'SHE' will be on 'MC' for 2 days.. hehe.. we sat, talked, laughed, and joked together.. we sat on the same bench for almost 2hours.. we spent our time together chit-chatting and looking at each other.. hehe.. what a pleasant time!! if only i could stop the time.. hehe.. i walked 'HER' to 'HER' car.. it was a sad moment seeing 'HER' going way from me.. hehe.. i can't wait for my ROS session.. why?? hehe.. i'll tell u later..

just now, i was damn happy seeing Malaysia beat Denmark in the badminton Thomas Cup.. hehe.. it was only a group match.. but i was happy to see that Malaysia has booked the place in the Quarter-Final for this tournament.. i am looking forward for the next match!! go-go Malaysia!! ;)


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