Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Small World

i just came back from my cousin's wedding.. hoho.. it was superb.. well, they can actually afford to do so.. hehe.. her father, who is also my uncle, is a well-known person.. and he's damn rich too!! that's why they can afford to rent the Shah Alam Club's hall.. hehe.. it comes with an air-conditioner system.. hoho.. and the food was superb too!! hehe.. the beef was well-cooked and juicy.. the same goes with the chicken.. hehe.. and don't ask me why was i so bloated.. haha.. my uncle invited Tan Sri, Dato', and a few well known people.. hoho..

both my cousin and her husband are meant for each other.. they are so perfect together.. i'm so happy for my cousin.. they wore white wedding dress and white baju melayu.. hehe.. i didn't have the time to snap a few photos of them.. oh well, i was too shy to do so.. everybody was using a great multi-fuctional camera while i only brought the normal digital camera.. hehe.. i'll ask the pictures of my cousin's wedding from her later.. hehe..

there was something which gave me a big shock!! haha.. i didn't know that Ceq Nora has always been my neighbour for years!! haha.. and her family is very-very-very close to mine!! haha.. her father and my father were classmates during their school days.. hehe.. and her kampung is just next to mine!! haha.. i used to play with fire-crackers.. i even aimed the thunder clap(type of fire-cracker) straight to her kampung.. haha.. in the end, she is studying at the same place as mine now.. haha.. on top of everything, she had come to my house once!! haha.. and i couldn't remember her.. so did her.. haha.. what a coincidence.. it was indeed a small world.. hehe..


  1. farid
    thanks link blog aku
    aku dah link blog ko gak in mine
    salam :)

  2. ho yeah??
    best bace cite2 ko..
    wk'slm wbt.. ;)


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