Thursday, May 13, 2010

-Yet To Be Sleepy-

hurm.. it's 11.25pm.. n i'm yet to feel sleepy.. i was thinking of going to bed early just now.. at the same time, i've got to post something on my blog.. hehe.. so, here i am, trying to figure out what needs to be posted.. haha.. earlier this morning, 'SHE' texted me to inform that 'SHE' is on 'HER' way to KL.. like what i had mentioned in the previous post, 'SHE' is going to fetch 'HER' sister together with 'HER' parents.. they left their house at about 7am.. they had to do so because 'HER' sister was alone at her college.. hehe.. what a loving family.. hehe.. i do respect 'HER' family.. i've talked to 'HER' family members.. they are very nice and friendly.. in fact, they treat me like i'm one of their family members.. hehe.. o well, i'll be part of them Insya-Allah.. hehe..

at the afternoon, i went to Plaza Angsana with my mum and my sister.. we went there to buy tudung as well as scarf.. actually, i was only there to assist them.. hehe.. and became the driver.. hehe.. my mum asked me whether i want to buy something for this weekend (it's my cousin's wedding)?? i've prepared everything earlier.. hehe.. i've bought a purple long sleeve t-shirt.. coincidentally, it suits the theme of my cousin's wedding.. hehe.. at least i've saved my mum's money by not buying another t-shirt.. hehe..

at the evening, i sat on the sofa anxiously waiting for 'Adamaya' on tv3.. hehe.. today is the last day for that slot to be shown on television.. it was a happy ending!! hehe.. and i cried for that!! haha.. what a nice drama.. hehe.. i'd love to watch it again on hehe.. o well.. it seems like 'SHE' is online now.. hehe.. i've got to stop now.. hehe.. what else?? dating with 'HER', of course!! hehe.. till then.. ;)


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