Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Term Break Is Here!!

darn.. i can't believe that i've not updated this blog for the last 2months!! ouch!! there goes my opportunity of being a great blogger.. ouch!! actually, i was damn busy for the previous 2 months.. i had to finish all my assignments, preparing for my final examination, as well as my ROS meeting.. hehe.. and now, i've got a lot of time to do so.. hehe.. if only i could write something everyday.. hehe.. it doesn't need to be too lengthy, does it?? as long as i manage to post something, that's already considered as updating my blog.. hehe..

actually, i've started my term break a week ago.. i can't really recall what i had done during this 1st week of break.. there's nothing to be shared about.. hehe.. but yesterday was the moment that i've been waiting for months to come!! hehe.. i went to the cinema with 'HER'!! hehe.. it may sound normal to some of you.. but as for me, that was a special day!! hehe.. i can't really recall when was the last time we went to the cinema together.. hehe.. that's why i was very happy yesterday!! hehe.. even though we missed a few minutes of watching 'Ip man', we managed to watch 'Furry Vengeance'.. it was a great movie.. hehe.. and funny too!! hehe.. next movie, 'Ip man'!! hehe.. till then.. ;)

-thanks awk.. ;)


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