Friday, May 14, 2010

Shah Alam..

at last, i have reached Shah Alam!! i'll be attending my cousin's wedding tomorrow.. the journey to Shah Alam from JB started at about 6.30pm and ended at about 10.30pm.. it may look like my family and i took about 4hours to reach here.. actually, if we didn't stop for dinner, we might get here earlier.. i even drove at the speed of about 110-140km per hour.. hehe.. luckily my mum didn't notice that.. or else, she'll definitely keep on nagging me.. haha.. shh!! she was sleeping for most of the time throughout the journey.. hehe.. that shows how good i am when driving.. haha..

we had our dinner at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh.. while we were having our dinner, we watched the Thomas Cup badminton tournament.. sadly, the moment i started to watch the Malaysian team in action, i was so devastated to see the result.. why can't the Malaysian team be consistent in every match?? and why can't they be professional enough towards others especially to THE FANS?? once you are considered as a professional player, you've got to prepare yourself mentally and psychology.. hurm.. enough of talking about that.. i don't have the heart to talk about that anymore.. hopefully the Malaysian team will bounce back faster.. hurm.. ok then, it's already 12.00am.. i need to get some rest now.. till then.. ;)


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