Monday, June 28, 2010

- 5th and 6th day of ROS -

yikes!! i forgot about the 5th-day-of-ROS posting.. hehe.. well, it was Friday and i needed to perform my Jumaat prayer.. hehe.. the school's morning session (Friday) ends at 12.10pm.. and i needed to prepare myself for the prayer.. hehe.. here's what happened.. ;)

Friday, 25th June 2010:
there wasn't so much to talk about.. it was raining cats and dogs.. all the teachers were busy filling up and updating their students' marks.. they were hardly had enough time to finish them up.. i sincerely offered myself to help some of them.. they looked like they were reluctant to let me do so.. they said that they were embarrassed by the new comer.. haha.. the fact is, i didn't mind at all.. in fact, it gave me a great pleasure of doing so.. hehe.. after they were in control of their tasks, i went back to my place and started to online.. hehe.. no price for guessing right.. hehe.. i went facebooking.. haha.. but it was only a short while.. after updating my status, i logged on to 1 of my favourite sites to watch free online naruto episodes.. hehe.. ;)

Monday, 28th June 2010:
earlier this morning was the first time i attended this school's assembly.. there were a few classes that were yet to finish their examination last Monday.. so, i couldn't experience the 1st real assembly as a teacher (well, almost.. hehe).. i was astonished with how they conducted the assembly.. it wasn't the same with the ordinary assembly.. they will be having a 'kawalan hormat' marching on every Monday's assembly.. i had the opportunity to see the marching of 'Puteri Islam'.. they were looking great and cute in their pink and white uniform.. i grabbed that great opportunity of being there by snapping a few photos of them.. that will definitely give me something to write about in my folio.. hehe..

later on, i was given a relief class by 'HER'.. hehe.. she had a lot of works to be done.. since i wasn't doing anything, i accepted that class with an open heart.. hehe.. ahaks.. well, it was 'HER'.. haha.. how could i resist that temptation.. haha.. i entered form 5C.. initially, some of the students were out of the class.. i asked one of them to immediately call them back to the class.. after all of them (i hope..) were there, i started to give them a small talk regarding myself, their futures, and their responsibilities.. most of them were interested to listen.. some were asleep.. hehe.. it was not due to the boredom-ness of my 'lecture'.. it was because the class were so focused that drove a few of them to sleep.. hehe.. i was proud of myself just now.. it seemed like my small talk were taken by them deeply.. some of the girls were crying and some of them were thinking of my words (shown by their body language).. i didn't know that i was that good.. i just hope that they take my advice seriously.. after all, it's for their own goodness..

hurm.. i think that's all for now.. i'll be writing more soon, Insya-Allah.. and by the way, 'SHE' looks cute today.. hehe.. till then.. ;)


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