Wednesday, June 23, 2010

- 3rd day of ROS -

it's the 3rd day of my ROS at SMK Kota Masai 2.. i didn't do any photograph sessions today.. i only walked around the school passing from class to class observing the teachers as well as the students.. some of the classes can be easily control.. but some are giving the teachers a hard time.. well, i can't blame the teachers.. i can't say that a teacher should be able to do this and to do that.. a teacher is still a normal human being.. a teacher has the limitation of anger control.. the limitation of sadness.. as well as the limitation of patience.. it is not easy to be a teacher.. a teacher acts like the second parent of the students.. but when the students themselves do not show the respect that the teacher is hoping for, should the teacher be blamed for the poor performance of the students in curricular and co-curricular?? don't let me start on the barakah (bless) part.. no wonder some of the students (of every school) end up to become Mat Rempits, drug addicts, a part of any gangs, and other negative 'jobs'.. i'm so thankful that i've grown up to become a person that all my teachers, GOOD friends, lecturers, and family members have been hoping to be.. well, almost.. since i'm still YET to become a licensed teacher.. it will not be too long, Insya-Allah.. one day, i will have my own students.. my own kids.. and i will definitely instill them with what i have been instilled with, Insya-Allah.. that's all for now.. i've got something else to be done now.. till then..

- i just helped 'HER' just now.. hope 'SHE' is happy for that.. hehe.. ;P


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