Wednesday, June 30, 2010

- 8th day of ROS -

i missed a golden opportunity of joining the school's marching competition.. it was due to a lot of relief classes available.. some of the teachers are busy finalizing their PEKA and PAFA tasks.. they were asked to finish everything by this Friday since Saturday will be the open day for this school.. almost a quarter of all students are yet to finish their PEKA, Oral Test, and PAFA.. most of the language, science and 'Pendidikan Agama Islam' teachers are doing their best to finish everything by this Friday.. it's not easy to be a teacher nowadays.. a teacher may hold more than 5 positions in the school!! darn~~!! no wonder a lot of teachers are complaining about the 'uncountable works' given to them.. hoho.. i am starting to feel the work load of being a teacher.. uhuk!! i was given 7 period of relief classes today!! uhuk!! and as for that, i'm so f*cking-d*mn tired now.. on the other hand, i was so happy today!! guess what?? my name was on every teacher's lips!! haha.. i caught a few students smoking in the toilet red-handed!! those students were from the black-listed students!! hehe.. some of the teachers were afraid of them.. but not me.. i've got my own principal.. when you are a student, YOU ARE a student!! and A STUDENT is required to RESPECT the TEACHERS!! like i said, DON'T TRY TO MESS WITH SIR FARID!! wwaarrggghhh!!!!


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