Tuesday, June 22, 2010

- 1st and 2nd day of ROS -

hehe.. damn, i missed my 1st day of ROS-blogging.. hehe.. i was supposed to post something yesterday.. but it appeared that my broadband was not functioning very well.. perhaps it was due to the limited connectivity of celcom communication line.. hampeh!! so, here what happened during my 1st 2 days of ROS..

monday, 21st June 2010:
i reached the school compound at about 7.00am.. the 1st thing that i've got to do is to report myself to the office.. well, it's my 1st day of ROS.. hehe.. the clerks here were so nice to me.. they introduced themselves cheerfully.. i've heard some rumours about them from some of the teachers.. i don't know about them, but they seem very nice and helpful!! hehe.. i met a few teachers that morning.. they were so full of smiles.. they smile at me whenever they bump into me.. hehe.. and so do i!! i spent a few hours of my 1st day by taking a few pictures of the school compound.. then, at about 11.30am, i went to the office to meet one of the clerks.. i requested for the management book.. and i asked a few questions regarding the school.. i was so grateful that the clerk helped me with almost everything!! anything and everything that i needed was given on that moment!! ho yeah!! hehe.. what left is just a few more photos as well as observations of the teaching, which can be done in any days of my ROS!! hehe..

tuesday, 22nd june 2010:
i reached the school compound at about 7.00am, again.. hehe.. this morning, i had the opportunity to observe one of the teachers.. hehe.. actually, i requested for that moment since i hardly have anything else which is important to be done.. well, it's only my 2nd day of ROS.. hehe.. so i decided to observe 'HER'.. haha.. i don't want to just sit around at the staff room doing nothing.. it will definitely encourage me to online.. hehe.. 'SHE' is a teacher who teaches chemistry.. hehe.. and i'm a future teacher who will be teaching English Languange, Insya-Allah.. hehe.. i'll be doing my English-teacher-observation on one of these days.. hehe.. i want to finish everything regarding the written (typing) task as soon as possible.. and then, i can 'mengular' whenever i feel like doing so.. haha.. just kidding.. that's so not like me!! hehe.. after recess, i managed to capture a few more pictures at the laboratory building.. ho yeah!! and as for that, i end my 'journal' for today.. hehehe..

-by the way, i was given the place next to 'HER'!! hehe.. ;P


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