Thursday, June 24, 2010

- 4th day of ROS -

I'm wearing a golden brown Baju Batik today.. as a government worker(especially teacher), it is stated in the management book that all teachers are required to wear Baju Batik on every Thursday.. i have always do so since i was in the 1st semester at UPSI.. actually, there's a story behind this Baju Batik.. hehe.. i do have 2 other pairs of Baju Batik.. but both are not the same colour as this school's Baju Batik.. hehe.. about 2 months ago, 'SHE' asked me to buy a pair of Baju Batik which has the same colour as the school's.. so, that is the MAIN reason why i bought this brand new Baju Batik.. hehe.. earlier this morning, i was given 3 relief classes by Cik Diyana (Didi).. those classes were 5D, 5C, and 5A.. but i only managed to enter the 1st class, 5D.. the teacher for the other 2 classes, Cik Niza, was already back at the school by that time.. it was a nice to have a form 5 class as class to be relieved.. i could have a moment of chit-chatting among each other regarding their problems.. they told me everything regarding their studies, teachers, personal problems, as well as their futures.. they seemed lost whenever i touched on 'the future'.. some of them were not clear of what they should be and some of them were afraid of not achieving their dreams.. i was at their age before.. i had faced their problems too.. that's why i want them to be clear of what they should have started to do by now.. even though i'm YET to become a teacher, that doesn't mean i can't drive them to the right path.. after all, it is and it will be my duty for as long as i live, Insya-Allah.. that's all for now.. till then.. ;)


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