Tuesday, June 29, 2010

- 7th day of ROS -

it's my 7th working-day here.. i had the opportunity to observe Sir Vincent, the English language teacher a.k.a. the discipline teacher.. he is well known for his size.. he is so tall and 'huge'.. he has a loud voice too!! hehe.. he can easily control any classes.. he has 'the tool' to help him to do so.. hehe.. later on, i met Tuan Syed, one of the Senior Teachers (HEM), to discuss about the school.. i gave him a few ideas of mine on how to enhance the school.. seemed like he was interested in the ideas that i gave him.. hehe.. i was honoured when he acknowledged the ideas that i gave him.. hehe.. Alhamdulillah.. it's for the betterment of everybody.. at about 11.55pm, i was given a relief class.. hehe.. it wasn't the ordinary class.. it was a mixture of 4I and 4J a.k.a the 2-last-classes.. hoho!! they acted like i wasn't there at all!! that really took me to my maximum boiling point!! some of the girls and guys are mixing around like brothers and sisters!! d*mn!! and as for that, they got what they deserved by the new-2-weeks-teacher!! they were given a 'ceramah' by me.. it was a very deep 'ceramah'.. i almost lost my voice for that.. the last time i lost my voice was during my practicum session at SK Seksyen 7 in Shah Alam 2 years ago.. next time, don't try to mess with Sir Farid!! my name starts with F.. F can be 'friend' and F can also be 'FOE'!! gggrrr!!!! hehe.. what a 'nice' introduction of myself to them.. go go Great Teacher Farid!!


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