Friday, June 26, 2009

1 more week to go!!! :(

it's about 8.25pm and i'm waiting for the Isya' Azan.. i decided to update my blog.. hurm, i just received 1 sms from my buddy, praveen.. he said that all of our previous housemates are no longer living together.. huhu!! it seems that our application for staying together has somehow been rejected!! hwaa!! i want my old housemates!! hwaaa!! it takes quite a time to get to know with each other.. i've been living with them for a semester!! and during that time, all of us have produced mutual respects among each other!! we trust one another.. even if i were to put my wallet in the middle of the house, there will be ZERO possibility for my wallet to be lost.. and that include other valuable items that all of us have.. huhu.. according to praveen, there has been a clash of name(s).. it seems that at least one of us has opted to find other housemates!! huhu..

on the other hand, this is going to be 1 opportunity for me to get to know with other people from other courses.. it's not that i don't want to get to know with others, it just that my previous housemates know how to take care of the house!! our former house was superb!! it was d*mn clean!! that's why i would prefer my old housemates.. hurm.. hopefully my new housemates will be the same or better than my previous housemates.. BETTER AS IN A POSITIVE WAY!!

ahh... just forget about that for a moment.. i'm enjoying my holiday.. and i don't want my holiday to be affected by this news.. huhu.. it seems that next week will be the last week of my holiday!! hwarghhh!!! can't believe that my 2-months-holiday is coming to the end!! hopefully i still remember all my buddies!! haha.. especially my classmates as well as my batch!! we love to hang around with each other.. although there are ups and downs during my 1st semester here knowing them, they are still my buddies.. and buddies should stick together no matter what.. unless, you're no longer interested to be my buddy/ies.. i still remember what BOTH OF YOU have done to me.. it's ok.. "what goes around, comes around".. let's see what Allah has got for YOU GUYS.. am only praying for YOUR BETTERMENT.. InsyaAllah..

ok then.. it seems that it's already time for me to perform the Isya' prayer.. till then..


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