Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good morning everybody!! ;)

With the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful...

first and for most, i’m thankful that i'm able to persue my studies in UPSI.. thanks to the people who have been encouraging me all this while.. i had to make 1 important decision in my life.. and luckily, i managed to pick the better and the brighter decision.. but there’s a saying.. “Great victory comes with great sacrifice”.. i have to leave all my good friends and lecturers in order to achieve my goals.. but that doesn’t mean that i abandoned them.. this is for my own future.. MSU will always be in my heart.. you’ve shown me the meaning of “HARDWORKING”.. and i’ve learnt the meaning of “TRUE FRIENDS”.. even though it took me about 1 and a half year to notice who my true friends really are, i’m still thankful to Allah The Almighty that He gave me the courage to deal with ‘those matters’.. what past is past.. i’ve my own living now.. i’ve my own goals to be achieved.. and that goals require me to work extra-ordinary-hard.. i’ve achieved a few ‘goals’.. and now, i’m focussing on the bigger and larger GOALS!! although it is still a long journey, i’ll always try to be on the right path.. hopefully it can take me there faster.. although there’s no such thing as short cut in finding success.. time does fly.. i can’t believe that i’ve been here for a semester.. and i’ve met a lot of people here.. there are some good people as well as not-so-good-people.. i’ve learnt 1 valuable lesson.. sometimes people will do anything just to satisfy themselves.. even if it requires others to be fooled around.. it’s funny that people can actually change.. the person/people whom we trust, can actually stab us without noticing!! haha.. but i don’t mind.. like i said, these people will do everything just to satisfy their f*cking needs!! oh, well.. what past is past.. i don’t have any grudges anymore.. let them be in their own world.. haha.. what comes around, goes around.. so, just wait for YOUR TURN!! haha..


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